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Where to go to rest in August: the most current destinations

Where to go on vacation in August: possible options

The question of where to go for a vacation in August is of interest to many, because this particular month is considered the peak of the tourist season. The choice of a vacation option is quite diverse. You can:

  • enjoy the beach;
  • do outdoor activities;
  • choose tours of the cultural capitals of the world.

You can also enjoy a wild holiday in the lap of nature, because in August the weather has the most to do with such a pastime. It does not matter where you decide to spend your vacation abroad or in the country, it all depends on your preferences and financial capabilities.

Beach holiday

When asked where to rest, most people answer that the sea. It’s so nice to soak up the soft sand in the gentle sun after a busy day at work. Especially this option is relevant for holidaymakers with children. Walking on excursions or hiking with your child is rather difficult, while staying on the beach is not only convenient for them, but also useful.

Other benefits of a beach holiday:

  • unhurried lifestyle, allowing you to sleep well and gain strength before returning to work;
  • The undeniable benefits of sea air, which helps not only in the treatment of a number of diseases, but also in their prevention;
  • a large selection of resorts with different price categories, allowing each family to find a vacation affordable.

At the same time you can relax with your child both in the resorts of your country and abroad. In August, the most suitable destinations for holidays abroad are:

  • Bulgaria;
  • Montenegro;
  • Greece;
  • French Riviera.

Here there is a comfortable warm temperature without the sweltering heat that prevails in other popular resorts, for example, in Turkey and Egypt.

But lately, many have preferred holidays in Russia instead of going abroad.

In August 2017, the leader among domestic resorts, according to statistics and reviews of vacationers, will be the Crimea.

After the return of the republic to the country, the number of tourists choosing this direction is rapidly increasing. The reason for this decision is the warm climate, beautiful nature and fairly democratic prices for rest. Here you can relax with friends or family.

Interesting tours and exotic vacations

Where can I relax for those who want to expand their horizons instead of passive beach time? August is the peak of the tourist season, when a huge number of excursions and exhibitions are organized. If you want to spend your vacation this way, you can go to:

The last summer month closes the season of festivals, which lasts from June to August. Already in September, the measured life of European cities will be little reminiscent of the riot of colors and emotions that can be experienced here in August.

Also this month is a great time to travel to northern Europe. The climate here is quite mild, and at the end of summer you can relax in cities such as Stockholm, Amsterdam, Brussels, etc.

In addition, Europe is a great leisure option for shopping lovers. It is at the end of the summer that global brands arrange huge sales.

During the holidays, you can purchase branded items at fairly reasonable prices. If shopping is an important part of your holiday, you should familiarize yourself with the planned sales in the selected country before the trip. Information about them can be found on the Internet on the official pages of boutiques.

Those who want to visit more exotic places can be advised to visit Latin America or Asia at the end of summer. More and more Russians are choosing to rest in Mexico and Brazil. Here you can try cheap exotic food, take a walk on local holidays and experience the full flavor of the selected country.

If you like folk holidays, August is the ideal time to visit countries such as:

Despite the heat, you will experience a storm of emotions, visiting the local festivals, which are held here very often.


Where to rest if you want to spend your holidays in motion? This type of recreation is available both in the country and abroad. If you want to see the world, you can choose one of the special cycling tours in European cities.

August, according to its weather conditions, is ideal for such a holiday: the exhausting summer heat gradually subsides, and the rainy season has not yet begun. The route of this tour can be chosen on the basis of exactly which country you want to visit.

Active rest can be arranged on the territory of Russia. It is interesting to go hiking on one of the many routes of the Urals, the Caucasus or Siberia. You can go to the bike- or autotour with a group of friends. And if you want to relax with your family, then you can choose the Elbrus mountains. Clean air and unhurried walks in the most beautiful places of the resort will undoubtedly bring benefit to the body hungry for oxygen. Such a trip is suitable for holidays with a child and will be a good alternative to a beach holiday.

Wild rest

Perhaps this is the only vacation option that is undesirable to spend abroad. To pitch a tent and to be in the lap of nature for a long time is better in your country.

One of the best options for a vacation of such a plan is a trip to Baikal. The amazing beauty of this place does not leave anyone indifferent. It is especially good to come here to the residents of megacities to take a break from the bustle of big cities and fully enjoy the peace.

Relax in August at Lake Baikal can be quite cheap. Despite the fact that this is the peak of the beach season, housing prices are quite affordable here. And if you live in a tent, then you almost never have to spend money on vacation. At this time, you can swim in the beautiful lake of the world and fully enjoy the pristine beauty of this place.

Wild rest is possible on the sea. Many vacationers prefer camping to living in comfortable hotels. The proximity to nature is an important component of such a holiday.

The cost of rest in August

Based on the fact that the end of summer is considered the peak of the tourist season, rest at this time of the year is not cheap at all. In this case, you can save money by carefully choosing a vacation program, as well as booking tickets and hotel reservations in advance. The sooner you deal with this issue, the greater the difference in costs.

Thus, there are a lot of options for a vacation in August. During this period, the holidays continue, and the weather still pleases with the warm sun without sweltering heat. That is why this time of year is considered the most optimal for recreation. Depending on your preferences and financial possibilities, you can choose both a country for a vacation, and a type of pastime. It is also important to consider whether you will have children.

If you are planning a family vacation, you need to choose resorts with a developed infrastructure. You should not give preference to exotic places and wild rest. The consequences of such a choice can be quite serious.

Taking into account all the necessary factors, as well as carefully reading the place of the future vacation, you can hope that the rest will take place in the best possible way and leave only pleasant memories.

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