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Thailand or Vietnam: where is better? Comparison and selection factors

Where to go: Thailand or Vietnam

With proper planning, the dream of traveling across Asian countries is feasible, even with a fixed income. Southeast Asia — the most popular resort for budget tourists. Here, a foreigner should arrange a lot: high level of service, good climate, amazing local food and hospitable people.

Among the countries of the region, Vietnam or Thailand are an excellent destination that should be assessed better. In addition to cost considerations, there are factors that should be considered when choosing between these countries. Below are some of the factors that will help you compare and compare what is best to choose: Thailand and Vietnam.

Take the two southern resort islands of Phuket in Thailand and the city of Nha Trang in Vietnam. In winter, the second city seems much more pleasant in terms of climate. Not so hot during the day, but fresh in the evening. Depending on the season, the weather of any country can vary significantly. In the north of Vietnam in early spring, you can freeze cold, and in Bangkok — wear out from stuffiness.

In winter, the sea in Vietnam is rather “turbulent”, but in the south the sea water still warms to + 25 ° C, sometimes it is even a couple degrees warmer. And the air temperature usually exceeds 32 ° C. In the southern part of Thailand at this time the sea is clear, you can safely swim, the water warms up to 27 ° C. The sun does not bake like in the spring, but the thermometer shows more than 30 ° C.

You can compare these two countries only in two sea resorts. Phuket in Thailand is washed by the turquoise Andaman Sea. On the island there are lots of beaches with infrastructure and all kinds of entertainment at the level of a European tourist. In the season in Phuket is just the perfect sea. Which beach to choose, and what you should pay attention to, read in the article: Phuket’s popular beaches.

Beaches in Nha Trang (Vietnam) are inferior to Thai beaches in azure waters. In the evening, all the beaches are crowded with Vietnamese, who love to come to the sea for the whole family. There is little entertainment on the beaches, and the infrastructure is worse. Although, if you go to Vietnam by bike, you can see a large number of beautiful beaches with blue sea and white sand, but these will be wild and non-touristic places.

Thailand is a place where you will never stay hungry. Such a large number and variety of street food hardly exists in any other country in the world. Street food is available, you will find it at any time of the day. Thailand cuisine is one of the main attractions of the country.

But in Vietnam, at a certain time, food just disappears from the streets. It’s hard to find something at lunchtime, because the Vietnamese «go to siesta.»

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There are a huge number of restaurants serving delicious seafood. Frankly, the food in Vietnam is closer to ours.

For $ 1 you will get a huge portion of soup or rice with meat or fish. Many tourists complain of abdominal pain due to daily overeating due to such generous portions and affordable prices.

Food and Food Prices

In Vietnam, fresh fruits and vegetables are more affordable. But if we talk about imported products, which the average Asian does not eat too much (milk, cheese), then it is difficult to compare. Imported products are definitely more expensive than local ones.

How much does it cost to eat in tourist places

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