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Voronezh: city sights in Central Russia

Voronezh: the most interesting sights of the city

Voronezh is an ancient Russian city in Central Russia. Located on the picturesque banks of the river of the same name. It organically combines ancient architectural monuments with modern high-rise buildings, and not far from the main attractions of Voronezh, you can see the characters of your favorite books and cartoons immortalized in stone and marble.

City `s history

The city grew out of a guard building built in the 16th century on the southern border of Muscovy to protect against the raids of the Crimean Tatars. The wooden fortress, located on a high river bank, was also fenced with an oak wall, behind which handicraft settlements were located. From there, an underground passage led to the river, and below, near its very shore, a monastery was founded.

Several times during the raids, the fortress burned, but was restored again. In the 17th century, it became one of the strongholds in the fortification system and reliable protection for the population. On three sides, the city was surrounded by dense forests, ravines and steep river banks, and from the northwest it was strengthened by an artificial method. The location on a busy trade route was favorable for its development. Fertile land, steppe meadows and rich forests contributed to vigorous economic activity.

The beginning of the development of Voronezh was the decision of Peter I to build naval ships here, for which foreign engineers were invited, and subsidiary production facilities were created: a foundry, sailing and cable factories. A school was opened to train naval officers and shipbuilders. Soon Voronezh became the center of the province, and its architectural appearance in the style of classicism began to take shape after the adoption of the development plan. Luxurious noble estates and beautiful bridges, stately public buildings and cobbled streets appeared.

During the war, at the approaches to the city, fierce battles took place, as a result of which it was badly destroyed. During restoration, great attention was paid to preserving the architectural details of ancient buildings. In the 90s, religious institutions were returned to believers, and their restoration began.


The main attractions related to the past of the city are located in its historical center and surroundings. But there are many modern buildings that attract with their beauty and unusual architecture. Everything worth seeing in Voronezh cannot be bypassed in one day.

  • The oldest architectural monument in Voronezh is the Alekseevo-Akatov bell tower of the male monastery, founded in the early 17th century after the victory over the Lithuanians. It became the first stone structure in the city. At the beginning of the 19th century, a two-story Alexis church in the Byzantine-Russian style was erected on large donations from noble residents. The interior of the temple had the shape of a regular circle, there were kept expensive silver crosses, several valuable icons, among them the miraculous image of the Mother of God Three-handed. In the 90s the monastery was re-opened, but now as a woman’s.
  • In the center of the city is the six-headed Blagoveshchensk Cathedral — a new large temple, the construction of which was completed in the first decade of this century. The height of its highest point reaches almost one hundred meters. The temple holds the relics of the first bishop of Voronezh and Peter’s associate, St. Mitrofania, whose monument is erected in front of the cathedral.

  • The Assumption Admiralty Church was the place of consecration of the first ships built in Voronezh. On the site of the present building there was a wooden temple, which is mentioned in the annals of the 16th century. It was flooded by the spring flood of the river and destroyed, after which a new, stone one was erected. The church was rebuilt several times and in architectural terms is a mixture of different styles.
  • St. Nicholas Cathedral is an architectural monument of the 18th century. It is located in a picturesque hilly area near the reservoir, delighting the eye with the shine of silver domes. The architectural style of the building resembles the early Baroque. First, at this place stood a wooden church in honor of St. Dmitry with the miraculous icon of St. Nicholas. In honor of him, and was built a new stone church with donations from residents.

According to legend, prayer in it, before the icon of the Mother of God, saved the city from the cholera epidemic. After the liberation from the fascists until the end of the 40s, the church was the Cathedral of Voronezh. She was always open to believers, there are preserved ancient icons and relics of saints. The temple has a Sunday school, a gym and a library, and a children’s choir and an orphanage has been created.

Architectural landmarks

Of the interesting places in Voronezh, stands Petrovsky Square, located in the historical part. A life-sized bronze monument set to Peter I on a granite pedestal and is considered to be the unofficial symbol of the city. The king in the costume of the regiment of the Preobrazhensky regiment with one hand rests on a huge anchor, and stretches the other toward the conquered Azov.

The monument is located in a picturesque park — a favorite place for recreation of residents. The elegant decoration of the green square is a wonderful fountain with an unusual design. At night, around him, numerous spectators gather to admire the beautiful lighting.

The magnificent monument of the 18th century is the Voronezh Palace, a magnificent Baroque building. Its two floors are connected by columns adjacent to the wall and serving as a support for the eaves. Between them there are high arched windows, and the walls are decorated with beautiful stucco. Now the building houses the Kramsky Regional Art Museum, one of the cultural centers of the city.

The architecture of Princess Oldenburg, located on the estate of Ramon, which is a wedding present for the granddaughter of Nicholas I., attracts guests of Voronezh with an unusual architecture for the Russian hinterland. . Numerous balconies, from which a magnificent panorama of the river and the garden opens, are decorated with an openwork cast-iron fence, the same wrought-iron gate is installed in front of the central entrance.

The castle is surrounded by a picturesque park with grottoes and fountains. The interior of the palace has always been distinguished by refined luxury, part of which has been preserved to this day. These are carved stairs, oak doors, French ceramics. Today, the castle hosts music rooms, popular with tourists and residents, interesting meetings, thematic exhibitions.

The old manor of Venevitinov is known in Voronezh as a landmark associated with the name of the famous writer E. L. Voinich. She was once in the service of a governess in the service of the grandfather of the Russian poet and philosopher D. Venevitinov.

Today the museum is located in a renovated mansion. A beautiful snow-white building and a picturesque well-kept park with an elegant rotunda attract with their romantic views, fascinating excursions and thematic exhibitions devoted to the history of the region.

  • In the Voronezh Regional Museum of Local Lore and its branches you can learn a lot about the history and culture of the region. Here are beautiful collections of porcelain and traditional folk costumes. In a separate room is the exposition dedicated to the period of the construction of the fleet by Peter. The museum hosts creative evenings, regularly exhibits new exhibits, educational circles work.
  • The Unique Museum of Forgotten Music in Voronezh is a place where you can see an unusual collection of musical instruments that exist in different nations. Employees of the institution carefully treat each exhibit, many of which have long been included in the category of the disappeared and recreated by them from books and drawings. These items are represented by a separate exposure. Restoration of musical instruments that fall into the collection is also carried out by the museum staff.
  • Interesting Museum of theatrical puppet opened at the city puppet theater «Jester». His exposition is dedicated to the playwright A. A. Veselov. She became the realization of his dream of a house for former theater puppets. The basis of the museum collection were books and exhibits of the playwright, along with his video materials. Then it was supplemented with dolls, performing in the theater itself. Now the museum has more than four thousand valuable items, the most original of which are puppets brought from Sicily, Indonesian and Bolivian dolls.

Unusual monuments

A walk through the city’s streets in 1 day will acquaint you with the original monuments that have become the symbol of the city. On the square near the Puppet Theater stands the touching figure of the metal Bima from the famous novel by G. N. Troepolsky. Townspeople often come here to rub his ear and make a wish that always comes true.

The kitten from Lizyukov Street made Voronezh famous throughout the country, and grateful residents immortalized him in front of one of the city’s cinemas. The script author of the beloved cartoon V. Zlotnikov himself was born here and grew up. The project of the monument was selected on a competitive basis

Voronezh is a beautiful modern city, rich in sights — historical and modern, familiar and original, funny and strict. Here is where to go and what to see. Rest in this place will leave the best impressions, thanks to its beauty, comfortable climate, rich history and hospitality of residents.

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