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Vyshny Volochyok: the sights of the Tver province

About the sights of the Higher Volochka

Sometimes even small towns can be replete with historical, architectural, cultural and natural monuments that attract tourists from all over the country. Vyshny Volochyok of the Tver region is famous for its churches and monasteries, other ancient buildings, sculptures. There is here and the reservoir, which operates from the XVIII century. Sights of the Most High Volochka are not very famous, but still the city is visited by tourists, especially in summer.

Attraction for visitors

The objects of this city that are definitely worth a look include:

  • Kazan Convent;
  • Epiphany Cathedral;
  • channel and gateway system;
  • Train Station;
  • Theatre of Drama;
  • Local History Museum;
  • Museum of boots;
  • shopping arcade.

You can even come to Vyshny Volochyok for one day and not only visit museums, but also just take a walk around the city: old buildings are well preserved here, especially in the center.

Orthodox monuments

The Epiphany Cathedral and the Kazan Monastery in Kazan can be called the most popular attractions that are visited by religious tourists and simply lovers of antiquity.

The monastery functions from the beginning of the XIX century. In Soviet times, it was closed, and in 1992 it opened the doors again. The laity can attend it only on Sunday and the days of Orthodox holidays during worship.

Architectural sights of the Kazan Monastery, attractive for tourists:

  • bell tower, decorated with a clock;
  • The temple of St. Ephraim the Syrian and the Great Martyr Neonila is a beautiful old building with a white-pink facade;
  • Kazan Cathedral — the main building of the monastery, built in the Byzantine style and decorated with a variety of decor;
  • The Cathedral of the Andronikov Mother of God is spacious and bright, decorated with a central dome of light and five gilded domes.

Those who came with the purpose of pilgrimage usually visit the chapel at the tomb of the blessed old woman Lyubushka and the grave of schema-nun Mary from Optina Monastery.

No less famous is the Epiphany Cathedral, which is considered to be the main temple of the city. It is also built in the XIX century. and is located on a green island between the Tsna River and a branch from it — the Obvodny channel.

Both tourists and locals celebrate its beauty: snow-white walls, elegant narrow windows around the perimeter, a gilded central dome shining in the sun and duplicating its dome on the bell tower. As for the shrines, many icons of the XVII-XVIII centuries are kept in this cathedral, including the list of the Kazan Mother of God (and some of its other images), there is also a carved sculpture of Nikola of Mozhaisky (XV century). Anyone can attend services in the temple.

Old buildings

In Vyshny Volochyok, a sufficiently large number of nineteenth-century buildings remained, transforming a walk through the city into a kind of journey through time.

The railway station is one of the oldest in the country. The station was opened under Nicholas I and still remains a major communication point between Moscow and St. Petersburg. Here a bridge was first built to connect the main and additional buildings. By its architecture, the station resembles a medieval castle: it is decorated with white figured turrets, spiers, attic (stepped) and battlements. The main facade is pink and beige. Beautiful building from the inside due to stucco on high ceilings and walls. On the square in front of him stands a monument to Peter I and M.I. Serdyukov, an engineer who designed the Vyshnevolotsk water system.

Drama Theater — the first in the Tver region. This is an old terracotta building, decorated with white false arches, windows, decorative turrets, platbands. At first, the Public Assembly was located here, but with the development of performing arts in the city, the theater occupied the premises. Until now, it remains one of the best in Russia, works of Russian classical drama, mainly plays by A.N. Ostrovsky. The theater also has its own museum, which contains photos of famous actors, scenes from performances, costumes, and old posters.

Trade rows are two one-storeyed buildings with semicircular windows. In the XIX century. they held fairs. Now trade is conducted only in one, the second is closed and needs restoration.

Local history can be considered the main museum of the city. This is a red brick two-storey building, built in 1932. The main expositions are devoted to the history and nature of Vyshny Volochyok.

Permanent thematic exhibitions of the Museum of Local History:

  • “Vyshnevolotskaya water system” — tells the story of its construction, its significance for the region, about the models of ships of that time;
  • «Natural» — shows samples of plants and stuffed animals of Vyshnevolotsky district;
  • “Archaeological” is an exposition of the coins of the Ancient East, weapons and tools of the Neolithic era;
  • “The life of the townspeople at the end of the 19th — early 20th centuries” — shows clothes and other household items;
  • «Painting local artists»;
  • “Art crafts” — valenki, glass and ceramic dishes, figures and other works of art are demonstrated;
  • «Vyshnevolotsky region during the Great Patriotic War.»

Exposure and imported exposure.

Very famous and the Museum of boots. In Vyshny Volochek there is the only factory in the country hand-felting. The museum makes a single complex with it. The exposition demonstrates antique felting machines and hardwood figures (made using the same technology as felt boots).

On the tour they talk about the technology of manufacturing products and show the film, how the work at the factory is going on today.

Interesting exhibits at the exhibition:

  • Tsar-boots with a height of just over 2 meters;
  • bride and groom;
  • cat bench;
  • horse;
  • aircraft;
  • Monument to Peter I and M.I. Serdyukov — copies of those that stand on the station square;
  • sculpture of Michael the Circle;
  • mural

In addition to visiting the museum, you can order felt boots for yourself or as a gift to your relatives at the factory.

Vyshnevolotskaya water system

It is the oldest chain of canals and reservoirs in Russia, created to connect St. Petersburg with the regions of central Russia. She allowed on the waterway to carry the necessary goods.

The system includes:

  • Tsna and Tverets rivers flowing in the city (Volga tributary);
  • Volga (between Rybinsk and Tver);
  • Lake Mstino;
  • the river Msta (the largest part of it is made — Vyshnevolotsk reservoir);
  • Vishera (5 versts);
  • Maly Volkhovets (4.5 versts);
  • Volkhov (the interval from the Siversov Canal to the mouth);
  • Neva (the territory between the mouth of the Ladoga Canal and the Rozhkovskiy pier).

Initially, the system was built by Dutch engineers, but a local specialist, MI. Serdyukov, about which we have already spoken, corrected their shortcomings. Thanks to him, the canals and reservoirs are still functioning.

The entire system captures part of the Tver and neighboring areas. Directly in Vyshny Volochyok you can see:

  • The bypass channel next to the mall (it was for him who came to the fair from other cities took the purchased goods);
  • Tsninsky Canal (near Obvodny);
  • Tveretsky canal with a granite embankment;
  • ancient granite Tsninsky water outlet (beishlot).

Vyshny Volochyok is not a very popular tourist city, but those who have been there once seek to come here again. Quiet and calm atmosphere and the spirit of antiquity help to relax and unwind.

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