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Travel Security

If you have ever traveled and made out any kind of insurance, then, most likely, you know that non-departure insurance is included in any package automatically. There are also situations when it is not included, and your operator will necessarily offer you to buy it additionally. It should be noted that, going to travel even without travel agencies, travel insurance will be able to save your savings in case of a trip disruption. Very often various unexpected situations occur in our lives, because of which we can postpone the trip or cancel it altogether, however, no one will return the money for tickets, hotel reservations and so on. And only by purchasing insurance against not leaving you can protect yourself from such unforeseen expenses.

Most often, this kind of insurance is issued to those tourists who are going to rest in any visa country. The risk that a visa may not give, predisposes people to insure themselves from not leaving.

What is the case when he will not leave the place of insurance?

Having issued a travel insurance policy, you should not think that the insurance company will reimburse you for all costs in any situation. Insurers very carefully consider all the reasons you specify and find out whether your case is suitable for insurance. To know what the reasons really will be significant, you need to carefully read your insurance policy and all services adjacent to it. The following cases are most often insured by travel companies:

  1. Refusal to obtain a visa.
  2. Late receipt of a visa.
  3. Illness of the insured person or his immediate relative (only inpatient treatment will be taken into account, no company will take into account the illness at home).
  4. Death of the insured person or his closest relative.
  5. Damage to the property of the insured person (fire, flooding, and so on).
  6. Agenda to the court, the military enlistment office and similar government agencies.

If you refused a visa to your boyfriend, with whom you do not have a legitimate relationship, but the hotel room was booked for two, then only the insurance company will be able to decide whether compensation will be paid or not.

What is the case when it will not be an insurance?

Most often, insurance companies refuse to pay material resources to people whose trip failed due to illness, or if a non-close relative (friend, girlfriend, classmate) did not receive the visa. Very often there are controversial situations about diseases. The insurer will not consider the insured event, if you did not go to hospital in time or the disease, which was before, began to progress sharply.

Not discussed cases where a person lost his life due to alcohol. Also, the environmental conditions, such as earthquakes, floods and cancellations of flights through the fault of airlines, are not taken into account. It is important to know that the refusal of a visa is an unconditional insured event only for those who are denied for the first time. The false information that was indicated by the insured person (the amount of damage, etc.).

As for pregnant women, the insurance against not leaving the place never covers unexpected situations, since there is a special medical insurance for this.

Where to get travel insurance and its price?

This type of insurance is most often issued in travel companies, although the way of online registration also exists. To find it, of course, is quite difficult, since the insurance against the departure is most likely an additional function to medical or travel insurance. As for prices, the cost of such a service starts from 1000 rubles.

How to get compensation from the insurance company?

In order to legally receive the compensation that you are supposed to receive according to your insurance package, you must provide the insurance company with all the documentation confirming the urgency of canceling the trip. Such documents may include the following:

  1. Death certificate of the insured or his close relative.
  2. Extract from the case history, which indicates the content of the insured or his relative at the hospital.
  3. Summons to appear in court, military enlistment office and the like.
  4. Photocopy of the page in the passport, which is denied a visa.
  5. All receipts and checks, which contain the price for booking a hotel, air tickets and so on.

Also, companies are obliged to refund all tickets that you could buy in advance (museums, exhibitions, cinema and the like).

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