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Where to go in the winter to the sea: tips for lovers of warm countries

Where to go in the winter-2018 at sea: eight warm countries

With the onset of cold weather, many tourists, like birds, are drawn to fly where it is warm — to the sea, the sun, and palm trees along the sandy coast. And the choice of such places is undoubtedly great: tour operators offer holidays for every taste and budget — from budget Egypt to the luxurious Maldives. A selection of the most popular tourist destinations of winter will help you not to get lost in the world of «burning tours» and «actual offers».

Egypt: an economical all-inclusive

The first thought that arises in response to the question of where to rest in the winter abroad is to fly to Egypt. It sounds, of course, jaded, but a decent level of service at minimum cost is guaranteed. It seems that Egypt, located in northeastern Africa, is a country of year-round scorching sun. In fact, this is not the case: the heat of the oppressor in the summer is no longer felt in the autumn. The most comfortable conditions for tourists from temperate latitudes here come in the winter. The temperature during the day on the Sinai Peninsula reaches 23 degrees, on the coast of the Red Sea — 22.

Important! At night in winter Egypt is cool (about 13 degrees), so you still have to grab some warm clothes.

Which resort is better to go? Lovers of outdoor activities more suitable Hurghada. Near the resort there are excellent places for scuba diving. Windsurfers rush here in the winter. More expensive and fashionable vacation offers Sharm el-Sheikh. The resort has many parks, attractions, discos. Nearby is the Ros Mohammad — Reserve, known for its rich marine fauna and flora. Other activities in Egypt include jeep safaris, excursions to Cairo and Luxor, cruise on the Nile.

Arab Emirates: amazing and expensive

Thanks to the enormous oil reserves, the Bedouins of the northeastern part of the Arabian Peninsula managed to create high-tech islands of civilization in the middle of the desert. The United Arab Emirates today is an Arabic tale in a new way, attracting, like a magnet, tourists with medium and high income. In winter, sunny and warm weather reigns in the UAE. During the day, the air temperature reaches 24–26 degrees and you can sunbathe, at night — 13–15.

Important! The sea at the local coast is cool enough (16-18 degrees), so you will have to swim in the pools.

Where can you relax in the Emirates? The country is washed by the Gulf of Oman and. On the shores of the Arabian Sea there is only one resort — Fujairah. It differs unusual greenery for these edges, suitable for a measured, secluded rest. The remaining six emirates are located on the coast of the Persian Gulf. The most popular resorts here are Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Rest on the sea with children is best in the capital of the Emirates. But in Dubai, with its frantic pace of life and the mass of tourist offers, wealthy tourists prefer to come.

Kingdom of Jordan: calm and comfortable

Another place where it is better to go to the sea in winter, and not in summer — Aqaba. The resort is located in the north of Aqaba Gulf of the Red Sea. Unlike the rest of Jordan, where the changing cold weather prevails in winter, here, thanks to the mountains, a stable warm microclimate has been established. In addition, beaches and reefs in Aqaba are cleaner than in Egypt, all hotels are located on the first line. Beach holidays in the winter here will be full, as the water temperature near the coast does not fall below 22 degrees.

Important! The northern beaches of the resort are famous for fine clean sand. In the south, the coast is pebbly, there are coral reefs nearby.

Where can I go to Jordan? Once in Aqaba, visit:

  • city ​​science station;
  • Hussein Ben-Ali House Museum;
  • fortress in the city center;
  • Museum of Antiquities;
  • excavations at Tell al-Khalifa hill.

If you plan to spend several weeks in Jordan, be sure to visit the country’s capital Amman, the Ma’in Hot Springs thermal springs, the ruined Roman city of Jerash, and the mysterious Peter.

Israel: changeable and diverse

Deciding where to go to rest in the winter, many sophisticated tourists fix their eyes on small, but advanced Israel. The country has access to three seas: Red, Mediterranean and Dead. The Israeli capital, Jerusalem, is also raising the interest of visitors. Streams of pilgrims to the holy city never run out. So, in late December, Catholics rush to places associated with Jesus Christ, in early January — Orthodox.

Important! The Israeli winter looks more like a Russian spring or autumn. In January and February it often rains here.

If you plan to go to the sea in December or February, go to Eilat — the southern resort on the shores of the Gulf of Aqaba. The air temperature in this region reaches 21-24 degrees. In Eilat, in winter, you can not only sunbathe, but also swim, as the water warms up to 22–26 degrees. Vacationers are available here all kinds of water activities, including diving to coral reefs. Going abroad in January, it is better to go to the coast of the Dead Sea, since in the middle of winter there falls the least amount of precipitation.

