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Where to go in May to the sea: the best destinations for a beach holiday

Where to go in May to relax on the sea: friendly countries, the best resorts, tips for tourists

May is the perfect month for trips to the sea. First, the weather is already «whispering»; secondly, there is no large influx of tourists; thirdly, it was at this time that bright, memorable festivals take place in different countries. From the variety of options the eyes run up … However, not every one of them is as good as it seems at first glance. We will tell you about where to go to the sea in May and get maximum pleasure and impressions!

Russia’s Black Sea Coast: Away is Good, but Home is Better

May is not the most suitable month for massive or long swims. However, the temperature of the water on the Black Sea coast in the daytime already reaches +18, and in some places and +22 degrees.

And this is quite enough to open the next season without stress for the body!

The most popular resorts on the Black Sea coast annually collect millions of tourists. Especially popular are:

  • Sochi: in addition to the sea itself, you can visit the famous arboretum and Olympic heritage sites;
  • Gelendzhik: the pride of the city is a beautiful embankment;
  • Anapa: here is the reserve Big Utrish; besides, the resort is an all-Russian children’s health resort;
  • Tuapse: among the sights — the ancient dolmens and the beach;
  • Yalta: known for its magnificent palaces and Nikitsky Botanical Garden.

It should be understood that in these cities there are a huge number of health resorts, boarding houses and sanatoriums. In spring, they are not yet full, which means that all the relaxation and therapeutic offers can be used in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

However, fans of the «wild» holiday love to go to the Black Sea coast in May. There are no debilitating hot nights and annoying mosquitoes, the beaches are not hidden under a thick layer of garbage, and the sea breeze pleases with freshness.

Rest in Egyptian: catch the wave, go to the depths!

The classic spring break destination is Egypt. The hot season starts here since April, but May is still a relatively quiet month for individual and family holidays. The air temperature already reaches +30, and water +27 degrees Celsius. And the beauty of the Red Sea enchants even worldly-wise aesthetes.

And now — about the price of the issue. Many seek to get to Egypt for the May holidays. But it should be understood that for a vacation in such a tourist attractive time, you will have to pay a lot. Another thing — to go after the 10th of May. And the prices will be lower, and the temperature will not have time to rise to critical levels.

And now — a small list of resorts that have received tremendous popularity among Russians:

By the way, the Egyptian resorts are a favorite haven of surfers and scuba divers from different parts of the world. The very nature here has created elegant conditions for riding the wave, as well as diving to the depths. And special schools with Russian-speaking instructors are a real find for beginning extreme lovers.

Turkey: a classic tourist genre

Spring Turkey is a beautiful sight. Beach vacation in May promises the most joyful experience. However, when planning your vacation for this month, it is better to take care of the voucher in advance. After all, this is the favorite time of year for tourists from different countries — and, above all, Russia.

In fact, for Turkey this is the beginning of the season. And many travelers rush here to not only get tanned under the gentle sun … A blue cruise on the Turkish Riviera is a unique chance to visit ancient cities standing on the deck of an old ship.

Not every country offers an adventure like this!

In Turkey, the air temperature in May rises to the level of +24 +25 degrees. And the water in the sea warms up to about +18 +20 degrees. Maybe not the highest, but very comfortable performance.

Among the resorts enjoy special success:

By the way, having come to Turkey for a holiday, it is possible from a sporting interest to swim in the waters of the four seas at once: the Black, Aegean, Marmara, Mediterranean. After all, they wash the shores of this country, making it a wonderful place for year-round recreation.

Vietnam: exotic, which everyone missed

However, in May, it is good not only in our country. Fans of leisure abroad can enjoy a more exotic pastime. For example, go to Vietnam! The air in May warms up to 30 degrees C above. And the average water temperature varies between 26-28 degrees.

In addition, the strengths of Vietnam are unimaginable landscapes, white sandy beaches and cheapness. As the statistics show, it is in this country that you can get maximum impressions with minimum expenses. And the warm, but not hot May is ideal for these purposes!

Experienced tourists distinguish the following resorts in Vietnam:

Fans of outdoor activities choose diving, water skiing, walks through the grottoes on kayaks. Tired of the sea? Go on a trip to the tropics. Or explore the sights created by human hands. In short, there is always something to do in Vietnam. And good-natured locals will only strengthen your love for this country.

Israel: rest and recovery in one «bottle»

Israel is another paradise for lovers of the May sea holidays. The water temperature here reaches 25 degrees; the level of comfort of hotels — at altitude; and water-solar procedures can be varied with interesting excursion programs.

This country is washed by the waters of the four seas at once. Accordingly, there are a lot of resorts here:

  • Mediterranean: Ashdod, Bat Yam, Haifa, Netanya;
  • Red: Eilat;
  • Dead: Ein Boker;
  • Galilee (Lake Kinneret) — Tiberias.

By the way, Israel is an ideal holiday destination for those who for some reason cannot swim. After all, the Dead Sea is so salty that it can withstand the average person on its waters.

In addition, the rest on its coast is very useful for people suffering from various diseases, because the mineral composition of the Dead Sea is unique, it is impossible to recreate it in artificial conditions.

On the other hand, you need to be prepared for the fact that May holidays in Israel are more expensive than summer or winter holidays. And again, everything relies on remarkable weather conditions, which very quickly (by the end of the month) can turn into extreme heat — over 40 degrees. So hurry to visit Israeli beaches until about mid-May!

Greece and Cyprus are not “twin brothers”

Favorite places of year-round recreation for millions of tourists are Greece and Cyprus. Moreover, most novice travelers do not see much difference between these wonderful resorts. In fact, it is, and quite substantial.

So, Greece is not only the sea, but also the great history of ancient warriors and wise men. Here you can look at the amphitheaters, acropolis and palaces. And Cyprus is a real find for lovers of “hot” parties. Incendiary discos and festivals take place here.

Despite these differences, there are several general reasons that speak in favor of the May holidays in Greece and Cyprus. Here they are:

  • comfortable hotels are still half empty;
  • clean sandy beaches;
  • affordable prices;
  • the most comfortable climate for the body.

Thus, you can relax your body and soul, without spending a lot of money.

To rest we approach wisely

Although May seems to be the best month for many, which can be devoted to marine recreation, this impression can be deceptive. In some countries at this time it is better not to appear. One of these resort areas is Thailand. The fact is that it is at the end of spring that the rainy season begins here. They pour daily for several weeks. In addition, in May, the ocean is restless.

So, only true extreme travelers can appreciate these natural features.

Thus, the question of where to go to rest in May at sea, has many pleasant answers. The main thing, being on a foreign land, do not try to try all the national dishes that are not characteristic of our cuisine. Often this leads to poisoning and stomach problems. Remember that the best food, especially in warm countries, is fresh fruit!

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