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Vladikavkaz: the sights of the capital of North Ossetia

Pearl of Ossetia: the sights of Vladikavkaz

Along the Terek River in the Darial Gorge in southern Russia lies the beautiful city of Vladikavkaz. Historical data about the first vladikavkaztsy belong to 1784. It is believed that in that year the fortress laid by the general-lieutenant P. S. Potemkin was named by him.

Much happened to survive the fortress over the years. The fortress was repeatedly attacked by the mountaineers, destroyed and revived. After the Caucasian War in 1860, Vladikavkaz became a city and began to develop rapidly.

In Soviet times, the city was long called Ordzhonikidze. Only in 1990 the historical name of the city returned.

Favorable natural conditions have a positive impact on the characteristics of infrastructure development in Vladikavkaz. Architectural sights and colorful nature of North Ossetia delight guests and tourists. Every year the city takes on an attractive appearance, its appearance is rapidly changing:

  • embankments are being improved;
  • sports grounds are being built;
  • new cafes and restaurants appear;
  • comfortable territories for residents and tourists are created.

The historical part of the city deserves special attention, Vladikavkaz has concentrated the main sights in the center, and they amaze with the wealth of ancient mansions.

Peace Avenue

The main historical place of the city and all of North Ossetia, where everyone loves to relax, walk around: the residents of Vladikavkaz, guests from neighboring towns and tourists. Once the commandant of the fortress P. Nesterov took up the formation of the avenue, for some time he was called Nesterovsky Boulevard. In the second half of the XIX century, the city was visited by Emperor Alexander II, and the avenue was called Alexandrovsky.

Here almost every building is an architectural monument. Most buildings are over 200 years old, and fantastic stucco, magical accessories decorating buildings, give them mystery and depth.

By the way, the avenue is closed to traffic, this tradition has been preserved for more than half a century. While walking on quiet evenings, contemplating architectural creations, everyone feels as if he has fallen into a real museum. Even footpaths are unusual sights here. Among the lush greenery, comfortably seated on comfortable benches, young people enjoy a romantic relationship. Walking along the avenue, looking at the creations of the architects is one of the main activities of every traveler in Vladikavkaz.

Church on the Ossetian Hill

The exterior of the Orthodox church, built in 1823 instead of the wooden one that has existed on this place since 1812, has been preserved. This is the only surviving building from those that were in the fortress. Locals say simply “Ossetian church”. During the years of Soviet power, bells, domes were removed from the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and shrines were destroyed: ancient icons and frescoes. The building was placed then students, then schoolchildren, for a long time the art museum worked here. Nowadays an elegant white and blue appearance of a building towering on a hillock is visible from the most distant points of the city.

Sunni mosque

At the foot of the fantastically beautiful Table Mountain, which can also be safely included in the list of attractions of the city, there is a luxurious mosque with golden murals — the most valuable architectural monument and one of the city’s visiting cards. An influential businessman from Baku in the early twentieth century made an invaluable contribution to the creation of a temple in Vladikavkaz. The name «Mukhtarov Mosque» is still preserved in memory of the patron. For a long time in the historic building housed a local history museum.

Hotel «Imperial»

Built in 1896, the hotel at all times of its existence was used for its intended purpose, only in the revolutionary period since 1917 it hosted the People’s Committee for some time. Soon, the new authorities assigned it the standard name Intourist, and it was again settled by the wealthy guests of the city. Thanks to this, the luxury hotel has been preserved in excellent condition, and even settling in another place, it is worth seeing the historic building. The prestigious hotel returned the former name. Now, delighting tourists with her splendor, she welcomes everyone into her comfortable apartment. The main attraction of the hotel is its magnificent garden, which houses an open-air restaurant. In the cozy gazebos, tourists are happy to rest, retreat or gather by friendly companies.

Lovers of museums

Residents of the city cherish the legends and everything related to the history of the people and Alanya. But historical values ​​cherish in museums. There are a lot of museums in Vladikavkaz itself. The main one is the National Museum of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania (on Prospect Mira). Its structure includes 11 branches, including:

  • Museum of the history of the city of Vladikavkaz;
  • Museum of Contemporary History and Culture of North Ossetia;
  • Museum-apartment of S. M. Kirov;
  • the museum-apartment of M. A. Bulgakov;
  • Museum of Ossetian Literature. K. Khetagurov;
  • House-Museum of General I. A Pliev.

Lovers of history, painting, nature, too, have to go. Museums for every taste: artistic or theatrical, postal service or antiquities of Alanya. There are many places associated with historical events, parks and squares, as well as monuments to historical personalities whose life is somehow connected with the city.

Arriving in the capital of North Ossetia, tourists want to spend time with pleasure, see as many sights as possible, so visiting places for a pleasant stay is a significant part of the time. There are many parks and squares in Vladikavkaz, so you can change them every day, planning a vacation.

Central Park of Culture and Rest

Landmark — no less valuable than Prospect Mira. The park is named after the Ossetian poet Kosta Khetagurov. The history of the park also began when the city was a fortress. Then there was a garden, which was called the Commandant. The place of that garden is the current upper terrace of the park.

This is a favorite place for the pastime of local children, adults and, of course, guests of the city like to come here. The cozy atmosphere among picturesque alleys, ponds with lovely waterfowl and rare plants disposes to a pleasant rest on a catamaran along a quiet water surface. Kids with delight ride on the carousel. Fans of gambling events can go to the shooting range, play tennis, try a mini-golf course, and in 2014 a playground with equipment for workout appeared.

Olympic Park

The territory for the recreation area was made by the local authorities, having destroyed the trading market previously located on it. Modern infrastructure attracts tourists with its magnificent fountains, adjacent to the coniferous landings. In short, a romantic atmosphere reigns here. And clean air, interesting attractions, merry-go-rounds, various delicacies make it possible to have an interesting time.

Theatre of Drama

In the capital of Alanya, 10 operating theaters. The academic theater that has existed since 1871 is the oldest drama theater in the North Caucasus. Since the time of the premiere of Lermontov’s play «Masquerade», it gives viewers the opportunity to watch performances with famous actors. His scene is known for the names of talented actors, playwrights, directors. Here he served as the head of the lithodt, wrote and staged the first plays by Mikhail Bulgakov. The building is located in the city center, is considered a monument of architecture of the federal level. The large hall, which can hold 800 spectators at the same time, has unique acoustics, so viewers can enjoy the dramatic performance, the ballet, and the opera with pleasure.

People who want to see all the historical sights in Vladikavkaz, come here not for one day, because only calmly and slowly you can explore the local museums and buildings, get acquainted with the national traditions of the peoples of North Ossetia.

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