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Visakha Bucha in Thailand: Meaning, Origin and Traditions

Visakha Bucha — the main holiday of Thailand

Traveling to other countries is always an acquaintance with the life, customs, and characteristic national traditions of the state. Particularly interesting holidays in Thailand. Visakha Bucha in Thailand, as in many countries, is one of the most important holidays. Visit Thailand in May and learn about the bright and colorful holiday celebrated with traditional oriental pomp with the participation of Buddhist monks.

Origin and tradition

Visakha Bucha — the most important day of the year for practicing Buddhism. He is associated with the main personality of this belief, the Buddha, as well as with the three main events of his life: birth, knowledge of truths and departure from this world.

✑ Morning prayer of monks in honor of the Buddha

According to legend, the Buddha was born more than 2600 years ago in the small kingdom of Shukhodan in the territory of modern Nepal. His parents were the rulers of this state. At birth, the boy received the name Siddhartha.

The first thirty-five years of the prince’s life were spent in thinking about the nature and meaning of our world. But one day, sitting under the tree of Bothi, Siddhartha received enlightenment from above and learned four noble truths:

The next 45 years, the Buddha, that is, the Enlightened One, devoted to further knowledge of the world and reflections. The eighty-year-old Buddha has comprehended the final stage of immortality. Then the Master left his earthly body. All events occurred on the same day — the sixth full moon of the year, which now falls on May. That is why this month is so important for Buddhists.

The calendar year holds 13 lunar months plus 1-2 days, the holiday has no fixed date.

Visakha Bucha — the official world holiday of Buddhists, in 2000 it was recognized by the UN General Assembly. The basic concept is one of the statements of the Buddha. The meaning is simple: change yourself, your human nature, if you strive to change this world. Interestingly, Buddhism does not have a concept of God as such. Buddha is first and foremost a teacher. His personality is not a matter of worship alone, but an example of everyday behavior and ways of thinking. The Buddha’s heritage is the knowledge of how to grasp the very essence of things, awaken your consciousness, stop earthly suffering and become worthy of eternal bliss.

Visakha Bucha for the population of Thailand is a bright, bright and many favorite day. It’s easy to explain, because Buddhism is Thailand’s main religion. For Thais, the holiday is a wonderful occasion to get together for the whole family, prepare treats for the monks, visit temples, honor religious shrines.

How is the holiday?

Morning begins with a prayer. Interestingly, Buddhist monks from other countries — for example, from China and Cambodia — often visit Thailand on the holiday. All monks pray, carry out religious rituals, meditate.

One of the cities of Thailand, Saraburi, is famous for its Buddhist temple Phra Bat, the main in the country. The place is not accidental — nearby, on the Golden Mountain, the footprint of the Buddha was once found, where many pilgrims go.

All over the world, it is believed that there are five genuine prints, Thai is one of them.

For ordinary Thais, the day begins with cooking traditional dishes and sweets. This is a treat for monks. This is the custom: people bring material benefits to monks in exchange for spiritual ones.

✑ People bring gifts to monks in exchange for spiritual

After graduating from the morning business, Thai families wear festive attire and visit the nearest temple. There, everyone worships shrines, presents treats to monks, and receives blessings. According to the Thais, enlightenment, a feeling of joy and unity of hearts with everyone who came to worship the Buddha soon comes to them.

In the evening, a festive procession takes place. It is called Vien Tien, as well as a candle ceremony. About eight o’clock in the evening in all the temples of Thailand, statues of Buddha are put on a stretcher and carried out. The ritual is simple: the procession goes around the temple three times in the course of the sun. Participants of the procession carry signs of worship to Buddha in their hands. These can be lotus flowers, incense sticks or candles.

✑ Vien Tien — candle ceremony in Thailand

The main candle ceremony takes place in Nakhon Pat province. The local temple is famous for its statue of the Walking Buddha. The procession here is held with the obligatory participation of the royal personages.

This is the end of Visakha Bucha in Thailand. Enlightened, happy people return home to continue their daily affairs tomorrow.

Influence of a holiday on tourism

Visakha Bucha for Thailand means more than just a celebration. Here a number of prohibitions rule. For example, you can not conduct agricultural activities, tidy up the house, drink alcohol. So many entertainment and pubs for one day simply closed.

If the city is popular with tourists, then during the holiday the life of visitors significantly reduces its intensity due to the inaccessibility of many entertainment. However, despite the fact that the bans significantly affect the economy of Thailand, the government does not give up its decisions.

For those who seek to know the national color of Thailand, appreciate the beauty and brightness of the eastern rituals and are interested in Buddhism, this holiday will certainly become one of the most memorable events during a visit to this country.

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