Goa: exotic and affordable

Where to go in the winter on the sea, to have an interesting time for modest money? The answer is obvious — to India. This mysterious eastern country is full of colors and contrasts. A vivid confirmation of this is the Indian state of Goa, consisting of the «rave» of the North and the measured South. The average air temperature on the southwest coast of India is 32 degrees, water — 28 degrees.

Important! The cost of tours to Goa on New Year’s holidays is traditionally inflated. If you fly to India in the second half of winter, the trip will be 25–40% cheaper.

Where is it better to spend the winter — in North or South Goa? The choice of resort depends on what type of holiday you prefer. If you expect from India, first of all, impressions and spectacles, choose North Goa. South of the state is more suitable for those who intend to go on holidays with children in the winter to quietly sunbathe and swim. However, there is another important difference between the resorts, which is better known in advance: in North Goa, the entire entertainment infrastructure is located next to the hotels. Tourists settled in the south, to shops and restaurants will have to travel by taxi.

Sri Lanka: hot and colorful

Another tropical country where you can spend your winter vacation is interesting, Ceylon island. And if North Goa is famous for its vibrant nightlife, the highlight of Sri Lanka is the closeness of nature. Here you can enjoy barbecues on the beach, tea plantations, diving into the ocean depths, walks to the cliff end of the world. The temperature on the island year-round is kept at around 28-30 degrees. The waters of the Indian Ocean in the coastal zone are heated to 26 degrees.

Important! In winter, it is better to rest on the southern and western side of Sri Lanka, as in the eastern regions during this period monsoon rains occur.

You can stop in the area of ​​Galle or around Colombo. Negombo and Mount Lavinia are good resorts located close to the Sri Lankan capital. It has everything you need to practice kitesurfing, windsurfing and diving. At will active beach rest can be combined with excursion, having visited Colombo.

The main attractions of the capital:

  • Art Gallery;
  • Jami-Ul-Alfar Mosque;
  • Yami-Ul-Affa Mosque;
  • National Museum;
  • New and Old Katiresan;
  • Galle-Face-Green;
  • Presidential palace;
  • Chinamon Gardens;
  • Cathedral of Saint Lucia;
  • old lighthouse;
  • Ganeshan Temple;
  • the temple of St. Anthony and Peter;
  • central park «Victoria»
  • clock tower.

Holy and sinful Thailand

Popular winter destinations include Siam, which has access to two seas at once — South China and Andaman. Weather conditions in Thailand from December to February are different: in the central part of the air is still warming to 18–32 degrees, and in the north is cool. Most travelers seeking to experience the atmosphere of Thai culture go to Pattaya, as there you can combine a beach holiday with excursions.

Where to go to the resort? Here are seven places that are worth visiting in Pattaya:

  • Museum of bottles.
  • Miniatures Park Mini-Siam.
  • Floating market.
  • Tropical Garden «Nong Nooch.»
  • The hill of the Big Buddha.
  • Temple Wat Sattahip.
  • Temple of Truth.

Once in Phuket, perhaps, climb the Monkey Mountain, go to the Temple of the Big Buddha and try the wonderful sweets at the fair in Town.

Dominican Republic: romantic and simple

The Dominican Republic is a country where you can relax on the sea in the wintertime extremely carefree, fleeing from civilization. Travelers appreciate this paradise for the cleanest waters of the Caribbean Sea, snow-white beaches with coconut palms and a rich underwater world. A neighbor of the Dominican Republic is the Republic of Haiti. The boundary between the two states runs from north to south, dividing the island into unequal parts. Dominican Republic occupies a large area and is located in the east.

Important! In December, there are short showers on the island. In January and February in the Dominican Republic is warm and dry, the average temperature during the day is 25 degrees.

Lovers of carefree beach holidays should settle in Punta Cana, Playa Dorada, Sosúa or Cabarete. A cozy place, fenced off by coral reefs from the outside world, is the Boca Chica lagoon. Tourists planning to visit Santo Domingo are best to stay in Juan Dolio. The capital of the Dominican Republic is famous for, above all, the historic center, listed as a UNESCO heritage site. Alcazar Castle, Casa del Almirante Palace, Rosario Chapel, St. Mary’s Cathedral remind of the Columbian era here.

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