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Where can I go to relax without a visa

Visa-free travel: rest without extra costs and worries

On the eve of vacation, many of us are beginning to wonder: where better to go? Hot tropics or old houses of a European town, the sea with golden beaches or mountains, going up, museums or a chaise lounge at the hotel, extreme or incendiary parties in clubs — many options come to mind. However, a considerable part of the Russians before the holiday season 2017 decides to go where you can do without a special visa.

The advantages of a visa-free holiday:

  • You save your time. It is not necessary to run and collect a package of certificates and documents, send them to the embassy, ​​and worry about their decision (they can deny the right of entry). Choosing a country where you only need passports, you can not worry and happy to get ready to relax.
  • Visa processing requires consular fees and other surcharges. Thus, the average price of a cherished document is about 50 euros. Agree, to have this money in your wallet, going to the sea, will be useful.
  • Experienced and practical tourists often use the following practice when choosing the direction in which they will fly: they call their operator and ask them to pick up a “burning” tour. It costs at times cheaper, but is feasible only if it is possible to gather in the shortest possible time. A visa is not issued quickly, so the decision to go abroad, where the restrictions on entry are lifted, is a reasonable solution for those who want to save time.

Visa free directions this year

The government of the Russian Federation concluded agreements with 71 countries on entry without a visa in 2017. Of course, among these countries there are unpopular routes where resort infrastructure is not developed, questionable climatic conditions or sanitary conditions. But still the list of places where you can relax with comfort, calmly and safely, is quite impressive. The most popular are the following resort powers:

  • Israel;
  • Maldives;
  • Cyprus;
  • Madagascar;
  • Montenegro;
  • Morocco;
  • Thailand;
  • Abkhazia;
  • South Korea;
  • Vietnam;
  • Macedonia;
  • Azerbaijan;
  • Dominican Republic;
  • Costa Rica;
  • Jamaica;
  • Tunisia;
  • Turkey;
  • Indonesia.

Each of these countries is a whole world that can be explored and enjoyed. The choice of areas where only passports are needed is quite large in 2017. Let us dwell in detail on some resort states, to go to which is real, without making out a visa.

Recreation 2017 can come true here, on any of the three seas — the Mediterranean, Red or Dead. The country is famous for its comfortable hotels, attentive attitude to tourists. Different types of pastime are possible: in Israel it is good to lie on the beach and splash in the sea, you can enjoy the monuments of antiquity, visit holy places for Christians, Jews and Muslims, study history.

A special place in the services provided for the rest of the Russians, occupy treatment, prevention and rehabilitation after various diseases on the shores of the healing Dead Sea. Israel is also an excellent cuisine with centuries-old traditions, always pleasing the tourist with excellent taste!

What documents are needed for recreation? The main condition for entry into the state without a visa is that you leave it in no more than three months. Also required:

  • International passport. It should expire no earlier than six months after you entered the country.
  • Boarding tickets to Russia (departure date — no later than 90 days after entry).
  • If you want to go abroad for tourist purposes — booking confirmation from the hotel in which you choose to stay. In the case of a trip to friends or relatives — an invitation from them.
  • Information about your solvency (usually get at work in the accounting).
  • Medical policy.
  • If you go for treatment, you must have a letter or a referral from the clinic.

In 2017, the condition that your children can go with you is to have a medical insurance policy for each of them. A child can be taken abroad to both parents without additional documents. If he is traveling with one person or with relatives and friends, written permission is required.


The Dominican Republic is an ideal place to spend your honeymoon. At the same time, young people can go to the sea without thinking about whether they will have enough time to leave for a visa. Dominican Republic boasts excellent hotels with well-trained staff, excellent cuisine, an abundance of exotic fruits for Russians in local markets.

In this country it is possible to lie quietly on the beach and walk along the quiet sunny streets, spend the night dancing in the local incendiary clubs.

Those who wish to go to the Dominican Republic need to carry their passports, hotel reservations, return tickets.


Amazing and colorful, located on the fourth place in the world square island, will gladly open the doors of its hospitable hotels to Russian tourists in 2017. Madagascar is a paradise for those who like to get acquainted with exotic flora and fauna, and especially for parents who have inquisitive and active grown-up children. The sea is gentle and warm, a lot of entertainment, sightseeing tours and opportunities to enjoy this tropical vacation.

Citizens of Russia, whose international passport does not expire within 30 days, can receive a free visa right on arrival at the island and stay there for a month.

This island can be proud to be in the top 10 best places to relax on the planet. Travel services in Cyprus at the level of the best resorts, which Europe can boast. The sea near the island is the purest, family or romantic vacation on the beach is easy to combine with the study of ancient antiquities, or even with an Orthodox pilgrimage.

To go to Cyprus, in addition to the international passport, in the holiday season 2017 you also need a pro-visa. It can be easily obtained online in one day. The same applies to minor citizens of Russia with a passport. This action entitles you to a visa upon arrival. It is important that this condition applies to those tourists who fly from Russia to the airports of Larnaca and Paphos.

Where to go relax for an active tourist in 2017? For many Russian citizens, Thailand is the ideal place for a beach holiday. This direction is relatively inexpensive, the sea is warm and calm, and there are many interesting places to go alone, with a family or a cheerful friendly company.

The period of stay without a visa in Thailand is 30 calendar days. The condition of entry is the presence of a passport with 2 blank pages. There, customs will be able to put marks on the arrival and departure. The document should cover the entire period of stay on the island.

A migration card filled out in English is required, the availability of 20,000 baht in any currency and a ticket back to your homeland.

According to some analysts, Morocco is an alternative to the famous Egyptian beaches and hotels. From the season-2017, hoteliers are expecting considerable profits, they are ready to reduce prices for guests from Russia, and travel agencies will provide charter flights.

Morocco is an oriental tale. This is an exotic cuisine, colorful local markets, luxurious Atlantic. Only in Morocco, Russian tourists can buy tagine — an amazing ceramic pot in which you can cook unique dishes.

To arrive in this country you will need a passport. Visas for stays of 90 days are not necessary. It is also necessary to fill in the migration card, where the basic information about the guest fits. Often this document can be obtained on the plane, and flight attendants will assist with filling out the paper. Do not forget the pen with black or blue paste!

Most countries where visa-free entry can be made in the 2016 holiday season are set up to cooperate with the Russian Federation, they sincerely want to make your holiday unforgettable, so as not to lose both income and reputation. Therefore, those who want to buy at sea should consider these areas as priorities. The possibility of visa-free entry is the saving of money, effort, time and nerves of each tourist. Relax thoughtfully, profitably and with taste!

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