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Sudak: the sights of the city and the village of New World

Sightseeing Tour Sudak

Crimea is one of the unique places on Earth: almost every city and village boasts historical and cultural monuments, beautiful parks or natural places. Finding really interesting places and entertainment on the peninsula is possible everywhere, depending on what the vacationers want.

One of the most attractive resorts is the city of Sudak and the settlement of Novy Svet, located next to it and part of its district. Here are concentrated both historical, and natural sights, and city entertainments. Problems that look in Sudak, in fact, does not exist, even in one day you can see a lot of interesting things.

Resort settlement

The resort settlement of urban type Novy Svet is located in the vicinity of Sudak, but is considered to be part of it, as well as 14 more villages (such an organization is not uncommon in the Crimea: the city and adjacent points are one district). Usually, tourists come here because Here all known sights and beauty are concentrated.

First of all, tourists are attracted by the warm subtropical climate and clear sea, where you can swim until October. The main beach is located in the Green Bay. It is the most equipped, and there is also a beautiful landscaped embankment nearby.

The New World also boasts other bays called Blue and Blue. Their beaches are either closed or difficult to access for people. Swimming is possible on the beaches of Green Bay only, there is also all sorts of entertainment: water skiing, speedboat, paragliding and much more.

However, the village, like the whole Crimea, is not limited to beaches. Here is where to go and in addition to the sea.

Interesting places that will help to remember the trip to the New World for a long time:

  • the estate of Prince Golitsyn;
  • Koba-Kaya mountain path (Orel);
  • Golitsyn Grotto;
  • botanical reserve;
  • mountain peaks Kush-Kaya (Falcon) and Karaul-Oba;
  • Cape Kapchik.

New World was founded at the end of the XIX century. Prince LS Golitsyn, who built a winery on his estate. Near the company is the princely house-museum, which has remained virtually unchanged since the time of his master’s life.

Beauty of nature

The plant and the house of Golitsyn are the main historical attractions of the resort village, but there are much more natural ones here.

Crimea is famous for its numerous mountains. The exception was not the Sudak and the village of New World. Koba-Kaya with the Golitsyn path is one of the most famous. This path of artificial origin was cut down in preparation for the reception of Nicholas II in the princely estate. Now it is part of the reserve of the same name, and a walk-excursion on it takes from 2 to 4 hours.

Walking along the trail, you can see the following attractive places:

  • Green Bay (start of the route);
  • Golitsyn Grotto — a hollow in the mountain in which the prince kept the products of the factory and arranged concerts;
  • the panorama of the Blue Bay, Cape Kapchik and the Blue Bay with its elite Tsarsky Beach, access to which is closed (but you can get if you wish);
  • a through grotto in the Kapchik cape connecting the bay in which Prince Golitsyn held banquets (at his order the entrance was laid out with stones in the shape of an arch and the door was made);
  • relic juniper grove.

The trail ends in the center of the village. Guests of the Novy Svet resort can be reached on foot, and tourists from other localities will need a bus.

Kush-Kaya is also known throughout Crimea. This is one of the highest mountains (height — 474 m), it has both trails for ordinary tourists and special ones for climbers. Usually the ascent and descent together take 6-8 hours, so for a hike you need to allocate a whole day. From the top, travelers can admire places such as the city of Sudak, Ayu-Dag, Ai-Petri, Kara-Dag and others. The source of St. Anastasia, a source of clean drinking water, is also widely known here.

Noteworthy is Mount Karaul-Oba. From it, as well as from other peaks, beautiful landscapes open. Her main attractions are:

  • Tavricheskaya ladder, carved into the rocks (age — about 2500 years), which leads to the summit of the «Peak of Cosmos»;
  • ruins of the fortress of the 1st c. AD Kutlak (Assandra) at the end of the route and Golitsyn’s Chair cut at the top.

Crimea is also famous for its numerous forests, including many relict ones. In the vicinity of the village of Novy Svet there is a botanical reserve of the same name with ancient junipers and pines. On its territory there is just Karaul-Oba, the Golitsyn trail passes, which allows you to see all the attractive places. In addition to relict plants, the reserve is known tracts «Hell», «Paradise», «Adam’s Lodge.»

Also, the village of New World offers standard entertainment, such as cafes, restaurants, clubs, attractions.

The city itself is also attractive for tourists. Many who come to the Crimea tend to get here. Most visited attractions:

  • Genoese fortress;
  • Holy Protection Church;
  • Alchak-Kaya tract;
  • the temple of Elijah the Prophet and many other objects.

The city is also distinguished by its special beach: it is covered with quartz sand, and near the water it is covered with pebbles of gray-blue color. There are no more such beaches in Crimea.

The Genoese fortress is a historical and archaeological monument. The first fortifications were built by the ancient Alans in the III. AD, in the future they were completed by various peoples who owned the territory. Not only the city of Sudak but also the whole Crimea is proud of this monument.

Holy Protection Church — the first monument of the Russian period of the peninsula. It was erected in 1819 at the expense of local landowners. The style of construction is Russian classicism. The temple was visited by many celebrities, including members of the imperial family. In Soviet times, it was closed in the 1990s. he opened the door again.

The Church of the Prophet Elijah was built in the IX-XII centuries. and is considered the oldest on the peninsula. Its features are:

  • very low entrance, so guests have to bend down;
  • the throne adjoins the eastern wall;
  • The main shrines are the grave of the priest Peter, who was killed by the Turks in 1771, and the marble font of the 4th-5th centuries.

The tract (cape) Alchak-Kaya is located outside the city and has the status of the reserve. Through it passes the tourist trail, which captures:

  • ancient oak on the waterfront;
  • Devil’s canyon (above it pass along the bridge);
  • Kapselsky bay;
  • a panorama opening from a mountain top: a city, surrounding mountains and valleys, the sea;
  • The grotto called the Eolian Harp is a hole in the mountain that formed there after weathered limestone.

Those who appreciate urban entertainment, in Sudak you can visit:

  • the aqua park “Water World” on the embankment, full of slides, and various pools, also hosts discos and shows;
  • concerts of stars in the hall of the “Sudak” sports complex (in the summer they are often held);
  • bowling club «Sudak New City»;
  • children’s park;
  • Dolphinarium «Nemo» and others.

Of course, this is not all places worthy of attention.

In the holiday season, many tourists come to the Crimea every day. Some are interested in historical monuments, others — nature, others — beach holidays and similar entertainment. Sudak and its surroundings can please a variety of tourists and make their holidays unforgettable.

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