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Suratthani Airport: description, photo, Donsak pier how to get

Suratthani Airport in Thailand: description. how to get photo

Suratthani Airport is an important transportation hub in the south of Thailand. It is more focused on serving the tourist flow to Koh Samui and other islands of the Gulf of Thailand. In less — on traveling to the Andaman coast.


Despite the fact that the airport in Suratthani looks modest, it has an international category. Both are equipped with a runway with a length of 3 km. The passenger terminal is also one, focused on jointly servicing local and international flights. Passenger traffic is small — about 300 thousand people a year.

In addition to serving civilian ships, the airport serves as a military base for the Royal Air Force. This practice is common for Thailand.

Service directions

90% of flights connect Suratthani with Bangkok. This is a budget way for tourists who want to save on the road. For example, to get from the capital to Koh Samui by direct flight, you need to spend more than $ 100 per person. The same direction, but through Surattani, will cost 3-4 times cheaper. Flight — $ 20 + about $ 10 for the bus to Donsak and the ferry to Samui (minimum prices are given). The only minus of the budget path is travel time, which instead of 1 hour with a little will take about 5 hours.

Cheap airfare from Bangkok is explained by the fact that low-cost airlines fly to Surat Thani:

More than a dozen flights land from Bangkok daily. The same amount is sent back. Most sit in Don Muang. See also: airports in Thailand.

One direct flight per day is to / from Chiang Mai (Air Asia). It is convenient and fast: you can reach it in 1 h. 50 min., Paying about $ 80 for a ticket. International destinations are represented by Malaysian Kuala Lumpur and several Chinese cities.

How to get to / from the airport

The airport is located in the west of the city of Suratthani, 21 km from its center. Since the province’s air gates are key to the transport system in the south of Thailand, buses to either side often depart. There are two main areas:

  • Donsak piers — and further to the islands (Samui, Phangan, Tao);
  • Andaman coast (Krabi province, Phuket and other islands).

Phantip Travel, Seatran, Lomprayah, Raja and other carriers are located in the airport lobby. Bus tickets to Donsaka and the ferry or boat to the islands are bought in one window.

Prices for travel are about the same. Lomprayah carry tourists on small boats. Seatran and Raja have large capacity ferries: besides people, they transport cars ($ 12.5 per car).

Car rental companies are also represented: Budget, Hertz, Sixt, Thai Rent. You need to book a car in advance, especially in high season, otherwise you will not find anything normal.

Table. For what price and how quickly you can get from Suratthani airport to the piers at Donsak and the Siamese islands.

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