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Tikhvin: the sights of an ancient corner in the suburbs of St. Petersburg

What sights keeps Tikhvin

Tikhvin is a city located in the eastern part of St. Petersburg. It got its name thanks to the river Tikhvinki. This city has road and rail links with St. Petersburg.

In 1383 the first written records of Tikhvin appeared, and since then the city has continued to develop. According to archaeologists, this land was inhabited several millennia ago BC, and therefore it is difficult to assess the entire historical heritage. The 19th century was marked by an unprecedented flourishing of trade and handicrafts, and therefore the flourishing of the Leningrad region served the development of the city itself.

Peter I played a major role in the development, as he was able to see the prospect of a river, which allows the Baltic Sea to join the Caspian Sea. Laying the water channel allowed to connect St. Petersburg with the Lower Volga region, which was famous for its rich grain harvests. The stage of active development of the entire Leningrad land began.

Brief Memo

Modern Tikhvin has not lost its original and unique look. Despite all the changes, it continues to grow rapidly, increasing industrial capacity and the number of people. Many people go to see the sights, because the geographic location allows it. The distance from the northern capital to it is 200 km.

As a rule, the influx of tourists is observed in the summer, when you can see most of the museum exhibits under the open sky. The history was reflected in the city itself, and therefore everyone can enjoy the preserved architecture. The most valuable is the Assumption Monastery, but it will be discussed later.

Special thanks should be given to the builders of the Leningrad Region, who did not block the cultural centers with large-scale and standard high-rise buildings. Everyone can appreciate the sights and share emotions with their friends and family.

Tikhvin is ideal for family holidays, since about 85% of the territory is occupied by forest plantations. For this reason, the city is famous for its ecology and comfort, since there are no typical city noises. In addition to Tikhvinki, you can enjoy the clear water of rivers and lakes, except that you can hardly swim.

The city has a factory for the production of furniture, and there is an active development of the industry:

  • agricultural;
  • textile;
  • woodworking;
  • furniture.

Each component affects the development of the economy of the Leningrad region.

Museums and memorable places

In a quiet and cozy town you can visit iconic, but little-known places. The greatest popularity of the Tikhvin Historical and Memorial Museum, since it is located in the chambers of the ancient Mother of God Monastery. According to official data, the balance consists of about 30,000 exhibits, each of them is of particular value not only for the Leningrad region, but also for the whole of Russia.

In the museum fund you can find various archaeological finds of great importance to society. Dozens of tourists visit the museum every day.

The Rimsky-Korsakov Memorial Museum is named after the greatest composer who lived for a short time on the banks of the Tikhvin. For many years, the decoration has undergone some changes, but experienced architects were able to restore everything and bring the situation to the original.

You can look at a small but cozy house, in which masterpieces were created. In one day, you will learn all the family legends surrounding the Rimsky-Korsakov family. There is no greater attraction than the Becker grand piano, behind which the composer worked. Most of the works can be heard in the house, and who knows how to work with the instrument, can enjoy unsurpassed sound and sound quality.

This museum has its own history, which attracts many tourists. It is not by chance that creative evenings were held in this house to which religious music personalities were regularly invited: Rachmaninov, Scriabin and others. The traditions of such evenings are still alive and maintained by artists of the Mariinsky Theater who regularly come with concerts from the region.

Monument N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov deserves special attention. It is thanks to musical creativity and Tikhvin. Russia received a cult heritage, in which there are many brilliant musical creations. The city has a museum, a monument and the embankment, named after the composer.

The monument was made in the traditions of the architectural style of the USSR and presented in the form of a bust by N.A. The author of the sculpture is incredibly conveyed his image, referring to the portraits.

Healing stone has a special status in the Leningrad region. These sights are really unique, you can not meet them so often. The stone is located near the Mother of God monastery. According to the legend, it is necessary to touch him with a sick part of the body, then healing will certainly come. A small chapel was built above the stone, all tourists can leave part of their money for donations.

Temples and Monasteries

Spiritual attractions are a place of pilgrimage for many people. Tikhvin Assumption Monastery of the Virgin — the city center, which is a male monastery and the oldest Assumption Cathedral, located near him. Based on historical documentation, the construction of the cathedral began in the 16th century by the personal resolution of Tsar Vasily Ivanovich.

Ivan Vasilievich, the son of the legendary tsar, considered Tikhvin a really important strategic point, which provided reliable protection from the Ladoga Lake. The walls of the monastery were fortified and expanded. According to historical data, this period is considered the most favorable in the history of the monastery itself.

A few years later, a refectory was built, the interior of which resembled the “Pomegranate Chamber” located in the Kremlin. Already in the 17th century there were several changes associated with the appearance of additional cells, as well as belfries. Unfortunately, they could not reach us in its original form, but a large-scale reconstruction allowed us to minimize the flaws. Ultimately, the Tikhvin Assumption Monastery became the owner of a unique hip-top spire.

In ancient times, the Bogoroditsky Assumption Monastery was the center not only spiritual, but also secular. People from all over the area gathered in rich Tikhvin, bringing huge donations. For the same reason, the monastery is considered one of the most beautiful in the Leningrad region. The interior, the variety of icons and frescoes in addition to the external monumentality have been preserved for many centuries.

Despite the fact that in the 18th century a large-scale church reform was carried out, Tikhvin continued to grow rich, attracting an increasing number of wealthy nobles. One of the icons was stolen and exported to Germany even during World War II, but the joint efforts of the world community were not in vain. In 2004, the relic was returned to its place.

Being near such sight, the course of time is lost. The internal painting amazes the visitors’ imagination, and the refectory and high hip style, which they managed to preserve, adjoins the monastery itself.

The chapel of the holy Prince Alexander Nevsky is something atypical for Tikhvin and the entire architectural ensemble. Column blocks of small size, which were built in the old Russian style, are extremely contrasted with other spiritual centers. Arriving in Tikhvin, it must be visited.

Antonievo-Dymsky monastery is the oldest place in the Leningrad region. An important role is played by the location — a dense forest on the shore of Lake Dymkovo. Unfortunately, it was not possible to preserve the monument in its original form, but over time, the masters of the Leningrad region restored everything. To date, only 4 monks, leading a small farm, are watching the welfare of the monastery. Every year the number of pilgrims increases, and the place becomes more recognizable.

The priority task today is the preservation and maintenance of the original appearance of the city. Only there it will be possible to introduce descendants to the past of Russia.

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