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What to bring from Pattaya: the gifts of Thailand

What to bring from Pattaya: the gifts of Thailand

Holidays in exotic countries are usually accompanied by the collection of original gifts for relatives and friends. At the same time, it is important not only to guess the present for the person presented, but also to choose something truly unusual. If you plan to spend a vacation in Thailand, you should think in advance — what to bring from Pattaya or another resort city.

Products, drinks, drugs

Southeast Asia is famous for the variety of fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants. At the same time, all the wealth of choice is quite affordable, especially if you shop in areas or markets remote from the sea for local residents. Russian tourists prefer to buy:

  • fresh and whole exotic fruits that do not require special precautions during transportation and pronounced smell. The famous Thai durian is not included in the list of suitable fruits for a gift; it has a very peculiar smell, so it is forbidden to bring into the territory of public institutions, including the airport. You can replace fresh fruit with jam, due to the packaging, it does not smell, and it is more convenient to transport a hermetically sealed jar;
  • the same fruit in a processed form — chips, sliced ​​and packed fruits, jams, etc.;
  • Thai tea and coffee;
  • specific canned food — from a crocodile, insects, worms, snakes;
  • local rum;
  • «Serpentine» — strong alcohol tincture with a poisonous snake inside the bottle.

Interesting: original products — «snake», canned crocodile — usually sold on crocodile farms near Pattaya. However, you can find them in souvenir shops and markets.

We should also mention medications. Healing is a tincture on the snake, some varieties of tea, local balms for grinding (for pain in the joints, muscles, headache — analogues of the Vietnamese «Asterisks»).

Clothes and accessories

Reflecting on what to bring from Thailand (Pattaya), one can give preference to practical things and accessories that are scarcely available in Russia. This includes clothing made of silk or cotton produced in the country, and various articles of leather, wood, and metal. It is better to buy crocodile skin crafts (bags, belts, shoes, covers) on crocodile farms, paying attention to the authentication of raw materials.

Important: products made of natural silk and crocodile leather are expensive, the purchase of a silk shirt or a crocodile leather belt for less than 50 … 70 dollars is not enough.

An interesting present can be a pillow made from natural vulcanized latex.


In addition to gifts that can be “used for its intended purpose,” Thai markets offer a huge number of trinkets and souvenirs. The advice of experienced tourists will help you decide what to bring from Thailand (Pattaya):

  • excellent local porcelain;
  • teak crafts — masks, panels, carvings;
  • natural sea pearls and nacre. It is believed that in Pattaya it is the cheapest;
  • wicker, painted, paper, wooden crafts.

Important: souvenirs «from elephant tusks» in Thailand are usually fake, because the elephant in this country is considered a sacred animal.

Prohibited items

This year, the restrictions on the export from Thailand are as follows: you can not export

  • body parts (skins, teeth, armors, etc.) or stuffed animals. These include the tiger, elephant, tortoise, crocodile, butterflies, seahorses and clams;
  • raw corals;
  • potted plants and soil for planting;
  • national works of art;
  • Buddha statues more than 15 cm high;
  • durian fruit.


No matter how much I want to give all my loved ones original and exotic gifts from Pattaya, you should not spend your entire holiday shopping. The best that can be brought from the trip is the impressions and pleasure from the trip!

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