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Visa to Thailand for Belarusians: obtaining and renewal

Visa to Thailand for Belarusians: obtaining and renewal

Some 50 years ago, tourist flows were relatively small, and the visa regime was strict. Since people began to travel around the world en masse, countries have gradually switched to a lighter registration of arriving foreigners.


In the modern world tens of millions of people fly to resorts. There is no way to pay attention to each tourist in the framework of the traditional visa process.

Do I need a visa to citizens of Belarus

Thailand is visited annually by more than 20 million people. In order to save time and money, the Thai government has double agreements on simplified visa regime with most countries. For citizens of some countries, this is a visa-free entry for a limited number of days (western and central Europe, the USA, Asian countries). For others — obtaining a formal visa upon arrival at Bangkok airport (Eastern European countries, CIS and others).

Unfortunately, Belarus is not included in any of these simplified lists. Its citizens are forced to receive a standard document for the right of entry on a general basis. It is unfair: Ukrainians, Russians, Poles, Baltics, Czechs, and even Uzbeks have the possibility of visa-free entry for 30 days or entry with a “on arrival” visa for 15 days.

Where do you get a Thai visa

Not only that Belarusians can not fly freely to Thailand. In Belarus, there is not even a Thai Consulate, not to mention the Embassy, ​​in which it would be possible to issue entry permits.

  • The nearest Embassy is in Moscow — ul. Bolshaya Spasskaya, 9.
  • Nearest Consulate — in Kiev — Ave. Bazhana Nikolay, 12a
  • The Consulate General in St. Petersburg also functions — Vasilievsky Island, Prosp. Big, 9/6.

Documents for a visa must be submitted to any of the listed Thai consular services.

Good news: Thais do not insist on a personal visit to their representation. You can delegate this matter to any representative, for example, a friend who lives in one of these cities. No special power of attorney from applying for entry into Thailand is required. In this case, the person submitting the documents must submit copies of 32 and 33 pages of the passport of the person for whom the entry permit is issued. A special form must be filled in directly at the Embassy / Consulate with the details of the person who will pick up the passport with the visa.

As an alternative way, you can use the classic option: to give documents to the travel agency, which organizes the whole process for an additional fee.

How much is a visa

The consular service issues two types of permits for travelers with tourist purposes (type “TR”):

  • for a single visit for 3 months;
  • for multiple visits for 6 months.

Provided that the country is in no more than 30 or 60 days without a break, respectively.

Tourist visa can be extended without leaving Thailand. To do this, you must contact the immigration service, fill out a form, justifying the reason for the extension. If all the conditions necessary for obtaining a permit are met, the extension of the stay will not be a problem.

If you violate the terms of stay, a fine of 500 baht ($ 15) is charged for each day of delay.

The state fee for the extension of a visa is 1,900 baht ($ 56). The time needed to complete the stamp is usually within 20-30 minutes (it all depends on the queues at the immigration offices). For each entry into Thailand, you can get only one extension of a Thai visa for 30 days.

Read more about the extension of a Thai visa in Thailand, in the article visa to Thailand for Ukrainians.

What you need to get

A visa to Thailand for Belarusians involves a standard list of documents:

  • Passport with a minimum period of six months.
  • A copy of the main page of the passport.
  • Completed form. Download the application form for a Thai visa here.
  • Photo 4×6 cm
  • Round-trip tickets, fully paid — the dates of entry and exit are irrelevant, provided that there is no more than 30 or 60 days between them in accordance with the type of visa requested.
  • Documents on solvency in the amount of 20,000 baht (about $ 550) per person or 40,000 baht (about $ 1,100) per family.
  • Certificate of employment (for workers).
  • In the absence of its own financial confirmation, a sponsorship letter + copy of the sponsor’s passport + copy of the sponsor’s financial status confirmation is required. The certificate must be with the original round stamp of the company / organization and the signature. Help text is an example here. The form of the sponsor letter can be downloaded here.
  • Yellow fever vaccination certificate, in case the visa requesting visa visited any of the African countries, as well as some countries of Central and South America (Panama, Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, Peru)

To enter Thailand, minors accompanied by parents (or one parent) are required to obtain a standard visa. A certified copy of the birth certificate is provided.

If a minor enters unaccompanied, in addition to the birth certificate, you must provide notarized consent from the parents.

Documents must be in English, Russian or Thai. Other languages ​​require translation into English or Thai, certified by a notary or at a consulate.

The questionnaire is filled out exclusively in English, proper names and addresses — in Latin transcription. The form should not be Cyrillic letters. An example of filling here.

Permission will be issued with a 100% probability, if you fulfill the following conditions:

  • not going to work in Thailand;
  • are not insane;
  • not wanted by other states;
  • Do not be convicted or not under judicial restriction;
  • do not represent a threat to public order, the epidemiological situation;
  • do not engage in or do not intend to engage in prostitution, smuggling of drugs or other illegal goods;
  • have not been previously deported or extradited from the territory of Thailand.

The average citizen of Belarus automatically fulfills all these conditions. Therefore, obtaining permission to enter Thailand for a tourist purpose can be considered as a formal procedure.

As a general rule, valid in all countries with a visa regime, a visa does not guarantee automatic entry into Thailand. Immigration officers, if there are grounds for this, may not be allowed into the country even with a visa permit. But do not be afraid, these are isolated cases.

How fast is a visa issued

Thai consular services are working quickly. The whole process from the moment of submission of documents takes from 2 to 6 working days.

How much is a visa for Belarusians

From November 16, 2015 the consular fee is:

  • for a single entry visa (Single Entry Tourist Visa) for 3 months — $ 40;
  • for multiple visa (Multiple Entry Tourist Visa) for 6 months — $ 200.

Can try without a visa?

Better not. Even if you externally fall for the Russians or Ukrainians, the document will indicate the citizenship. Hope that the permission will be put at the airport is not worth it. The responsible person, who deals with the issue of “on arrival” visas, does not have the authority to allow arrivals in a simplified manner with a Belarusian passport. Belarus is not in the list of such countries. This means that anyone who arrives in Thailand without a visa will have a return flight back to their homeland on the next flight.

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