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Where to go on a date if there is no money

Where to go on a date with no money in your pocket?

Every lover always seeks to ensure that a loved one is happy. A date is a great way to show your loyalty, have a good time together and just give a good mood to your girlfriend if you are a boyfriend, or your boyfriend if you are a girlfriend.

There is a stereotype that such a joint pastime of lovers necessarily requires considerable resources, especially if you want to surprise and make the meeting not banal, but more interesting. Each person has their own financial situation, and not everyone has the opportunity to organize a costly date. However, it can be very exciting and extraordinary, not having money at all. There are many different options that will make the meeting unforgettable, even if the money situation is quite pitiable. About several ideas for a date with a zero budget will tell “Easy to Use”.

Romance DIY

It will be unusual to create a romantic atmosphere of his own. If you are a creative person, or just dream to surprise your girlfriend or young man, then this option is definitely for you! Be smart, give full imagination to your imagination, and your work will be positively evaluated.

To get started, choose a beautiful area for a future date. It will be especially exciting on the roof of a multistory building. You and your other half will definitely be delighted with the breathtaking view that will open to you at this moment.

If you are not a supporter of such places, and consider them to be unsafe, then an ordinary arbor in one of the parks of your city will also be an excellent option.

In order to create a special atmosphere and impress your beloved or beloved, you can make romantic attributes with your own hands and arrange a date for them. What could it be:

  • a huge number of small hearts, cut out of cardboard and pasted everywhere;
  • an original bouquet of fruits, sweets, paper flowers — everything that is at home;
  • written in chalk on asphalt declaration of love.

A lot of ideas, and inspiration can be found on the Internet. Your girlfriend or young man will appreciate such efforts much more than if the meeting was held traditionally, in a cafe or cinema. You tried, spent your time and energy just for the smile of a loved one or loved one, and it costs more than the most expensive dish in a restaurant!

Inspirational date

Do you love art and are sure that your chosen one or the chosen one is also inspired by this theme? Then offer to arrange a joint trip to the museum! Have you ever wondered how many similar places exist in your city? It’s time to find out! Many city museums allow visitors free of charge, and if not, there is always a special time for free visits, for example, the last Monday of the month. Just look at the information on the Internet or call the museum directly, then select the day and schedule a long-awaited meeting.

If you are not lovers of museums, then you can always find other places or events with free entry:

  • Exhibitions;
  • festivals;
  • trainings;
  • master classes.

Follow the news of your city and choose the activity to your taste. Believe me, it will be a very interesting and atmospheric date.

Tour for two

There are people who have been living in the same city for many years, but have not seen anything other than at home, work and popular vacation spots. It’s time to learn something new! Meet your mate in order to create a map-guide that you follow. Choose a place where none of you have ever been. If you are confused and do not know where to start, then look at the information on the Internet or ask around with friends. When the plan is made, you can immediately go to a small trip. It is advisable to look in advance at the weather forecast and bring along an umbrella or warm jackets.

During the walk, pay attention to all the details: architecture, nature, environment. Enjoy time together, discuss what you see and be sure to take pictures.

Star romance

Another option for a romantic date is a walk or a mini-picnic under the stars. Bring fruit, nuts, hot herbal tea in a thermos for cold days or cool fresh juice for a hot summer. If the wallet is empty, then go through the shelves in the kitchen and take what you have. A rich menu is not the main thing, your communication and interest to each other are much more important.

It is better to choose the terrain outside the city or on the beach, since within the city limits you can rarely see a clear starry sky. To be prepared, grab a hammock or bedspread, on which you will stay, and warm clothes, as it can become cold at night, and you have to hurry home.

Sweetheart specialty

Not everyone can afford to regularly go on dates in expensive restaurants or cafes. And the food there is not always healthy and well cooked. An alternative would be to have dinner at home. Try to find a non-standard recipe, but pay attention to whether you can afford the ingredients. You can do the opposite and cook your signature dish so that your young man or girlfriend can appreciate it. If you are not able to cook at all, then invite the guest to do it together. The process will bring you a lot of positive emotions, and then you can enjoy the cooked food together.

To create a romantic setting, select in advance the appropriate music that can be put on the background. You can choose a movie to watch after dinner to complete a pleasant evening. You should not choose a movie with frank scenes or moments of violence — let it be good old comedy or good melodrama.

As you can see, you can spend time together without significant costs. A loved one will appreciate your initiative, after all, both men and women appreciate attention. Not all women dream of a millionaire who will give expensive gifts and ride on a luxury car. And not all men can afford restaurants on every date, although they will surely hesitate to admit it.

Therefore, do not hide from each other your financial situation. If this is “your” person, then he or she will understand and support you. Be a sincere and honest person who openly shows emotions and is not shy about showing himself present, because this is the key to a successful meeting.

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