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Suzdal: attractions to see

Sights of Suzdal: where to go tourist

The small town of Suzdal has long established itself as an administrative center developing in terms of tourism. Today it is one of the settlements actively preserving and spreading the cultural heritage of Russia. Awarded the «Badge of Honor» for development in the tourism sector.

If you still do not know where to go for a vacation or a vacation, be sure to visit a small town on the Kamenka River, which will gladly open its arms for you. Suzdal is so interesting and diverse that for one trip, perhaps everything will not be able to see here. If you have enough time, you can visit the nearby Vladimir — the distance to it is only 35 kilometers.

Budget options: what to visit in Suzdal

  • Gostiny Dvor

Still thinking what to see in Suzdal in one day? Pay attention to Gostiny Dvor, which will amaze you with its uniqueness. Lively shopping arcades, excellent pricing and an abundance of all kinds of shops will pleasantly surprise you.

Admire the beautiful architecture of the Petrovsky courtyard, which reached us almost in its original form. Visiting this object, you will see with your own eyes the unique coat of arms of Suzdal — the proud falcon. If you are tired and decided to take a break, a small and comfortable restaurant hall is at your disposal, where you can have a snack while enjoying the views from the window.

The Gostiny Dvor is especially beautiful in summer when it is warm and fresh outside, and the delightful landscapes easily amaze the imagination of even the most captious person. After a rest, you can visit the stalls and buy souvenirs that will remind you of the days spent in this small but hospitable town.

  • Suzdal (Christmas) Kremlin

The Christmas Kremlin has long been considered the «calling card» of the city of Suzdal. Delightful architecture, coupled with interesting museum pieces will pleasantly surprise you. This object came from Vladimir Monomakh to this day almost in its original form, so you can admire the old building of white brick as if you were in the XIX century. Here you can see the Bishops’ Chambers, in which there are high-quality expositions, and join the history of ancient Suzdal. You can pray and put a candle for the health of your loved ones in the Nikolskaya Church, attached to the Christmas Kremlin. If you go by car, be sure to visit this place, which will leave behind a lot of pleasant impressions.

What to look for

There are several attractions that can rightly be called the «heart» of this city. It is worth paying attention to these breathtaking objects — and you are already immersed in the history of the tourist center entirely. The main attractions of Suzdal are the unique Ilinskaya church and the complex of the Pokrovsky monastery.

The Church of Elijah the Prophet, located on the left bank of the Kamenka River, is one of the most visited tourist sites. It is not surprising, because even an inveterate traveler will be able to hit the white-stone structure, as if towering over the river. Next to the Elias Church, you can enjoy beautiful landscapes and views of the pacific murmuring water. It is especially spectacular in the spring — it is then that you can fully enjoy nature and architecture. In addition, at this time of year, tourists often visit the red brick Assumption Church attached to Ilyinsky, which is located very close to this object. The city of Suzdal with its sights is a unique cultural part of our country, rightfully included in the Golden Ring of Russia.

Want to immerse yourself in a fabulous, attractive atmosphere for a few minutes? Pokrovsky Monastery is waiting for you! One of the main attractions of the city of Suzdal combines beautiful architecture, magnificent views of the other bank of the Kamenka river and chopped cells. In winter, it is very cozy here — next to the white brick building you get excellent photos.

Everyone will find something of their own here: someone will join the ancient traditions, someone will be amazed at the restored architectural complex, while others will simply admire the delightful landscapes. On weekdays, a small canteen is open in the Pokrovsky Monastery, which will appeal to any tourist. According to legend, before the monks themselves had dinner here. Be sure to taste the inexpensive and tasty food. The “business card” of the church canteen is freshly baked bread and pickles.

Winter Suzdal: what is beautiful in February

Particular attention is focused on the city of Suzdal in the winter season, namely in February. This month, the entire center seems to be turning into a story with magical characters: Baba Yaga, Leshim, Mermaids, Nightingale the Robber. The Russian Fairy Tale festival allows even adults to believe in a miracle. It is not surprising, because a high cultural organization and a well-thought-out program can win the heart of any tourist. Traditional Russian tea drinking, sledding, the opening of Ice Monuments — this is what you will remember this event.

Especially love the festival for children, because for them there are many different games and workshops. Fairy-tale heroes are professional animators with experience who get along well with kids and are able to find an approach to anyone, even the most capricious child. A lot of emotions, bright photos with your favorite characters, the election of the president of the festival — not all that the Russian Fairy Tale can surprise you with.

If you like noisy events with songs and dances, then you have come to the following address: only here you can hear the unique hymn of the festival and learn famous folk dances. If you have planned a trip to Suzdal in February, be sure to take a look «at a glance» — after all, even an adult can sometimes believe in a miracle. In addition, a «ticket to a fairy tale» is quite inexpensive — about 150 rubles per person.

Where else to go in the winter: budget options

  • Suzdal Art Gallery

Favorite place for tourists — art gallery of the city of Suzdal. Many paintings, constantly changing exhibitions — there is definitely something to see. Here beginning artists are often exhibited, and if you are a lover of painting, then you will definitely discover several new names. Educational, church and postal exhibitions of the Vladimir-Suzdal Gallery will definitely not leave indifferent the true connoisseur of art.

  • Museum of Wooden Architecture

Another very popular Suzdal cultural object is the Museum of Peasant (or Wooden) Architecture. Tiled stoves, the beauty of the Chambers of Bishops and the Picture Museum will appeal to everyone. To get into the building, simply buy a ticket for a symbolic price: the cost for schoolchildren and pensioners will be 150 rubles, for adults — 250 rubles. You can purchase a pass-mark in a separate place, and in all parts of the museum.

A fully made wood object is breathtaking. Be sure to visit him to learn all about peasant life: so, you can reincarnate for a second into a wealthy farm laborer or a poor resident. The museum was built without a single nail, which also indicates its uniqueness. Rather, purchase tickets — everyone should see this place. Interestingly, in the wooden museum often celebrations are held, so if you come to Suzdal in the winter, be sure to visit one of them. Riding on a snowstorm, tea with pancakes and burning stuffed Pancake Day will help you to plunge into the atmosphere of Russian life.

  • Complex of the Efimiev monastery

If you come to Suzdal in the winter, do not go around the Efimiev monastery, formerly a male abode. A lot of luxury objects located nearby, will amaze your attention. Transfiguration Cathedral, belfry, hospital church — the most interesting tourist places will be presented to your look. In ancient times, the rich princes loved this place and often gave him a huge amount of land.

In winter, the Spassky Monastery looks even more beautiful — a white brick building shines favorably in the snow, shining with small highlights. Listed by UNESCO, this place is a popular tourist destination. Don’t know where to go in Suzdal in winter? Hurry to the complex of the Efimiev monastery — numerous frescoes, cathedrals and small church shops will appeal to every newcomer.

Now you know all the interesting places in Suzdal and the sights of the city. We hope your trip to this region will be a success!

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