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Waterpark Ramayana in Pattaya: description, photo, video, price

Ramayana Water Park in Pattaya: review, prices, photos

Ramayana — the largest water park in Thailand, among the three largest water parks in Asia and in the TOP-20 of the world. It opened on May 5, 2016. There are more than 50 attractions and places of interest, special children’s areas, an excellent example of landscape design, spread over 18 hectares of land.

The most extreme slides «Water loop» and «Free fall.»

We rise to the very top of the “Water loop” attraction, put on a special vest on the back. we go into the blue capsule, cross our arms on our breasts, the female robot counts three, two, one, the floor is removed and … we fly! With shouts: “Aaaaaa” you are rushing in complete darkness, the water hits the face! Scary incredible! You arrive at the pool, where experienced instructors are already waiting for you.

Fear length is about 100 meters with a loop! It really needs to be felt!

Without removing the vest, again we rise to the very top of the rides. Here we are next to the water loop waiting for «Free Fall». We go in the capsule … the familiar female voice counts three, two, one in English …. and … flew along an almost vertical orange gutter. From such a speed, forgive, melting turn into a thong!

There are less extreme, but just as exciting. Two hundred meters of roller coaster on an inflatable raft (tube): endless turns, spirals, ascents and descents.

[quote font = «arial» font_style = «italic»] What is important: the tuba does not need to be lifted to the start place with your own hand — this will be done by a mechanical lift. [/ quote]

On some attractions, the runways are arranged in parallel, which allows friends or family members to start at the same time and organize peculiar competitions.

Children attractions

Water park Ramayana is focused on family holidays. Most attractions are designed for adults, but there are also special places for children.

There are only two children’s zones, oneither include

  • small slides;
  • simple designs for children’s games;
  • children’s pools;
  • fountains;
  • water cannons;
  • minicar for riding.

There are no age limits. The park has an attraction, designed even for 6-month-old babies.

In addition, interest for children is the entourage of the water park: elephants, figures, artificial caves with rock paintings, a lazy river and other places.

Places for a relaxing holiday

Lazy river

Descending on an inflatable raft circle with one of the water slides called River, you find yourself in a “lazy river” — a place for relaxation and contemplative rest. «River» slowly winds through the territory of the water park.

For half a kilometer before the eyes of floating appears lush vegetation, which is interspersed with the ruins of destroyed cities, caves — in general, approximately also as if you are rafting on, say, Kwa, only very clean. Structures along the banks of the river, of course, are new, but very worthy and impressive.

River and floating market

In Thailand, if there is a river, there must be a floating market. Organizers of the water park did not argue with the tradition. The river is the most real, element of the natural landscape — with the same dark and, it seems, not quite clear water, like all Asian rivers.

You can walk along its shore, relax in small bungalows with thatched roofs. On the floating market — souvenirs, Thai food.

Wave Pool

For those who like the sea more, rest on the simulator of the sea shore will suit you. The so-called “wave pool” is a broken coastline making a semicircle. Special system generates waves: exactly the same as in the sea.

The depth is small, but you can swim. The entrance to the sea is very gentle, which makes it possible to relax in this pool even with small children. Around the wave pool are sun loungers, umbrellas — in general, everything is like on a real seashore.

Jacuzzi pool bar

Jacuzzi-pool with tables and umbrellas installed directly in the water, was conceived as a place where you can drink and eat something from a bar located in the same pool. It is convenient, especially if the weather is too hot and there is no desire to leave the water.

There are non-water catering facilities. The points where you can eat something, often come across. In addition, there is a cafe with seating and tables — for children (with a play area) and an adult. In the latter, in addition to food, alcoholic beverages are offered. Prices for all are quite adequate.

Arbors «boar»

For an additional fee in the water park is offered to rent a gazebo in which you can retire, closing the doors and curtains curtains on the windows. Gazebos are served by waiters: if you wish, lunch and drinks will be served here.

Other places

  • Green maze in which you can stray a little.
  • Sports pool in which you can play water volleyball.
  • Caves with cave paintings.
  • Gazebo with massage services.
  • Shop with beach accessories.

Additional features

Water park Ramayana is equipped with modern capabilities. In addition to the already mentioned mechanical lift for air rafts, there is a system of electronic bracelets in the park. With its help, you can pay in food outlets, in cafes, in souvenir shops, for renting gazebos — in general, all cash expenses that are possible on the territory of an aqua park are made by applying your bracelet to a reader.

In addition, the water park is equipped with an automatic photo and video. The fixing equipment is installed everywhere, where the most spectacular shots are obtained. She reacts to the signals given by the bracelet and takes pictures of you when you are in front of the lens. Going to a special terminal and attaching your bracelet, you can view the footage, print it, send it to yourself by e-mail or publish it on a social network. Latest services — extra charge.

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