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Vladivostok: attractions of the city, where to go

Vladivostok: the main attractions of the city

The history of the city of Vladivostok begins in 1860. It was during these years that it was decided to create a military post called Vladivostok on the coast of the Golden Horn Bay. At first, only the military settled here, but over time a civilian population appeared. A distinctive feature of the city was multilingual speech, the presence of a variety of churches. Gradually, the city grew, but for a long time was closed for excursions and visits. Only at the end of the last century tourists were allowed to come here. So what sights you can see in Vladivostok, where to go?

Station and Arbat

Arriving in the city by train, know that you are at the final station of the longest railway on the planet. The station building has long been one hundred years old. The structure is distinguished by its stunning architecture, which in Soviet times was safely hidden under a layer of plaster. After a complex restoration, you can again see a double-headed eagle, a panel of mosaics, stories of fairy tales.

And right from the station square you can get to Admiral Fokin Street, called by local residents Arbat, where you can walk on the first day of your stay in the city. There are no cars or public transport, so you can safely walk, admiring the buildings of the XIX century. Arbat Vladivostok differs in places of unique beauty, it is decorated with bright flowerbeds, intricate fountains and wrought-iron benches. All these decorations allow you to literally make a trip to the past.

Nearby is a very famous museum. This is Vladivostok fortress. The architecture of the fortress is a complex structure of structures that are located both on the ground and under it. Several generations of Russian engineers are involved in its creation. During the design and construction every detail was thought out, therefore the fortress is rightfully recognized as the best defensive structure. The museum has many expositions that can be viewed, a gorgeous view of the Amur Bay.

Ussurian tiger and Svetlanskaya street

From the museum you can walk to the embankment, where the famous landmark of Vladivostok is located — a sculpture of an Ussurian tiger, which is considered a symbol of the Far East. It is made of bronze, but the animal looks quite realistic and spectacular. By the way, the Ussuri tiger can be seen on the city coat of arms.

And not far stretched Svetlanskaya Street — one of the oldest streets of the city of Vladivostok. Almost every building on this street is an architectural monument. Modern buildings here are practically excluded. Across the street are located a variety of monuments. These are the Fighters for the power of the Soviets, the Double-Headed Eagle and many others, a memorial ensemble of the memory of seamen of the merchant navy.

Here is the most famous building in Vladivostok — the first department store of German merchants. The building was built at the end of the XIX century, quickly becoming a landmark of the city. Even in Germany there was not a single building, at least a little corresponding to the store in size and luxury of decoration. All facades are decorated with bas-reliefs. It was the only structure in which there was steam heating, electricity, elevator, telephone connection.

On Svetlanskaya Street you can walk all day and make more and more new discoveries. Here are a variety of attractions of the city of Vladivostok. And the atmosphere of a fairy tale and antiquity always leaves an indelible impression. There is something to see.

Butterfly House «Delight»

In search of another unique place, you can come to the butterfly house “Delight”, which you must visit when you find yourself in this city. Especially if you come here with children.

Here, visitors have the opportunity to see butterflies and insects in their natural environment, listen to a fascinating story. Among the expositions are presented and pictures of rare insects, information about the scientists involved in their study.

Butterflies are equipped with a special room with a high level of humidity, as there are mainly tropical species.

For a trip to this place you will need the following:

Heading to this interesting place, it is recommended to wear bright clothes. And then the butterflies will certainly fly closer or even sit on the shoulder. Visitors may have a unique opportunity: to observe how a small miracle appears with bright pupal wings. The fact is that all butterflies are brought here in the state of pupae and they are “born” in Vladivostok. You can watch and feeding butterflies. They eat honey, lemon and bananas.

For recreation of visitors throughout the territory there are comfortable benches. Many tourists, hitting this unique place, spend the whole day here. Especially beautiful in the house of butterflies in the summer.

Bridge across the Golden Horn Bay

This attraction of Vladivostok has recently become available for visits by tourists, but has already managed to become a popular place. And not only among the guests of the city, but also local residents. The length of the bridge is almost one and a half kilometers, it is eighty meters above the water. There are walking paths for the comfort of tourists. When designing the bridge, all the natural factors of the Far East were taken into account. That is why the building is capable of carrying the wind at a speed of up to 50m / s and an earthquake of up to 8 points.

Vladivostok bridge is not only functional, but incredibly beautiful. The main feature is considered to be pylons with a height of almost 250 meters. He seemed to divide the city into two parts. Many even consider it a symbol of the Far East and the main attraction, you should definitely go for it. A better walk on foot. The bridge offers a gorgeous view of the water surface, the city itself. It is especially beautiful here at night: the illuminated city is reflected in the surface of the water, and the bridge glows completely with lights.


Vladivostok Aquarium is a must-see attraction, especially if you come to the city with children. Here you can closely examine the inhabitants of the ocean, the rivers of the Far East, lakes of tropical climates. The exhibition contains more than two thousand water inhabitants and continues to grow. Employees provide them with conditions as close as possible to their familiar environment.

The aquarium is located in a two-story building. On the second floor there is an exhibition with dry exhibits: models of rare marine animals, collections of exotic shells and corals.

Particularly noteworthy are rare fish that resemble bright tropical birds of crimson and turquoise colors. Fans watch the water inhabitants are ready to spend here all day.

Admiral Square

At the end of the 19th century, another beautiful place appeared in Vladivostok — a man-made park called Admiral Square. The vegetation for the park was brought from the Ussuri taiga, and among it are monuments of various historical eras. The most famous place — the triumphal arch in the Byzantine style. In the first half of the XIX century it was destroyed, and the restoration took place about fifteen years ago. After the restoration of the gate became identical to those that were before.

Nearby is the temple, decorated with only one dome. Inside the temple you can see a lot of icons. Despite its small size, it is very visited. This is often visited by tourists, and any faiths.

In the park there are a lot of military monuments. And each of them has its own story. All monuments are worthy of attention. The Museum of Vladivostok, built on the territory of the square, was named after V.K. Arsenyev, a researcher of the Far East. If someone is interested in the history of the city, then be sure to visit these places. Museum staff tell fascinating and interesting stories about the city.

Vladivostok funicular

This type of transport has no analogues in Russia, is one of the main attractions of Vladivostok. It began to function in the early sixties of the last century. The funicular is located on a mountain slope facing the famous Golden Bay.

The funicular is very popular among tourists. And if you managed to be in Vladivostok, then first of all you need to visit this particular place. In addition to city visitors, students often use transport.

What is a funicular? This is a pair of cars with cable drive. Vehicles moving on ordinary rails. In Vladivostok, one cable car is red, and the second is blue. And along the road there is a staircase, known as a health ladder. There are one thousand and one steps in it, say the locals, although in fact there are three times less of them.

From the trip on this type of transport, of course, will only positive impressions. And this is at a ridiculous price — only eight rubles per trip.

Botanical Garden

Those who are interested in indoor or garden plants, who are seriously keen on gardening, can visit the Botanical Garden. It is located a few kilometers from the main street.

On the territory of the garden there are more than three thousand plants. Among them are coniferous and deciduous trees, a variety of rare flowers and shrubs. After paying for the entrance, you can enjoy this beauty all day long, breathe the purest fresh air. Of course, it is better to come here in the summer, since you can see more vegetation.

Arriving in Vladivostok, you can get a lot of positive impressions. Despite the fact that the city of Vladivostok is relatively young, in its vicinity are placed a variety of attractions. Each guest of the city will find interesting, unforgettable places. Here you can find where to go just to walk in the evening, where to go with children, to admire architectural monuments.

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