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Where to go in July to the sea: the best destinations for outdoor activities

Where to go to the sea in July: we are looking for the best options

Vacation time is around the corner. It is better to think now where to go in July to find a route that guarantees unforgettable impressions.

Mid-summer is characterized by hot weather, when people tend to be on the shore of the reservoir, enjoy the fresh breeze and beautiful views. There are many options for traveling, since at this time the seas are well warmed up around European and domestic resorts. Unfortunately, the invasion of tourists makes rest in July expensive. Rising prices for air travel, housing and other services. That is why it is desirable to think about vacation in advance. In this case, you can choose an inexpensive tour to the resorts of the Mediterranean, Azov, Black and other seas.

Travel to Greece

Greece is popular among tourists in July. If you have not decided where to relax, go there. You not only bathe in plenty in the warm Mediterranean Sea, but also have a great time for fun, see historical monuments, make new friends.

Planning a trip is better in early July to avoid sweltering heat. The sun in Greece burns incredibly. During the day, the temperature in an open area reaches 35 ° C; at night it drops to 22 ° C. Moderate humidity partly saves from heat. The water in the sea is warming up. In the coastal zone, temperatures range from 25 to 26 degrees, so Greece is a great place to relax with children. So it will be possible to give them a charge of cheerfulness for the whole coming year.

People who go to Greece in July should stock up on a hat, sun protection creams and not forget that at lunchtime many establishments in the resorts are closed for a siesta, which is considered a bad tone to interfere with.

The most popular summer tours on:

Some people prefer to relax on the Chalkidiki peninsula or in Athens. Sandy beaches, warm sea and lots of greenery are waiting for you everywhere. Unforgettable impressions provide yachting, diving and other water activities.

In Greece, everything is saturated with ancient culture. Visiting this heavenly place, be sure to look at the temple of Poseidon, explore the Athenian Acropolis, admire the cave of Zeus and Mount Athos.

Holidays in Spain

The choice of places to go to rest in July 2017 is huge. Take a closer look at Spain. Its location is unique. On the one hand, it is washed by the Mediterranean and Balearic seas, on the other — by the Atlantic Ocean.

From June to the end of summer, gentle Spain receives thousands of tourists from all over the world. The popularity of the resorts contributes to good service and weather. There is almost no rain here. People are saved from the heat in sea water and in the shade of spreading trees.

In July, the priority is a beach holiday, although in Spain there are many attractions that are worth seeing. Lovers of old architecture will be interested to visit the majestic cities:

The most popular resorts with gorgeous beaches are Costa Dorada, Santa Susanna, Salou, Calpe. There, tourists are waiting for incredible adventures. Those interested can participate in water sports, ride yachts, engage in equestrian sports, play golf and tennis.

The fair sex beckons to Spain for the season of discounts in fashion boutiques. In July, prices are reduced to 70%, so many people combine vacation at sea with shopping.

Popular resorts

If you want to enjoy a quiet pastime on the seashore, but can not choose where to rest, consider a trip to Montenegro. The country is proud of its clean sandy and pebble beaches, healing air and beautiful landscapes.

  • In July, usually there is a clear sunny weather, the air temperature varies between 30-32 ° C, sea water is heated to 25 degrees.
  • The prices for accommodation are pleasantly pleasing, and the service is not worse than at the popular resorts of Greece, Spain or France.
  • It is easy to diversify marine recreation by hiking in the mountains, exploring ancient monuments and monasteries.

An exciting and affordable family budget in July will be a trip to Bulgaria. There are no luxury five star hotels. Most hotels have three stars and offer visitors clean, comfortable rooms with an acceptable level of comfort.

Famous resorts with good service:

  • Golden Sands;
  • Sozopol;
  • Sunny Beach;
  • Albena

The warm turquoise sea, sandy beaches, friendly staff will make your stay pleasant and unforgettable. If you are looking for where to go abroad with children in July, Bulgaria is a great option. Its beaches are ideally suited for kids. The entrance to the sea is smooth, the bottom is sandy without stones and mud. The shallow water instantly warms up to 26 degrees, so children can splash there for hours. On the coast are water rides, water parks, carousels. In his spare time, you can go on a tour of interesting places.

If you are tired of European resorts, you may be interested in a trip to Africa. Countries such as Morocco and Tunisia are closely involved in the tourism business. There are luxury hotels and clean beaches. Health resorts invite you to combine relaxation with mud therapy, bathing in hot springs, wrapping in seaweed and massage.

In Tunisia, the most famous tourist centers are:

In Morocco, Casablanca, Marrakesh and Agadir are popular.

When you are looking for where to go to the sea in July to go surfing, go to the Seychelles. Rest in this tropical paradise is not cheap. In the middle of summer there is hot, dry weather, the water in the Indian Ocean is warm, but it is dangerous to swim in it because of the high waves that are ideal for surfers.

To have a wonderful rest on the sea in July, it is not necessary to go abroad. At the domestic resorts you will find a lot of interesting things.

Sea of ​​Azov

The Sea of ​​Azov warms up at the beginning of June, therefore in July the water is always very warm. The beaches are strewn with a small shell and sand, clean, wide, they are suitable for young children.

Coming here on vacation, you can significantly save the budget by renting a house in the private sector or an inexpensive hotel room.

The coast of the Azov Sea in the Krasnodar Territory attracts lovers to spend their holidays in tent cities. Savages can get anywhere. There are large tent camps near the village of Golubitskaya and on the Taman Peninsula.

  • Yeisk;
  • in Primorsko-Akhtarsk;
  • in the village of Golubitskaya.

The Sea of ​​Azov in July is attractive for children, young people, married couples and the elderly. Everyone will find something for everyone here. Kids love to splash in the sea, ride the rides, play. Young people involved in extreme sports. Couples enjoy a relaxing holiday on the beach, explore the sights, and go on excursions. Older people prefer sanatoriums in Temryuk area. There is practiced mud, mineral baths, massage.

Black Sea

If you are not sure where to go on vacation in July, explore the Black Sea resorts. Rest there is more expensive than on the Azov coast, but the infrastructure is more developed.

When planning a trip, you need to consider what you want from a vacation. If you need parties and turbulent entertainment, it is better to book a tour to Yalta, Anapa, Gelendzhik or Sochi. A more relaxing holiday awaits you in Yevpatoria, Sevastopol, Adler or Koktebel.

Cheap comfortable rooms offer small Crimean towns and villages:

If you plan to go to the Krasnodar region and combine swimming in the sea with exciting excursions, it is better to stay in Anapa or Gelendzhik. In these cities there are many museums and amusement parks. Nearby are beautiful waterfalls, you can go to the lotus valley and the mud volcano.

The Black Sea coast in Crimea offers guests a rich program of cultural entertainment to relax in July. Interesting places and beautiful scenery there at every turn. You can book a tour and visit the cave cities in Bakhchisarai, the Botanical Garden, Vorontsov Palace, the palace complex in Livadia, archaeological sites and ancient monuments of architecture.

In July, the rest on the sea is especially pleasant, everyone wants to escape from the heat of the big city and soak up the golden beach. There are many routes, among which you will surely pick the most interesting for you.

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