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Tampere: attractions of the city, not all familiar

Museums and other sights of the Finnish town of Tampere

One of the best cities in Finland is Tampere. This is an indisputable fact, it is recognized by both Europeans, Russians, and even Americans. And about the Tampereys themselves, there is nothing to say. They love their city, cherish the newly acquired values, are proud of both the old universities and the modern library with a huge reading room and an updated system of delivering books to distant villages.

Education in Tampere comes first. The guests of the city, who come here for the first time, immediately pay attention to the abundance of young people driving around on bicycles, sitting grandly on city street benches and, of course, in the European manner, freely settled on lawns.

Tampere is the city where you want to return again and again, even if all the sights here are already viewed and revised, memorized by home photos. But again I want to raise my head higher and look at the top of the tower on the Morain Hill Puyuniki Harju. Better yet, go up to the observation deck and see firsthand what kind of beauty the nature of Finland has given.

Sights in Tampere

See here is what. Attractions for such a small town just do not count. The population here has barely reached 200 thousand inhabitants, and there are quite a lot of places where you can learn a lot about the city and the country.

Here every corner is lovingly groomed. There is no place that would be free: everywhere there are shrubs and ornamental greenery, footpaths and benches, alleys and rest parks. Everything breathes in cleanliness and order, recalling that Finland is the most prosperous country in the world, and Tampere is the best proof of this.

So, a backpack on his shoulders — and forward, hiking in the most wonderful corners of the glorious city.

The first place to visit is the main square of Keskustori. It interrupts the major transport street Hameemkatu, which leads from the station to the old church in the style of classicism, with a cross-shaped base. In the square, the inquisitive attention of travelers with cameras and movie cameras appears in all its glory as buildings of the town hall and theater. The place also differs in that it shows the gaze of a modern shopping center Koskikeskus and a man-made waterfall of an interesting architectural solution.

Then you can go to get acquainted with religious buildings:

  • The Cathedral;
  • The Church of Aleksanteri;
  • The Church of Kalev;
  • The Church of Messiah.

Finland is a democratic country, therefore in Tampere people who belong to various religious denominations get along peacefully. Continuing the study of the historical heritage inherited by the city, it is worthwhile to proceed to inspect the exhibits carefully preserved in the museums of the city.

The world of museums in the city of Tampere

It will not be boring here: museums represent collections of completely different directions. They will be equally interesting to both children and adults. After all, everyone today is keen on Moomin movies, spy movies, modern hockey.

Original exhibits are represented in the puppet museum and in the museum of stones and minerals. A hike there will appeal to tourists of any age.

The pride of Tampere is the museum of the Amur district of workers. This is a city in the city, the Finns retained the home of artisans who worked here two centuries ago. Today, the cafe «Amurin Helmi», decorated in the old style and offering delicious dishes.

In the summer, it traditionally organizes excursions, themed concerts, and theater performances in the open air. In the cold period, the museum presents expositions in rooms where you can buy products of national folk art and the last autumn fair. The exposition of souvenirs for sale is constantly updated with employees of the institution, participants in school circles of folk art.

There are very serious cultural institutions in the city, designed for the sophisticated audience. This, for example, Lenin Museum. He is considered to be the only institution in Europe dedicated to the leader of the revolution. The museum is located in the house where this world famous person once spent the night.

Also worth a visit:

  • the police museum, where you can find out the history of the development of Finnish law enforcement agencies and their modern structure;
  • the Sara Hilden Museum, a modern Finnish artist, where the exhibition of paintings is constantly updated.

Such a number of museums is another confirmation of the careful attitude of the Finns to their history, to their national heritage. The world of cultural institutions covers all aspects of life and life of local citizens, telling tourists about fabulous legends and modern painting.

With an abundance of museums and amusement parks, Tampere is still an industrial city. Now, thanks to the student academic community, it is turning into the world of IT-technologies and communications.

Entertainment for all tastes

After an intellectual and educational holiday, the guests of the city are waited in the Särkänniemi park, on the territory of which a dolphinarium, a zoo, a planetarium and a lot of attractions are located. One place has so much entertainment and attractions that one day is not enough to get to know all of them.

Of particular interest is the observation tower, which has found a place for itself here, in the park. It is part of the protected area of ​​the city. Its height is 26 m. The observation deck is located at an altitude of 180 m above sea level. The tower is built of granite, but because the locals hope that the building will last forever.

From the observation deck overlooking the lake in the area of ​​the city. An interesting form of payment for the entrance to the tower: for this you need to go to a cafe on the first floor of the building. Here are very tasty drinks and donuts well-known in the whole district. The walls of the cafe are decorated with paintings by local artists, one of which can always be bought for a reasonable price by bargaining with the author himself. This will be the entrance fee to the tower.

But in the markets to bargain is not accepted, and buyers buy local goods for the price specified by the seller. The small markets where the goods of local needlewomen are offered are located in the shopping areas of Laukontori and Tammelantori. There are also the Hämeenpuisto Esplanade and the Kauppahalli covered market. Just look at the goods will not work — you will definitely want to buy an unusually beautiful and memorable souvenir to remember about your stay in Tampere.

First in everything

Tampere, especially not striving for the championship, however, became a leader in many undertakings and historical events. Here the paths of merchant caravans came together, and a shopping center was formed, which eventually degenerated into an industrial city.

The first electric light bulb in Scandinavia, the first Finnish steam locomotive, the first local car is not a complete list of the achievements of local residents. Here you can add a modern Nokia phone, born here. We can not forget the first attempt in Scandinavia (very successful!) To transform abandoned industrial enterprises into urban institutions. So there appeared a library, an art gallery.

City with very diverse attractions will always be of interest to travelers. That is why Tampere was the first in attendance of tourists in Finland.

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