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The Republic of Azerbaijan: the sights of an eastern country

About famous sights of the Republic of Azerbaijan

To see the ancient monuments and enjoy the eastern culture, it is not necessary to go to distant Arab countries. The sights of Azerbaijan, both ancient and modern, will leave a vivid impression for a long time.

Worth attention

All visitors to this country are advised to pay attention to the following objects:

  • the ancient district of the capital Icheri Sheher;
  • Khan’s palace in Sheki;
  • Shirvanshahs Palace;
  • Sheki caravanserai;
  • Temple Atashgah (Indian);
  • Gobustan reserve;
  • cultural center named after Heydar Aliyev;
  • Flame towers;
  • Primorsky Boulevard in Baku;
  • Goygol National Park;
  • Yanardag — «burning land».

This is not all that the republic is famous for. But the list still includes the most interesting objects that will help make the holiday unforgettable.

From historical sights one can distinguish the ancient district of Baku — Icheri Sheher, which stands high on a hill above the Caspian Sea. This is a complex of buildings surrounded by a wall, many of the objects found in archaeological excavations.

It was from this region that Baku grew as a result. The main attractions of Icheri Sheher:

  • The wall itself with 25 towers, erected in the VIII-XV centuries.
  • The Shirvanshah Palace — the former residence of the ancient dynasty of the rulers of these places, built in the XIII-XVI centuries. It consists directly of a palace of complex polygonal shape, a courtyard (Divan Khan), a dervish mausoleum, tombs of rulers, a bathhouse and the ruins of a burnt Kay-Kubad mosque. The main building has 52 rooms, and their contents are various household items found during the excavations: coins, dishes, weapons, carpets. They date from very different periods — from the XII to XIX centuries.
  • Ancient city: mosques, former residential buildings, churches, bathhouses, caravanserais, a cemetery with ancient tombstones. Settlements in these places originated in the Bronze Age, and the real flowering of the city began in the VIII-XV centuries.
  • Maiden’s Tower XV century. (Giz Galasy) — a cylindrical structure of limestone on the rock. It can be seen from many places in Baku, and it has long been considered its symbol. It is not known how old she is and what her appointment is. Some scientists refer it in the XII century, others — to the IX, and others — to the VI. Wells were dug at the foot, which suggests that the structure was originally a pagan religious building, possibly the Temple of the Sun: observations showed that on the day of the winter equinox, the rays penetrate the main window. In the XII century. it was used as a citadel, in the XIII-XIX — as a lighthouse, and in the XX century. became a museum. Together with the Palace of the Shirvanshahs included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

It was in Icheri Sheher that the famous film “The Diamond Hand” was shot.

Other ancient buildings that the Republic of Azerbaijan can rightly be proud of are located in the city of Sheki. The most famous — the palace of the XVIII century., Built for Khan Huseyn Mushtad. This is a small two-story building, painted with drawings on the theme of hunting and war, various national patterns and ornaments. Everything is decorated here: walls, ceilings, niches, and the leading color is gold, thanks to which the patterns burn and shimmer in the sun. The windows are a colored mosaic and are protected by openwork grilles. It is because of the numerous drawings of the palace and is popular with tourists.

Another historical monument in Sheki is an old caravanserai. The Great Silk Road passed through these places, therefore the inn was built. This is a stone two-story building with a solid gate, which reliably protected guests from robbers. On the first floor there is a hotel and a restaurant of Azerbaijani cuisine, and on the second is a museum.

An interesting attraction can be called and the Indian temple of worship of fire Ateshgah. Built in the XVII-XVIII centuries. Hindu community. Even before its construction, the sanctuary of Zoroastrians, who went to India, was located here. Then, pilgrimages of fire worshipers began to this place, and as a result Indian merchants began building the temple. This is a pentagonal building with a dentate roof, surrounded by a dentate wall. In the courtyard there is a burning fire in the rotunda, but now it is of artificial origin. More than 100 years ago, the release of natural gas from the earth ceased. As a result, the fire worshipers abandoned the temple. It became a museum only in the 20th century.

Interesting objects of our time

The Republic boasts many sights of our time. First of all, it is possible to note Flame towers in Baku (or Flame Towers) — skyscrapers decorated with glass, having the form of flames, are the highest in the country. They symbolize its oil wealth. In the evening, they turn on the lights — screens that broadcast fire. Therefore, buildings really seem to be flames. They are clearly visible from different parts of Baku. Skyscrapers occupy numerous office space, the most elite hotel in the city and apartments.

The cultural center of the first president of Azerbaijan, Heydar Aliyev (also in the capital) is another object that is recommended to be visited by visitors. This is the structure of the original undulating form, symbolizing infinity. Inside are the congress center (conference rooms and media center), restaurants, cafes, the Heydar Aliyev Museum (an exhibition of things used by the president, his important photos and videos), halls, the expositions of which tell in detail about the history and culture of the country. The most interesting exhibitions of the center:

  • “Masterpieces of Azerbaijan”: mainly archeological finds are presented — ancient and medieval coins, jewelry, dishes, musical instruments, ancient holy books (Bible, Koran), carpets;
  • «Mini-Azerbaijan»: models of various historical and cultural monuments;
  • “Welcome”: a photo exhibition of the natural sights of the country and its national dishes.

Seaside Boulevard in the capital is a place where you can walk all day. First of all, tourists are attracted by the beautiful view of the Caspian Sea. There is also a lot of entertainment here: attractions for children and adults, various cafes (including those with national cuisine), a light-music fountain. Nature lovers can admire the abundance of ornamental plants.

The republic also offers many seaside resorts where you can enjoy the scenery and swim in the sea from May to October. The most famous are Nabran, Lankaran, Khachmas.

Beauty of nature

The republic is famous for its natural attractions. The Gobustan Historical and Artistic Reserve is widely known — a vast area south of Baku, consisting of ravines and mountains with rocks. It is famous for its ancient rock paintings: it depicts both figures of people and animals, and scenes of hunting, fishing and rituals, and inscriptions. Among them are Latin phrases, carved by Roman legionnaires who came here in the first century. AD

Another interesting attraction of the reserve are mud volcanoes — small slides, in the mouth of which mud gurgles and flows out. Also, the territory is littered with puddles of puddles, where mud mixes with oil. The landscape seems alien.

Goygol National Park with the lake of the same name (to which it owes its name) is also of interest to visitors. It abounds with the most diverse flora and fauna. Its main attraction is the lake, whose name translates from Azerbaijani as “blue”. The water is really very clean (so much so that the trout is found), and in size this reservoir is one of the largest in the country. It was formed in the 12th century, when, as a result of an earthquake, Mount Kelez collapsed and blocked the path of the Akhsuchai River. In addition to Goygol, there are some more clean lakes in the reserve. But the water is cold everywhere, even at the height of summer, so you should not swim.

The Republic of Azerbaijan is famous for another natural attraction — Mount Yanardag. At its foot, fire has been burning for more than one millennium due to the release of natural gas to the surface (Marco Polo also wrote about this phenomenon). Previously, the mountain was considered sacred, and pilgrims came to it. Now it is popular among tourists and scientists. Particularly impressive fire looks at dusk.

These are the most important sights of Azerbaijan, which are definitely worth seeing. Nevertheless, the submitted list of interesting places of the republic is far from complete, and therefore you can go to the country for the whole vacation — you will not be bored!

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