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Verona: the sights of the Italian corner

Italian fairy tale: the sights of Verona

Who has not dreamed to visit Italy at least once? Probably no one would refuse to see Verona with her own eyes, walk along its streets, feel the spirit of this unforgettable city. In our article we will try to tell you that you can see interesting things in this Italian paradise. It is not so important whether you have a week on the trip or just one day left, the impressions are guaranteed to be unforgettable!

You have two opportunities to organize your holiday in Verona:

  • you yourself come and inspect everything that this place can offer;
  • you use the services of a guide, and he already introduces you to all the sights of the city.

The choice is yours! To make it easier to navigate, we offer you an overview of interesting places in Verona. Of course, it is recommended to look around the city more than one day. It is very difficult to see everything in a short time. Do not rush to leave Italy before you see all the listed attractions! To regret the loss will have a very long time. So, welcome to Verona — a city of historical values, amazing architecture, embankments and churches, the birthplace of Romeo and Juliet!

Roman Arena

This is the name of the ancient place that the Romans built back in the thirtieth year. Having the appearance of an amphitheater, the arena is one of the largest structures of this type. An interesting fact is that this landmark was able to withstand an earthquake. It collapsed on Verona in the twelfth century and destroyed many architectural monuments in one day. Pink marble, which is the main material of the structure, still looks stunning.

Moreover, not only can you look at the ancient building, you can feel the power of that era by visiting one of the opera productions. The arena still serves for holding such events. From the beginning of the season in June to the very end of summer, you can buy a ticket for an opera, for example, Romeo and Juliet, and become a part of that era, enjoying the play and singing of actors.

Porta borsari

Such a beautiful name has a street, which was considered the main in Verona in ancient times. You can devote a whole day to strolling along it and inspect the surroundings, watching the remains of the past of the city. Although lovers of the history of one day will not be enough, especially if you do the inspection yourself.

The street is famous for a huge number of such structures as columns, bas-reliefs, marble fragments of former houses. Amid all this, modern buildings and shops are surprisingly placed. That is, simultaneously with sightseeing you can make purchases.

Erbe Square

If you are planning your own acquaintance with Verona, do not forget about this significant place. This area is a market where there is trade since the days of the ancient Romans. At that time, mass meetings were held here, and now it’s just a beautiful place, where the citizens and guests of Verona like to walk both during the day and in the evenings.

Another advantage of the square is that it is surrounded by magnificent palaces built in different styles. These are the places that best embody the spirit of Italy. So take your time and look at this place by choosing a sunny day. They say the rays give the palaces a more amazing view.

City Quay

Walking from the square, it is impossible to miss this landmark of the city. Even if you yourself get to know Verona and build your own route yourself, you will still go out on this wide walking path.

The most fashionable people of Italy spent their hours here in the eighteenth century, and this place is not inferior to the beauties of Venice. This is one of the most colorful places to hang out with your loved one.

Lamberti Tower

You can not ignore this distinctive landmark. There are many large buildings in Verona, but this tower is the highest in the city. It was erected in the twelfth century. Later, when nature caused damage to the building, the tower was completed and reconstructed. As a result, its total height reached eighty meters, and now it is exalted over the beauties of Verona.

Naturally from this place offers a magnificent view of the entire city. The authorities could not take advantage of this opportunity and built a viewing platform. It can be accessed both by elevator and stairs. This is one of the ways to see Verona all at once, in full view.

Museum of Castelvecio

Museum lovers are advised to visit this place, setting aside a separate day. There are so many exhibits that no one will be offended — neither art lovers nor connoisseurs of sculptures. Italians had to wait long for the moment when the museum opens, and people can see all the samples.

From the beginning of the twentieth century, they began to be collected in this building, but the museum in Verona could open only at the end of the century. But now you can safely explore all these works of great people.

Roman theater

Another landmark of the city is the building of the theater. It was built by the same Romans at the time when the Empire was in its heyday. Then the building was partially destroyed and was under the rubble. Later, in the thirties of the nineteenth century, it was discovered, and work began on the restoration. Of course, the original appearance of the theater could not be achieved, but a third of the building was successfully reconstructed.

Shakespeare spirit

There are no sadder stories in the world than the tale of Romeo and Juliet. Approximately with these words begins this famous sad story that was written by Shakespeare. Thinking of Verona, people immediately recall the unhappy love of two young people. And it is quite natural that, once in the city, everyone aspires to visit places related to this story.

  • Juliet’s house. The house was built in the middle of the fourteenth century and became the physical embodiment of Shakespeare’s history. Particularly attractive for visitors is the famous balcony in the courtyard, under which Romeo confessed his girlfriend to love. Juliet’s bronze statue adorns this courtyard and gives it a special charm.
  • Juliet’s coffin. This is another place where crowds of visitors flock to. Earlier, before the story became famous, the tomb was not valuable. But later it became a bright landmark of the city.
  • «House of Romeo.» This building was built at about the same time as Juliet’s house and enjoys the same attention of tourists. Those who have visited the home of the girl in love will definitely come to see the abode of her admirer.

Garden justi

We must not forget that Italy has always been famous for its masters of sculpture. And just a lot of samples of this art form are presented to your attention in the garden of the Palace of Giusty. In combination with magnificent trees, they look like real ones.

Each statue personifies something that the master who created it tried to express. You can spend hours walking here and examine these magnificent figures, trying to read the thoughts of the author. Moreover, at the very end of the garden, standing on a hillside, you can enjoy the view of the whole city.

Sanfermo Church

This structure is of interest, first of all, for lovers of various forms of architecture and design. Romanesque and Gothic styles were mixed in the church, which were expressed both in the interior design and in the exterior of the building. This is a very beautiful building, which the tourists have an unforgettable impression.

Arches Scaligery

People who know or study history will be interested to see this landmark of the city. The fact is that the arches are nothing more than gravestones above the burial place of the three rulers of Verona. They are located near the Church of Santa Maria Antiki and are popular with visitors to the city.

Church of Sanlorenzo

Undoubtedly, you should spend a little time watching the magnificent example of Romanesque architecture — the church of Sanlorenzo, which is located southwest of Piazza Erbe. The two towers, located in front of the entrance to the building, can be seen in many photographs that tourists show off the net after visiting the city.

Summing up, we can confidently say that the days spent in this Italian corner of paradise will leave unforgettable pictures in your memory. You can make thousands of great photos and be sure to come back here more than once! Verona is the city that will attract to itself, like a magnet, your heart and soul!

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