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Where better to relax in Montenegro: description of popular resorts

Where and when is the best time to relax in Montenegro?

The small Balkan country of Montenegro (Montenegro) is well known to tourists for its hospitality, affordable prices for quite comfortable rest. By area, the Eastern European state is no more than Karachay-Cherkessia, but there are plenty of opportunities for full-fledged leisure — beach, sight-seeing, skiing.

A trip to Montenegro is ideal for families traveling with children.

In the land of forests, mountain lakes and the warm sea, neither kids nor adults will be bored. Due to the compact location of attractions, you can view them at a measured pace for several weeks.

Sea resorts of Montenegro

The southwestern coast of the country is washed by the Adriatic Sea, therefore, tourists rush here in the warm season. Comfortable for a beach holiday temperature on the Montenegrin Riviera is set towards the end of May. In summer, the air on the coast averages to 25–29 degrees. The temperature of the coastal waters is 23-25 ​​degrees. The peak of the tourist season in the Montenegrin seaside resorts falls on the second half of summer. For those who do not like hustle and bustle, it is better to go to the sea not in August, but in September or October. In the velvet season there is no influx of tourists, there is a decrease in prices. The air temperature in the first half of autumn is kept within 21–25 degrees, water — 20–23 degrees.

Where better to relax in Montenegro? In the north of the Adriatic coast is the Herceg Nova Riviera. The resort area is located around the picturesque Boka Kotorska bay. The beaches here are either natural pebble or artificial sand. The resort has many deposits of therapeutic mud and mineral springs. Of particular interest to tourists who want to improve their health in Montenegro, is Igalo. The town is famous for spa centers and SPA salons. Popular resorts and other resorts Herceg Niviera: Herceg Novi, Risan, Kotor, Perast, Tivat.

With children it is better to go in the direction of Budva. The central part of the coast, called the Budva Riviera, is attractive with its long pebble and sandy beaches, modern tourist infrastructure. A large number of hotels for family holidays is concentrated here, which makes it possible to choose the best accommodation option — from budget to exclusive. On the territory of hotel complexes there are playgrounds. There are professional animators working at the hotels. On the coast there are attractions. In Becici, there is the only water park in Montenegro. Those who prefer an active and fun holiday, it is better to stay in Budva. For a more relaxed atmosphere, they go to Rafailovici and Petrovac. The elite resort of the Budva Riviera is the island of St. Stephen.

In the south of Montenegro, near the border with Albania, there is the Ulcin Riviera. Sunny weather holds in these parts for 217 days, which allows the resort to receive guests eight months a year — from April to November. The highlight of the Ulcinj Riviera is basalt beaches. Due to the high content of carbonates and iodine, the local sand is gray and is considered therapeutic. There are two main resorts in the south of the country — Ada-Boyan and Ulcinj.

Sightseeing vacation: what to see in Montenegro

Little Montenegro boasts a mass of historical and natural attractions. You can go to the Balkans for educational purposes at any time of the year, but it is best to travel from May to October. Most sightseeing tours start from Budva. From there it is convenient to get to any point of the country by yourself.

Historically, it turned out that Cetinje is the heart of Montenegro, and not the administrative capital of Podgorica. The ancient city-museum is located at the foot of the Lovcen Mountain, in the intermountain hollow. The first mention of Cetinje dates from the middle of the 15th century. During the period of the Turkish conquests, the city, which was in a difficult mountainous terrain, became the residence of the Zeta rulers and metropolitans. In the middle of the last century, the status of the capital passed from Cetinje to Podgorica.

The main attractions of the city:

  • Willa Dukanovic;
  • Vladin Dom (National Gallery);
  • Blue Museum (Palace of the heir to the throne of Danila);
  • Palace of King Nikola in the style of the session (National Museum of Montenegro);
  • The house of the prince-bishop;
  • The fortress of billiards;
  • Negos Mausoleum on Mount Lovcen;
  • Monument «Lovchen Maiden»;
  • Printed house Krnojevichey;
  • Detailed relief map of Montenegro 1917;
  • Residence of Peter the Second;
  • Vlaska Church of the early 15th century;
  • Tsetin Monastery.

