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Syzran: the sights of the ancient city in the Samara region

Syzran: interesting places and sights

The Russian city of Syzran is interesting, above all, the merchant past. On the territory of a large settlement there are remains of the Kremlin and a number of Orthodox shrines of the 18th and 19th centuries. The sights of the city also include buildings in the Art Nouveau style.

How to get to Syzran? The city occupies the right bank of the Volga, washed by the waters of the Saratov reservoir. A night train from Moscow runs through the settlement. You can get to Syzran both by rail and by bus from Samara. The trip takes an average of 2-3 hours.

Architectural monuments

According to archaeological data, settlements on the territory of the Middle Volga region appeared more than 5.5 thousand years ago. It is interesting that representatives of a developed civilization lived in these places. The town itself was founded by Prince Grigory Kozlovsky in 1683. At about the same time, a Kremlin was built here by order of the royal governor. The citadel was erected hastily by chance: Syzran was to become one of the eastern outposts of the future Russian Empire.

The location of the fortress was the Kremlin Hill, located near the confluence of the Syzranka River in the Volga. Since the building was mostly wooden, it has not survived to this day. All that remains of the Syzran Kremlin is the stone Spasskaya Tower. Now it is a unique attraction of the Samara region, it is considered a cultural heritage of national importance. In constructive terms, the Spasskaya Tower is an octagon on a quadrangular — a type of composition popular in Russian temple architecture, in which the lower tier is a tetrahedron and the upper tier is an octahedron. The building is crowned with a hip roof. Inside the tower there is a museum.

Another attraction of Syzran, which is worth seeing, is a two-story merchant mansion on the corner of Sovetskaya Street. The original building in the style of Russian Art Nouveau was erected in 1915 by order of the local millionaire Sergey Sterlyadkin. Unfortunately, the name of the architect who designed such an enchanting building is not known for certain. Authorship is attributed to several architects who worked in this style: Lev von Vacano, Alexander Zelenko, Fedor Shekhtel.

In terms of the mansion looks like a wrong trapezoid. During its construction, innovative materials were used by the standards of the time — metal and concrete. The building was faced with beige brick. Individual words deserves the facade of the mansion. The former merchant’s house is decorated with figures: men serve as Atlanteans, women symbolize the seasons. Semi-columns in Corinthian style echo with antique motifs. The protruding balcony of the building is made in the form of a sea shell. Now in the mansion is the district office registry office.

Temple architecture

Once in Syzran for a day, you should pay a visit to one of the local churches. Next to the Spasskaya Tower is the Church of the Nativity. The cult building was built in 1717, but during the first years of its existence has undergone a number of significant changes. After 1.5 centuries, when the prison was located on the territory of the Syzran Kremlin, the cathedral became a private church, where they performed services for prisoners. It was at that time that all decorative elements were cut down from the walls of the shrine. After the revolution, the church was empty for a long time. For the first time, the restoration of a building that served as a model for church architecture of the 18th and 19th centuries was thought about 50 years ago. After the restoration, the church of the Nativity of Christ reappeared in 1830.

Other religious places of interest in Syzran are the Elias Church and the Kazan Cathedral. The cult building in honor of Elijah the Prophet was built in the 17th century on the initiative of three citizens — Vandyshev, Pavlygin and Kuropatkin. In 1776, a stone church in the style of “Naryshkinsky baroque” was erected on the site of a dilapidated wooden building. In the hot summer of 1906, the shrine disappeared from the face of the earth as a result of a fire. Then the raging flames destroyed almost the entire city, took the lives of hundreds, or even thousands of Syzzrans. After the restoration, the Church of Elijah the Prophet became wider, and water heating appeared in it. She operated until 1940, then served as a factory floor. The church was returned to believers 23 years ago.

Kazan Cathedral on Dostoevsky Street was built in 1872 at the expense of parishioners. The shrine was one of those rare buildings that survived a large-scale fire 110 years ago. Savior temple watchman who had time to extinguish the fire. After the revolution, services continued in the cathedral. From 1932 to 1944 the religious building was closed. After the Second World War, it acquired a new life: the believers demolished their icons into an empty building, restored the decoration of the church with their own hands. The main shrines of the cathedral now are the icons of the Fedorov and Kazan Mother of God.

Seven things to do in Syzran:

  1. Swim in Kashpirsky source.
  2. Drink «Palace» — mineral water, served on the table even Catherine the Great.
  3. Buy icon of local icon painting school.
  4. See the sights of the Kremlin Hill.
  5. Try the best in the Samara region tomatoes.
  6. Visit the Ascension Monastery of the 17th century.
  7. Take a walk on the territory of the «Monastic Mountain».

Tract «Monastic Mountain»

Syzran in the summer — a city immersed in greenery and flowers. In order to see the pier, bridges, the historical center, the water surface of the hydroelectric power station, you need to go to the Syzranskaya Luka peninsula. This somewhat isolated area was formed at the site of the bend of the Syzranka River. In the middle of the last century, Luka was chosen by summer residents. The most picturesque area of ​​Syzran is the south-western microdistrict, and more specifically, the tract “Monastery Mountain” or, as the locals call it, “Mongora”.

Before the revolution here were the grounds of the Holy Ascension Monastery. Now from the church complex of the 17th century only the Church of the Ascension remained. In the years of the civil war, the centuries-old oak grove went to fuel consumption. In the waste ground formed during the felling, it was decided to build the enterprise. When a sand pit and an asphalt plant appeared on the site of the once green corner, a relatively small city began to choke. There was only one way out of the situation — to plant trees in Mongor. Now the local larches, birches and pines are approaching the water itself. On the territory of the tract there are three health centers, mineral water is extracted.

There are interesting places in the Syzran region. So, they come to the village of Staraya Rachika to look at the preserved buildings of the 18th and 19th centuries, to stroll along the forest with relict pines. The history of Uzilov, a small swamp in the area of ​​Old Raceka, dates back to the ice age. The local mountains attract visitors as well: the tract near the village of Smolkina is famous for seven springs at once. It is called Semiklyuche. Many tourist routes pass through Troitskoe. In the village there are several old churches, a manor and the library-library of the fabulist Ivan Dmitriev. In the vicinity of Trinity there are many grottoes with underground springs, fancy boulders. All these are traces of the era of glaciers.

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