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The safety of tourists in Cambodia

The safety of tourists in Cambodia

If you have ever come across a trip to a country like Cambodia, then you definitely came across the ambiguous concept of “security”. It should be noted that it is impossible to call this tourist country “completely safe”, but at the same time it did not deserve in its direction the designation “unsafe for visiting tourists”.

This discrepancy lies in the fact that the population of Cambodia is very friendly and friendly to tourists, will help and tell where to go, how to get from one point to another, and so on. Even in the most intricate and dark corners of narrow streets you will feel safe. On the other hand, after the military actions on the territory of the country, not yet neutralized mines and aerial bombs remained. You can also take into account such risks as:

  1. a large number of firearms from local residents;
  2. armed Khmer Rouge units that might attack;
  3. venomous snakes that are found throughout Cambodia;
  4. tropical diseases that are very difficult to cure.

It should be noted that according to the rating of the safest countries in the world (GPI — Global Peace Index), in 2016 Cambodia reached 104th place. For comparison, it is important to say that the Russian Federation in this list takes 151 positions.

It follows from this that only carefulness and caution will help you not to expose your health and life to danger, having a great rest in Cambodia. As for the crime rate, in the territory of this country officially it is not high. Peaceful citizens are very kind, but if some kind of crime happens, it ends with a robbery for the sake of profit, but almost never with robbery and fatal cases.

Where in Cambodia is the highest risk for tourists and how to avoid it?

It is not a secret for anyone that most often the maximum crime is collected in the territory of big cities. Phnom Penh is such a city in Cambodia. There, the police daily fixes such crimes as:

  1. robbery of hand luggage (bags, clutches, and the like, they simply pull petty thieves out of their hands);
  2. theft of wallets by deft street thieves;
  3. theft of various smart equipment, such as a camera, smartphone, video camera, and so on.

In order to avoid such problems you should follow certain rules of behavior on the streets and in public places, namely:

  1. no need to carry around a bag with important and valuable things (documents, telephones, a large amount of money);
  2. you should be very careful with phones and other valuable things, if you take them with you, try to always keep their control under control;
  3. if you are with a backpack, do not carry it on your back, but turn it over with the other side so that it is in the abdomen area — it is so much harder to rob you of a thief;
  4. do not walk along dark alleys and narrow streets yourself;
  5. if it so happens that you are faced with criminals — no need to engage with them in a fight, just give the bag, because you can not buy health.

What to do in case of a robbery in Cambodia?

If you are still in an awkward situation in Cambodia, it is important to know that corruption is rampant in this country. Almost all police are bribed for money by small and large thieves, so the likelihood that your case will be solved is minimal. If you are going to open your own business here, then it is important to study the market and public services to the smallest detail in order not to end up «overboard».

If we evaluate the attitude of law enforcement agencies to tourists, then it is quite acceptable and good. For a fee, the police will be able to turn a blind eye to driving on invalid rights and similar tricks contrary to the current legislation in the country.

Is drug punishment in Cambodia?

Drugs in Cambodia are officially banned, but in the category of a light type of psychotropic substances, the police of the country close their eyes. Such negligence is due to the fact that there are too many cases of the use of various kinds of soft drugs of plant origin, so that the law enforcement agencies do not have time to waste time on these offenses.

It is important to note that some permissions still ceased to function. The famous pizza «Happy», one of the ingredients of which was hemp, was sold at every step a couple of years ago, and now it is quite difficult to find, even if you try hard. However, no matter how frivolously the police would refer to the lung mind of drugs, you can get for all smuggling or smuggling according to the criminal code, so you should not risk it.

What rules of conduct and traditions are important to know in Cambodia?

For lovers of travel for the sake of sex tourism, it is important to know that having sex with a partner who is not yet 15 years old is considered pedophilia, for which 30 years in prison will be threatened. Also, to feel more secure and protected, it is very important to know all the subtleties of the traditions and rules of behavior in the territory of Cambodia, namely:

  1. Photo and video filming of various kinds of military facilities and structures in Cambodia is completely prohibited. Do not take pictures of the airport, railway station and the like. If you want to capture a temple, a monk or just a person, first ask, as this service may be paid.
  2. When entering a house or a temple, you should take off your shoes — this is how you show your respect.
  3. You should not stroke a person on the head (an adult or a child), since in the territory of Southeast Asia it is believed that the head is a sacred part of the body.
  4. Do not poke a finger, if you want to show something — point to the object with your whole hand.
  5. You can not take or transfer things with your left hand, as it is considered to be unclean.

Observing all the above rules, you can feel in Cambodia not only safe, but also comfortable.

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