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The beaches of Koh Samui: Ban Tai: description, hotels, entertainment

Ban Tai Beach on Samui: photos, reviews, description

In the north-western end of the island of Koh Samui, Ban Tai Beach is compact and secluded. Many tourists do not even know about it, so this place is located away from the main infrastructure of the island and from transport routes.

The sea here has a beautiful turquoise color, it is shallow with a smooth and gentle entrance, which is very convenient for kids, but an adult will have to walk about 30 meters to be in the water approximately to the waist. During low tide the sea can go 10 meters from the coast. As a rule, there are no big waves on the beach, except for the rainy season — at this time there is simply nothing to do here.


Ban Tai is small, the length of the beach is about 1 km, it is surrounded by high palms and other sprawling trees, in the shadow of which you can hide from the scorching rays. The sand is very fine, almost white.

But there is a significant minus — sharp stones at the entrance to the sea and a wide strip of dark algae a few meters from the shore to the water, which is not very pleasant to swim over. In April, the water here begins to bloom, so for swimming during this period it is better to choose another beach on Samui.

Beach structure

Ban Tai Beach in the west bordered by the modest Bang Po, even smoothly flows into it, and in the east it rests against Maenam — one of the main centers for family holidays on Koh Samui. The whole territory can be divided into two parts.

Its right half is covered with large boulders and rather sharp stones, the entrance to the sea here is not very convenient. The left half, which stretches along the Mimosa hotel and the eponymous restaurant, is more crowded.

The coast here is covered with amazing white sand, the beach is greatly expanded, the entrance to the water is clean and comfortable. This particular place was chosen by mothers with babies who live in the nearest hotels and private houses.

The sandy part of the beach is bounded by a rocky cape, behind which are large and picturesque stones. Here they love to sunbathe nudists. You can get to this area by water, moving by swimming or fording, or through a rock.

How to get there

Finding Ban Tai on Koh Samui is not very difficult, but you need to get to it by transport — it is more convenient to rent a bike. It is necessary to start moving along the ring road from the side of Maenam beach towards Nathon. Seeing the billboard of the hotel Mimosa Resort and the supermarket «7/11» on the corner, you need to turn on a secondary road.

So that no one misses the turn, there is also a blue poster, which indicates that this road leads to a public beach. After that, you need to move all the time in a straight line until the road rests against the parking of motorbikes and the coastal strip near the sea.

In this place the beach is not very clean and comfortable, so you can drive further, turning left and following along the water’s edge.

After Mimosa Resort, the next hotel will be Kho Samui Resort — here you should look for a place to park your bike.

The road along the sea is limited by a fence with barbed wire, and it’s simply unrealistic to disperse here to two vehicles, there are also signs with the words “private territory” everywhere, so you shouldn’t park a bike on the side of the hotel.

Hotels and houses for rent

There are several accommodation options on Samui within a kilometer from Ban Tai Beach. First of all, these are hotels of various categories, which are located on the first line, the most popular of which are Mimosa ResortSpa 4 *, Kho Samui Resort 3 * and Baan Kuasakul Resort. On the rocky part of the beach there is a 5-star hotel The Lotus Terraces.

Along the coast and outside the ring road closer to the center of Samui there are many private houses that are constantly rented. In high season, they are almost completely occupied by families with small children.

Infrastructure and entertainment

The main part of the infrastructure is concentrated around the beach — in the neighboring streets and sides of the highway. On the way to the sea there are small shops, a 7/11 supermarket, a laundry and a motorbike rental. The nearest hypermarkets will have to travel by car for 40 minutes.

Without leaving with Ban Tai, you can eat in one of the hotel restaurants. Sometimes skittles with pancakes ply on the next track, cocktails are sold on the beach itself.

Sun beds on Ban Tai are only in the part where it expands, forming a sandy platform, while it is always quite crowded here. Deciduous trees and palm trees grow along the entire beach strip, on the branches of which hammocks and rope swings are suspended.

It also makes a wonderful Thai massage, the price is higher ($ 8) than on other beaches of Koh Samui ($ 5), but this is fully justified. Many lovers of romance come here to enjoy the magnificent rocky landscapes at sunset.

No more entertainment on the beach and no, there is no noisy parties and fun discos, there is no nightlife. This place is ideal for those who crave solitude and isolation from civilization, as well as moms and families with children, especially small ones. Kids here can spend hours splashing in the water and will find themselves necessarily companions for games.

Ban Tai is a picturesque, quiet and secluded spot on Samui. You can feel peace and relaxation here even in winter, not to mention the low summer season. Only noisy children can disturb the peace, but you can also hide from it in an uncrowded part of the beach.

The absence of high waves, smooth descent into the water, “Maldivian” sand and amazingly beautiful sea are the distinctive features of the beach. It will be the perfect place to relax with the kids or for a romantic couple who want to retire and fully enjoy the magnificent exotic landscapes.

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