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Wat Sirey in Phuket: Photos, Description, how to get there

Temple of Wat Sirey and Golden Buddha in Phuket

The temple on the island of KoSirey is a place where the specificity of the Buddhist world view is truly felt. Here, as nowhere else, it is easy to understand the alien worldview and the life values ​​of the Thais.


The island of Ko Sirey adjoins the island of Phuket and connects with it by a small bridge that can be crossed without even noticing. A small island is, in fact, a hill, on top of which was built Wat Sirey. “Wat” in Thai means “temple.”

Temple on Phuket Map

Wat Sirei Temple is not among the most ancient and major temples of Phuket, but the local atmosphere and privacy make it almost a must-see if you are interested in local religion and culture.

Temple description

The Temple of Serey is actually a temple complex, it includes the temple itself, the houses of the monks, and religious buildings at the foot of the hill. In one of them you can see the statue of the Sitting Buddha. In the temple above, the main subject of interest of tourists is the huge Reclining Buddha. Tourists, there is very little, a place secluded and not as famous as other major Buddhist temples.

Here you can meet perhaps the monks or the guard, who at the same time offers bouquets of dried flowers and scented candles. There is no fee to enter the temple, although it is possible to make a donation.

Especially beautiful is the multistage road to the temple. Railings on the sides of a white stone staircase are intertwining serpents with dragon heads — these are mythical animals naked. This staircase alone is worth it to come here.

About half way you can stop in the gazebo decorated with bells. Already from here a good view opens, and from the top of the hill, where the Temple of Wat Sirey is located, one can see the southeast part of Phuket. The entrance to the temple is “guarded” by picturesque dragons, very colorful and vibrant.

Around is very quiet and peaceful — this is the perfect place for contemplation of nature or meditation.

You will not find a bench here, guests are allowed to simply sit on the grass or spread a rug and enjoy. The temple is available on any day during daylight hours. From the observation deck at the top of the hill you can see Phuket, the coast, and below, at Koh Sirei, a fishing village of Gypsies.

Statue of reclining buddha

Many are surprised by the posture of the Buddha. European tourists are accustomed to presenting it as sitting, and few people are devoted to the intricacies of Buddhist culture. The life story of Siddharth Gautama, who became the Buddha, says that by the end of his life he assumed the free posture — the so-called “lion pose”.

▣ A huge golden Buddha is lying inside.

She was perfect for meditation, and it is precisely by lying like this that the Buddha went to nirvana. The statue of the Reclining Buddha in the temple of Serey is covered with gold leaf. A little less statues are also located around the temple, each in a separate room, access to which is free.

They all represent different postures of the Buddha.

How to get there

Getting to the temple is not difficult. From the island of Phuket, the Si Suthat road leads here. After the bridge that connects Ko Sirey with Phuket, the hill with the temple on the top will be visible on the right. When you reach the T-shaped intersection, you need to turn right and after 700-800 meters you will see the gates of the complex.

You can also just take a city bus, which in just 10 baht will take you to the entrance to the temple grounds. Finally, there is a small ferry service between Phuket and Ko Sire.

Travel Tips

The only strict rule that you need to remember when visiting this place is to be dressed in closed clothes and remember to take off your shoes at the entrance.

Donations are optional and admission is free. Of course, one should behave calmly and respectfully with respect to local shrines, but one can photograph and examine the temple as much as one pleases.

The island itself, although removed from the noisy tourist centers, has a well-developed infrastructure. There is a spa hotel and sea restaurants, and on the bridge you can feed almost tame monkeys.

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