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Ulan-Ude: the sights of the city in Buryatia

Interesting places and sights of Ulan-Ude

In Russia, a huge number of beautiful and original places that you can visit. Traveling across the expanses of the country, tourists explore new cities that preserve ancient traditions. They learn fascinating stories and admire the magnificent nature.

One of these cities is Ulan-Ude. It is located in Eastern Siberia at the confluence of the Uda and Selenga rivers and is the capital of Buryatia.

For a long time, local residents stopped to spend the winter there. In 1666, the Cossack detachment began to build a settlement, which in 1730 received the name Verkhneudinsk. The modern name is Ulan-Ude — it was assigned to it at the beginning of the 20th century.

In this city with wide streets, avenues and high-rise buildings, the centuries-old ancestral culture is closely intertwined. Locals are friendly and always welcome travelers. There are always a lot of them here, because in Ulan-Ude there is something to see.

City center

If you come to the capital of Buryatia for one day, start exploring it with a walk around the city. In the center are concentrated the main points of interest and attractions. For the convenience of tourists, they created a special walking path called the Green Line.

  • It begins with the Square of Soviets, where there is a monument to V. I. Lenin. The townspeople are proud of the sight, because it is the biggest head of the leader in the world. It weighs 42 tons and extends up to 7.7 meters.
  • On the other side of the road from the square there is a place of cultural rest for residents and guests of the city — the Opera and Ballet Theater. This is the only such theater in the Far East and Eastern Siberia. If time permits, be sure to go to the show. The repertoire is constantly updated with new productions of ballets and operas.
  • Near the theater built a beautiful square, which has a musical fountain. There are cozy wooden benches where you can sit, admire the water and breathe in the fresh air.
  • Not far from the fountain, on Lenin Street, rises the triumphal arch, built in 1891 in honor of the heir to the Russian throne. After the revolution, the “Tsar’s Gate” was destroyed. They were fully restored only at the beginning of our century.
  • If, after inspecting the arch, you walk along Pobeda Avenue, you will see the Drama Theater named after H. Namsarayev. After restoration, he received a distinctive look, typical of Buryat architecture. There you can watch performances in Russian and Buryat languages.

Going a little further, you will find a museum to them. Sampilova is one of the best in Eastern Siberia. There is a huge collection of graphics, sculptures, jewelry Buryat masters. It is interesting to see horsehair tapestries, examples of chasing, pottery and Buddhist painting.

Be sure to walk around the Revolution Square. It was from here that the city began to grow. In the 17th century, there were stalls and fairs. The area is relatively small and cozy. Now there is a monument to fighters who died for communism, a huge department store and children’s entertainment. Kids love to ride on the pavement on the cars.

There is a pedestrian zone on Lenin Street, which the citizens love and call the “Arbat”. It is interesting to walk around with the whole family, to explore old buildings, sculptures, fountains and other sights. Go to small shops, buy souvenirs from Ulan-Ude.

On Lenin Street, you can visit the Museum of Nature of Buryatia. Be sure to go there if you travel with a child. There the natural beauty of the region is amazingly accurately reflected. Expositions are located in several rooms. They are devoted to archaeological and geological finds, the animal and plant world of Buryatia, as well as the origin of Lake Baikal.

On this trekking route «Green Line» ends. If you are in Ulan-Ude for one day, hurry to see other sights, as there are a lot of them in and around the city.

City temples

In Ulan-Ude, many beautiful Orthodox churches. Some of them were built a long time ago, but there are also new facilities.

  • Be sure to go to Central Park and admire the Trinity Church. It began to be built soon after the founding of the city, and for many years it was the spiritual center of the Orthodox. After the revolution, the temple was closed, and he was able to restore his work only in 1988. The white stone building with fragile domes is beautiful inside and out, so you should spend time on its inspection.
  • On the bank of the river Uda, in the center of the city, Odigitrievsky Cathedral towers. The temple includes a bell tower and a refectory. They are located so close to each other that they create a solid monolith. White-stone composition, decorated with blue domes, looks very impressive.

  • In the vicinity of Ulan-Ude, in the village of Troitsky, there is an old Holy Trinity Selenginsky monastery. If you have more than one day left, go there to explore the ancient temple and its surrounding territory.
  • On Revolution Street there is a church of St. Nicholas. It was originally made of wood, and only in 2002 began the construction of a stone building. The church, erected by donations from local residents, has three chapters, it is very beautiful.

Three associated religions strongly influence the unique atmosphere of the city. Buddhism, Christianity and shamanism are common there. Therefore, in Ulan-Ude you can see not only Orthodox churches, but also datsans, where Buddhist monks will meet you. They know everything about people, so many go to them to consult on various issues. In the city they say that the true shamans have long since left these places, but ancient idols still stand along the roads, with which small gifts are brought so that luck does not turn away.

Buddhist shrines and open-air museum

Modern people every day are in a hurry somewhere, and they often do not have time to put their feelings and thoughts in order. Those who have been in the service in the datsan, note that at the sound of the drums and mantras, everything that is small and unnecessary is sifted out, calm comes, and thoughts in the head are ordered. In Ulan-Ude and its surroundings you can see many unique Buddhist temples.

  • Atsagat datsan. It was built in the 19th century and initially located on the banks of the Šuluta River. From the proximity of the water in the temple was constantly damp, and over time, Buddhists have made the provision of a new territory for the shrine. Now datsan is located on a hill in the area of ​​Anger-Tugla.
  • The construction of the datsan Rinpoche-Bugsha took place with the blessing of the Dalai Lama. The temple proudly towers on Bald Mountain, avoiding the bustle of our world. Being at the top, you can easily see in the lowlands a beautiful city and a valley of the river. In datsan is the largest Buddha statue in the country, covered with gold, and the largest Buddhist bell.
  • In the village of Upper Berezovka there is a datsan Khambyn Khure. It consists of several temples, outbuildings and office premises. There are stored sutras «Ganzhur», gilded sculpture of the Buddha and other unique attractions.

There, in Upper Berezovka, you can visit the ethnographic museum, which is divided into various complexes. A hike there is a great way to get acquainted with the original culture of Buryatia, to see old estates, weapons, clothing and household items.

Amazing nature

Eastern Siberia is a beautiful region where unique natural places are preserved. If you want to breathe the purest healing air, admire the rare coniferous trees, you can go on an exciting hike along the “Path of Health”, the start of which is located in the village of Arshan. The walk is long, so it is desirable for her to carve out the whole day.

In the vicinity of Ulan-Ude, not far from Arshan, there are amazing waterfalls 5 and 6 meters high. The powerful streams of water of the Kıngarga River are fascinating for tourists, and they can admire them for more than one hour.

And, of course, having been in Ulan-Ude, it is impossible not to go to Lake Baikal. It is located 130 km from the city, and it can be reached by train or by shuttle bus. The beauty of this unique pearl of Eastern Siberia is hard to describe. In the east, the coast of the lake is gently sloping with many picturesque bays and beaches. It is nice to sit there in the summer near the water, listen to the famous Baikal omul splashing in it, watching cormorants and gulls. And, if lucky, see the seal, which is the only freshwater seal on the ground.

Friendly atmosphere and wonderful sights of the city are remembered for a long time. I would like to come here again to see new, uncharted places, try delicious national dishes and chat with hospitable people.

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