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What to see in Karelia: tips from experienced travelers

Amazing Karelia: what to see in summer and winter

Transparent rivers and lakes, fresh air and green forests — what could be more beautiful? The fantastic nature of Karelia will surprise any traveler. The unique sights, historical monuments and cultural values ​​of this republic are able to impress everyone’s attention. Arriving at this place, you will not regret it — a developed tourism sector in Petrozavodsk, the capital of Karelia, will conquer you once and for all.

If you still do not know what to see in Karelia in summer and in winter, on weekends, pay attention to the most famous sights that will not leave you indifferent.

Preserves of Karelia: the beauty of nature

The beauty and picturesque scenery captures from the first second. Fresh air, murmuring light water and green trees will allow you to relax and enjoy the comfortable atmosphere of wildlife. This will help the unique reserves of the Republic of Karelia.

This small piece of wildlife is one of the oldest places in the republic. The Karelian State Reserve has three pine forests and a large waterfall with clear water. Fishing is prohibited on the territory, but here you can engage in picking mushrooms and berries — because the natural places are very rich in them. The reserve has a huge number of all kinds of birds, animals and aquatic creatures, some of which are listed in the Red Book.

All year round this place opens its doors for guests — in the winter and summer season you can admire the fabulous landscapes. The reserve itself is located in the small village of Kivach, Kondopoga region. You can reach it by car or by train. For a symbolic price, you can buy a ticket and explore the waterfall and the three pine forests. Near Kivachem there is a parking, a mini-cafe and a small shop with souvenirs.

What to see in Karelia in the warm season? Of course, the Solovki Islands! A unique natural complex with a monastery located nearby will not leave indifferent any tourist. The group includes six small islands, of which the Big Solovetsky Island is most known. This place keeps a huge historical memory: once it was visited by Nemirovich-Danchenko. Later, he called the island «the crowns of nature» and for a long time admired their beauty.

Today, the Solovki Islands are one of the most visited tourist sites. It is not surprising, because the clean air, forests and the bay help to relax and enjoy the truly magnificent landscapes.

On the territory of the complex is the famous Solovki monastery with a chapel and a small church. Elegant architecture has been preserved since the XVI century. The monastery has a small museum with unique historical antiquities and exhibits. People from all over the country come to know about the cultural riches of the Russian people.

There is a Botanical Garden, which attracts attention with unique plant species — there are more than 450 of them. Big Solovetsky Island is also famous for the Sekirnaya Mountain, a legendary monument. According to legend, angels lived here. Near the mountain stands a small chapel with an icon of the Mother of God with a baby in her arms.

Karelian parks: silence and comfort

If you have long thought about where to go on vacation and chose Karelia, believe me: you will not be disappointed. The parks of the republic will amaze not only with their appearance, but also with comfort, as well as with unique historical monuments in the territory of the objects.

Fans of clean mountain air and picturesque views will surely appreciate the sights of Karelia. Ruskeala Canyon, which was flooded during the Finnish War, is now converted into a tourist spot. A magnificent reservoir with clear, transparent water adorns a large marble layer. Along the steep slopes stretch mine.

Summer is a great time for diving enthusiasts: fans of this sport come here from all over Russia, because they have a unique opportunity to explore the mines under water. In winter, the mountain park is no less beautiful — you can enjoy the picturesque rocks, get into the grottoes and even ride a real dog sled.

On the territory of Ruskeala, one can also find rare species of birds, animals and plants listed in the Red Book. Be sure to take a trip to Karelia to see this amazing place.

  • Park «Paayanarvi»

Do not know where to go in Karelia? Pay attention to the national park with the sonorous name «Paayanarvi». The local unique nature, picturesque lakes, coniferous forests will help you for a moment to distract from the urban civilization. You can visit him with your family.

The nature conservation park is unique: only here the purest water is saturated with oxygen at a depth of 50-70 meters. In addition to the deep lake, there are many other advantages: rare fossil rocks, broken glaciers. Archaeologists, leading the excavations in this area, constantly find objects that testify to the ancient presence of people in these lands. In «Paayanarvi» there is a small museum in which you can admire the discovered gizmos.

In winter it is quite cool here — the temperature due to the fact that the air descends into the valley reaches -23 degrees. The best time to visit the national park is the end of spring and the beginning of autumn: it is these seasons that are considered the best and warmest.

Monuments and memorials: history and culture of Karelia

  • Monument to Peter I

It is no secret that the great emperor has pedestals in many cities. But the monument to Peter I in Karelia is a unique monument, after all, the city of Petrozavodsk, the capital of Karelia, is associated with the name of the famous tsar. The author of the project is Metropolitan Monilgetti. The inscription on the pedestal reads: “The great emperor Peter. The founder of Petrozavodsk. Next to her carved years of life.

Not far from the monument there is a memorial plaque containing information about the monument itself: when, by whom and where it was made. The sculpture of Peter I received many positive reviews — experts even called it the best after the Bronze Horseman.

Interesting monuments are not uncommon in Karelia. You can see the unique gun in Petrozavodsk. Many people call it “a monument of antiquity”, because it really keeps in itself a piece of the great cultural history of the region. They say that the monument was erected in the time of Peter the Great. In any case, such places are a great option for a good time.

A very strong monument touching the soul — the Cross of sorrow. The memorial is located not far from the Suyarvi road, the places here are dry and it is quite easy to get to it. On the way, be sure to pay attention to this monument.

By the way, not far from the road there are so-called “dragon’s teeth” — large boulders, which during the war years were designed to stop enemy tanks by their existence. The cross of sorrow is a tribute to the memory of all the dead Finnish and Russian soldiers. Do not forget to stop and bow your head, saluting the defenders of the motherland.

«Karelian Sadko» …. So the locals call this monument. A unique structure — a kind of tribute to the almost forgotten epic. Making a trip to Karelia, glance to this monument — beautiful photos are made next to it.

Theaters of Karelia: we join the art

  • Karelian National Theater

Going alone to make a trip? Karelian National Theater is worth a visit for every tourist. Beautiful architecture, professional program and the preservation of traditions will definitely appeal to any traveler. The repertoire of the theater is diverse — operetta, ballet, psychological drama, comedy and other productions. The institution maintains national traditions — here you can get acquainted with the life of Karelians.

Puppet Theater of Karelia is a unique, fabulous place, as if filled with magic. Comfortable rooms, interesting views and «reviving» characters will help you to plunge into the atmosphere of children’s magic. The theater building itself is architecturally unusual, decorated with small figurines of fairy-tale characters.

Coming here with children, you can see a unique program and immerse yourself in the world of magic for a moment, believing in a miracle — because it is often important even for an adult. In addition to the theatrical performance, an additional program is offered for younger guests — with dances, songs and, of course, sweet surprises. By the way, excursions behind the stage are often organized here, and if you want to open the curtain for yourself, having learned how a miracle is created, be sure to visit such an event.

Now you know what Karelia is good at and what to see in this amazing Russian region.

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