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Unusual travel: natural, historical, mysterious routes

The most unusual and memorable travel

In Russia, many amazing and beautiful places. And if you are interested in unusual travel, it is worth exploring our selection. It got the most beautiful and a bit strange places, which usually do not tell tour operators. Few people know about them, the existence of most of them becomes known by chance, as if there is something mysterious and reserved in these routes. But it is precisely for this reason that such little known directions become more attractive.

Oimyakon (Yakutia), located in Russia, is the coldest place on the planet. It was here that the extremely low air temperature was recorded in the entire history of observations of the Weather Center — minus 71.2 ° C. At the same time, the average monthly t in winter usually keeps around minus 50 ° C, and minus 40 for this region of Russia is already a serious warming. It is hard to believe, but not only tourists are here, but people live all the time.

To test themselves for strength, to join the local culture, the most desperate and prepared adventurers come to the village of Oymyakon.

Touch the antiquity

On the territory of our country, in the Chelyabinsk region, in 1987, the Bronze Age settlement Arkaim was discovered, which year after year attracts more and more scientists, researchers and tourists. According to experts, the monument dates back to the III – II millennium BC. er Arkaim is often called the «Russian Mecca.» In pictures from space, he looks fascinating and resembles in appearance Stonehenge or the Nazca desert.

The burial places of the ancient inhabitants of Arkaim were also found here. According to the skulls discovered in the burial grounds, the scientists managed to restore their appearance. Researchers attributed them to Caucasians. Anthropological reconstructions of women and men are exhibited in the Arkaim reserve in the Museum of Nature and Man, as well as in the regional museum of Chelyabinsk.

This is the sacred flower of the Buddhists. It is often mentioned in the context of the cultures of India and China. Therefore, there is a perception that in Russia there are simply no lotuses. Nevertheless, in order to admire the beautiful field of these beautiful flowers, it is not necessary to leave the country. Enough to visit Astrakhan region in the period from August to September to enjoy the incredible spectacle. The Volga Delta is the northern growing place of these beautiful heat-loving plants. It is here that there are the largest areas of lotus blooming on the entire planet, reaching 15 km in length and 3 km in width.

In the European part of Russia there are also plantations of these plants. Lotos grow more in the Kuban estuaries of the Taman Peninsula. But here they were bred artificially. For the first time the Caspian lotus tried to grow here in 1938, but the attempt was not crowned with success. The second time planting plants performed in the 60s. 20 in., And they settled down in Akhtanizovsky estuary. Already, the lotus valley covers an area of ​​more than a hectare.

Try mountain honey

Local tour operators have developed a new amazing route called «Honey Map of Altai». It involves working in an apiary and a comfortable stay in guest houses. Tourists will be able to independently collect honey from hives, like real beekeepers. You should not be afraid, because especially for them bees with a calm, kind and peaceful character are selected.

Today, 15 apiaries are already included in the “Altai Honey Card”. They are located in the steppe and mountainous regions of the region. The choice of location depends on personal preferences and the type of tour. For guests there are 2 types of recreation: one-day, which includes only a visit to the apiary, and a five-day, combining stay in guest houses and leisure (horse riding).

In Russia there are places known for their harsh climate, but at the same time very attractive. We have already told you about the Yakut Oymyakon, which attracts fans of the Arctic cold. However, the Arctic is no less popular among fearless tourists. When visiting the region, they are invited to explore the rich fauna of the region, to join the ancient culture of the inhabitants of the Arctic lands, to get acquainted with the art of reindeer herding, to visit the habitats of polar bears.

Learn the secrets of the Tunguska meteorite

The mystery of the explosion of a celestial body has not yet been solved. The first information about the event occurred in 1908, literally immediately after the incident. However, an unequivocal conclusion regarding what did happen in the Krasnoyarsk Territory was not possible to come to this day. After more than 100 years, the cause of this phenomenon has not been clarified, but new versions appear constantly. An interesting fact: during the expeditions, it was discovered that the forest around the place where the meteorite fell was fanned from the center, some trees remained standing on the vine, and there were no branches.

Various travel agencies of Russia offer to look at the consequences of the fall of a celestial body with my own eyes. Vacation packages are stably popular with foreign guests and compatriots. Those wishing to visit Tunguska are offered to choose between a 20-minute helicopter flight and a 3-hour bus ride. Tourists can spend the night in a tent camp. The tour requires participants to take a good physical form. It includes studies that cause a feeling of involvement in the investigations of this riddle, immersion in all sorts of theories about what happened more than 100 years ago.

The largest diamond quarry

The kimberlite pipe «Mir» is located in Russia, in the town of Mirny (Yakutia). The depth of the mine is 525 m, diameter — 1.2 km, thanks to which it is recognized as the largest in the world. Diamond mining in this rich place lasted 44 years and ended 10 years ago, since Mir was recognized by experts as unsafe for further work. It is interesting that helicopters do not fly over the quarry, because of the large difference in the air flow, the rotary-wing aircraft literally sucks into the funnel.

Now there is an observation deck for tourists. The kimberlite pipe “Mir” is one of the most impressive sights of Yakutia, so even simple photographs of the diamond mining site are fascinating. This is the only career in the world that is visible from space and which systematically falls, according to the versions of scientific journals, in the ratings of the most impressive places not only of our country, but of the entire planet.

To visit the gulag

Visit the former camps of the Gulag, which are located in the village. Sim, D. Tsvetkovo, Rzhavets and others, will help to fully understand to everyone who wishes, in what conditions the disgraced citizens of the Soviet state were kept. Travelers can also raft on local rivers and visit the mammoth cemetery.

The comfort of the tour is minimal, usually two of the three nights are held in tent camps, and therefore you need to be physically prepared for this trip, as well as psychologically able to perceive the history of this place.

Find a real treasure

The Northern Urals is striking not only a variety of landscapes. People coming here are also driven by material motives, namely, treasure hunting. It was in this area of ​​the Urals that once were rich settlements, rumors about which are associated with the myths about treasures hidden in the bowels of the earth. Being an active holiday, treasure hunting attracts many people in this region who want to enrich themselves and at the same time diversify their leisure time in nature.

Look at the flowers of happiness

On the territory of our country, in the Saratov region, there are whole fields with rare species of wild tulips, most of which are listed in the Red Book. These plants are under vigilant protection. Tearing them is prohibited, digging bulbs — too. For violation of the prescribed rules a penalty. By law, even for one plucked flower, you will have to pay an amount equal to 10 minimum wages (minimum wage). But because tourists are offered only to enjoy the splendor of natural flowers.

Choose unusual trips to make your life bright, interesting, full of discoveries and wonders.

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