Where to go in Northeast Montenegro? The business card of this region is low, but picturesque mountain ranges: Durmitor, Visitor, Prokletie and Komovi. Perhaps the longest and most impressive tour of the north of the country is an overview of the canyons. The journey begins with a visit to the valley of the river Moraca and the mountain monastery of the 12th century. The next natural object that is definitely worth seeing is the Tara River Canyon. This is one of the main attractions of the country.

The gorge along Tara is located at the foot of Durmitor. The height of the canyon walls reaches 1,300 m. This means that the river valley in Montenegro is a bit smaller than the Great American Canyon, but in Europe there is no equal to it.

It is hard to imagine a full-fledged vacation in Montenegro without visiting the Bay of Kotor. A boat trip on a picturesque bay on average takes half a day and leaves a lot of positive impressions. The tourist route along the Bay of Kotor runs through the island of Gospa od Škrpjela, the cities of Perast and Kotor. The latter is also called the «Montenegrin Venice.» The main attraction of Gospa od Škrpiela (or Madonna on the Reef) is the Church of Our Lady on the Rock. From here you can see another island — St. George. Old Kotor is famous for medieval architecture in the Italian style, a massive fortress wall.

Where to go to Montenegro pious man? The local Orthodoxy, professed by the majority of Montenegrins, has ancient roots. The most visited shrines of Montenegro are the monasteries of Ostrog and Cetinje.

  • Ostrog monastery complex is carved directly into the rock. You need to go to it along a winding mountain road. The founder of the monastery is St. Basil of Ostrog.
  • A fragment of the life-giving cross, the right hand of John the Baptist is stored in the Cetin monastery.

Montenegro in winter: resorts Kolasin and Zabljak

Winter on the Adriatic coast is short and wet. In the central part — warm and mild, with occasional frosts at night. For real winter, cold and snowy, vacationers need to go to the area of ​​the Dinar mountain range. It snows here 30 days a year. The ski season lasts from December to March. The coldest month in Montenegro is February. It is noteworthy that the New Year’s trip to this Balkan country will cost a third cheaper than the summer one.

Where to relax in Montenegro in the winter? Kolasin is considered a good ski resort. A small cozy town, surrounded by centuries-old forests, is located on the territory of the national park. It is 160 km from Tivat, 80 km from Podgorica.

In the vicinity of Kolashin there are two ski centers — “Belasitsa” and “Trebalevo”. You can get there by a scheduled bus. The total length of trails in the resort is 15 km. In the dark they are covered. Works five lifts, among which there is a child. For those who only take the first steps on the slopes, ski schools are functioning.

In Kolasin there is entertainment for every taste. The resort has many restaurants and cafes, night clubs «66» and «Select» work. There is a place for lovers of “excursion” to roam. Near Kolashin is the Moraca Monastery, the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin, Archdeacon Stephen, St. Nicholas. In the town itself there is a local history museum with various expositions: artistic, historical and ethnographic. Near Kolashin are such interesting natural places as Lake Biogradsko and Mount Belasitsa. In summer, the resort turns from a ski resort to a balneological resort.

Another popular place for winter holidays is абabljak. The town is located in the heart of the Durmitor mountain range. Located 170 km from the capital. The resort has everything you need for an active winter holiday, snowboarding and downhill skiing, climbing the mountains. In the warm season, tourists can make both walking and cycling in the surrounding area. In абabljak organize horse excursions, rafting on mountain rivers, paragliding.

The resort has three ski centers. The most popular among them — Savin Kuk — is located on the slope of the mountain of the same name. The longest local trail stretches for 3.5 km. The slope is serviced by five lifts: one for children, a couple of bowls and the same number of chairlifts. The best place for those who only master the skis, as well as children — Yavorivch. It has two lifts, there is lighting at night. The descent itself is rather flat, and experienced instructors help both adults and children. Trails of medium difficulty are on the slopes of the Small Shtuts.

After an intense sports leisure, you can relax in the SPA-center. The d’Oro club is open at night. Connoisseurs of natural beauty who find themselves in Zabljak should explore the sights of Durmitor: Bobotov Kuk peak, glacial lakes, Nevidio Canyon and Tara River with the Dzhurdzhevich Bridge. The entire national park cannot be bypassed, but it is imperative to visit some places — on the Black Lake, in the ice cave.

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