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The cost of popular excursions in Pattaya

The cost of popular excursions in Pattaya

Pattaya offers interesting sea excursions and exciting sightseeing trips to Bangkok. In addition, there are many unusual places that you can visit without leaving the resort city. All this is offered at an affordable price and with high quality service. The cost of excursions in Pattaya ranges from about 500 baht to 4,000 baht.

Sea excursions

Sea excursions to nearby islands are offered with snow-white beaches, blue lagoons and amazing underwater world:

  • Cruise tour «Three Wonder Islands» (1500 baht / 3200 rubles). The tour program includes a visit to one of the three most beautiful islands, Ko Sak, Ko Lan, Ko Krok within one day. At first, guests are treated to a delicious breakfast. Then, those who wish can go fishing, and at the request of tourists, the catch is fried and served at the table. On the island of Ko Sak, you can sunbathe on a deck chair, snorkel or ride a banana. After lunch, the ship leaves for Koh Lan and then returns to Pattaya. You can also buy an extreme tour on the same islands, which includes diving with a spacesuit. In this case, the cost of the trip will be 2,200 baht / 4700 rubles.
  • Walk on a catamaran with a call on the islands of Ko Pai, Ko Manvitchay, Ko Ped (2900 baht / 6170 rubles). On the ship, guests can use the air-conditioned cabins, sit in the lounges or cook their catch on the barbecue. On the catamaran there are trampolines from which you can dive directly into the sea.
  • Walk on the sailing yacht — 2200 baht.

These are just some very popular boat trips in Pattaya, the cost of which is affordable for most tourists.

Bangkok Tours

As a rule, excursions to the capital are not much more expensive than boat trips near the resort. In Pattaya, tourists are offered these types of recreation:

  • Tour to Bangkok and an evening cruise on a comfortable river liner 3,700 baht. This includes a visit to the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, Palace Square, a trip along the river in a Thai boat, a visit to the floating market. Also, tourists will enjoy your time at the Baiyoke Sky Hotel. Here you can eat and enjoy the unusual view of the city.
  • Excursion “Dangerous Bangkok” 3,190 baht provides for visiting non-touristic places of the Thai capital. Together with the guide, tourists will visit the slums of the city, in the building of the former prison, in the city market, where exotic and even shocking goods are offered. The tour includes a trip on a Thai boat and lunch at a restaurant. The trip is designed only for adult tourists.
  • Bangkok’s golden ring 2790 baht. Acquaintance with the capital, visiting the most unusual and popular temples and palaces of the city.

In Pattaya, cheaper excursions to attractions within the resort center are also offered, such as visiting the 800 baht Spice Garden, 700 baht sheep farm, 950 baht ice city.

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