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Where to go in February: leisure options for every taste

Where to go in February: current winter holidays

If you do not know where to go to rest in February, then you are a happy person! Not everyone can afford to relax at the end of winter. Your vacation fell on the last winter month? With the right approach, even in cold February you can relax. Let’s think about how to do this.

How to choose a possible rest

The criteria for choosing the direction of rest, its nature and conditions, are endlessly individual. But the main questions to be answered are as follows:

  • How much money do you have?
  • How much time do you have?
  • What do you want to get?

Geography and orientation may be different: from the neighboring city to the other hemisphere, from relaxing sunbathing in the sunbed by the pool to extreme climb on a snow-covered slope with an ice pick in your hand! We live in a time of opportunity and realization of dreams.

There are a lot of leisure options — their border is exactly in your head. Consider some types.

Vacation at sea

Beach holidays in February are not just a cherished dream and a secret desire for many people. What could be better than to plunge into the warm sea at the end of winter, when the cold and snow had already gotten bored?

Most of the popular seaside resorts are located abroad. And often February is the perfect season for holidays there. There are not so many popular destinations. In February, tourists prefer the following places:

  • Thailand. Preference is given to the southeastern part of the country and the surrounding fabulous islands, such as Pattaya and Chan. Here, the air warms up to 25 degrees during the day and does not drop below 20 at night. Not bad for the end of winter, right?
  • Emirates. The best time to rest on the sea here refers to the period May-October. But even in February you will receive warmth and a charge of vivacity. Well, about the infrastructure in this country, the words are superfluous.
  • Maldives. Magic islands near India — the abode of tourists all year round. They seem to be created for a beach holiday. If you love the sea and have enough money — buy a ticket here.
  • Goa and Bali. Colorful places with rich nature and a crazy pace of life. Though far from Russia, but this is perhaps the best places to relax on the sea.
  • Egypt. Favorite place to stay, but in winter it is cooler. At night, the temperature drops even below 15 degrees. But there are not many tourists — and the cost of the permit is much lower.

The final decision on where to go to the sea in February often depends on the money you can afford to spend. Take a card — and choose your resort!

Vacation abroad

A good rest in another country does not mean going to the seashore. Although it sounds tempting, especially in February, but even without the sea, there is where to get a positive charge and accumulate strength.

You can fly or go to one of the countries of Central Europe. France, Germany, Switzerland, the Czech Republic — these countries are so distinctive and offer guests such a large number of interesting events that it is very difficult to stay away. Give your February to Europe at least once — plunge into the winter life of the nearby region.

Historical monuments of Germany, cultural objects of France at this time of year acquire a special charm and sophistication. The level of infrastructure and services in Europe is high all year round. So for the rest you can not worry!

The seaside resort offers warmth and emotion, and a trip abroad guarantees vivid impressions and exciting adventures. The cost of stay and rest in many tourist centers in February is the lowest, which allows you to save without damage to your vacation!

Farewell to winter: ski resorts

Where can I enjoy skiing? Almost everywhere! The entire map of Europe is covered by a network of ski resorts of various sizes and price ranges. Bulgaria, Italy. France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany — there are mountains in many countries and equipped resorts attract tourists from all over the world.

A vacation in February and March is the best season for skiing. Therefore, there are enough people willing. Many amateurs specially choose vacation for these months in order to roll in plenty.

Russian mountain resorts such as Cheget, Dombay, Krasnaya Polyana, Abzakovo and Belokurikha offer a wide range of recreation programs and opportunities to enjoy the mountain scenery and outdoor activities.

Do not know where to relax in February — go to the mountains! Feel the real snow and remember it until next winter.

Holidays can be interesting and informative. If you choose where to fly in February, consider the option with excursion programs. It is not necessary to fly — it is even better to choose land trips, it is better to watch the sights.

Having a rest together with children will receive many bright impressions, having chosen, for example, travel on castles of Tuscany. Of course, summer excursions are more pleasant and simpler. But in February, some of the sights get a new look, become fabulous and beautiful.

Sightseeing tours have a different duration and length, which allows you to choose the best option for a trip. To the attention of tourists tours in 1 day or more than a week, covering 1 object and the whole region! This is better than cable transmission — so you touch the beauty.

Stay in Russia

The development of the tourism industry in Russia continues. Therefore, the industry has not yet reached the desired level. I am glad that what remains in the past is the desire to repeat behind other countries — now in the country there is a tendency to arouse interest in its sights.

February for a holiday in the country is the time of active work of the ski resorts in the Khibiny, in the Caucasus and the Urals. Excessive snow provides guests with a great vacation — worthy of the wires of winter.

Throughout the country in February is a lot of competitions in winter and extreme sports. Such events become the center of tourist life — why not come here? These are dog sled races, ski races and extreme descents, winter kiting and much more. Event tourism is a great way to make a vacation memorable.

In February, you can relax with a child in Russia — most resorts offer appropriate programs. Therefore, you and your children can spend their holidays as comfortable and informative as possible.

Use holidays

The end of winter is not too rich for the holidays. But the available dates can be used as strong points before deciding where to go in February.

February 14 is the key date of the month. The whole world celebrates Valentine’s Day, for which there are many entertainment programs, excursions, tours. You will enjoy the romantic atmosphere and get vivid impressions from participation in thematic festivals, concerts and travels. Arm yourself with a poster and choose interesting events of the middle of February!

So do any holiday — such days are always accompanied by interesting events! Build your vacation around them.

And remember: every region of every country in the world has its own local holidays. Read about them — and plunge into the local flavor! Winter can be bright.

Hold on to snow

Not everywhere in February you can still see a real big and beautiful snow. But in the northern regions of the country, as well as in Scandinavia, in February, the abundance of snow is equivalent to paintings from fairy tales about Grandfather Frost. While many are heading south, pack up and rush north! Here you will get real snow emotions: ice skating rinks, snow castles, toboggans and lots and lots of snow. The charge of winter mood in front of the long-awaited spring.

There is still time, and you decide where to fly in February: to the sea or to the mountains. The main desire and opportunity! There are no bad months in the calendar, the season may not be suitable or not suitable for positive emotions — they are all just good in their own way.

Planning a vacation, especially in not the most “vacation” months, is not an easy task. Try to think outside the box and strive to cover as many options as possible. Better yet: take a large sheet of paper and brainstorm — write down everything that comes to mind. Even the most absurd is even better! In unexpected ways, the best emotions are hidden! Make your February unique!

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