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Sochi is a fairy tale: attractions, popular places

Rest in Sochi — an interesting traveler story

In the northeast direction from the more severe climate regions of Russia near the Black Sea for the whole 146 km stretched along the coast the longest city of the Russian Federation — the subtropical resort of Sochi.

From the capital of the state of Moscow, a presentable settlement, considered to be a heavenly place for recreation, is 1,700 km away, and 2,350 km from St. Petersburg. With impressive length parameters, the colorful resort managed to become famous not only in Russia, but also to wipe out the world rivalry, giving way to the championship only in the Mexican capital of Mexico City.

Familiar stranger

The collection of epithets and names of Sochi fit to string on a thread like a pearl necklace: the southern «capital», the Olympic capital, the resort capital, the business capital according to the American financial and economic magazine «Forbes». The geographical coordinates of the city are comparable to the latitudes of the French Riviera and, in particular, Nice, the resort’s appearance is compared to the most fashionable cities in the world, the level of service is ready to argue with the tourist gurus of the planet, natural beauty will give odds to the most exotic corners on the globe.

Millions of travelers from Russia, from far and near abroad have already learned what a handsome Sochi was when they got to know you, but it’s never a hindrance to walk the steps of the resort success once again.

Who among us does not remember the episode from the cult film “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears” with a dialogue of 2 main characters:

— And you did not rest in Sochi?
— Well, in Sochi, I think, at least every person in his life has a rest.

The words of the favorite of movie-goers Katya Tikhomirova contain the words of the true truth about the popularity of Sochi. Everyone, or almost all tourists, strive to visit the wonderful resort town at least once, and their choice is completely justified.

Choosing the best way to get to Sochi

Sochi is a major transportation hub in the southern part of Russia. In the resort’s arsenal, practically all types of inter-city communications entwined into a reliable whole, helping travelers to achieve the cherished goal and arrive in the city to rest. Daily Sochi International Airport, located in the nearest settlement of Adler, meets and escorts regular and charter flights from many parts of the world.

Employees of the air port work with 60 types of domestic and foreign destinations, aviation routes are served by 4 dozen transport companies. Sochi International Airport in 2017 took a worthy place in the ranking of the top 20 best airports in the world.

After another reconstruction, the Sochi railway station has expanded its capabilities. For the convenience of travelers, the station building is equipped with a set of specialized rooms. Passengers can easily find a help desk window, ticket offices for purchasing travel documents for intercity and suburban communications, long-term recreation rooms for families with children, a VIP room with a premium set of services, ATMs, luggage storage for transit travelers, sanitary rooms, medical center and pharmacy, catering, recreation areas. Few people know that the Sochi railway station has a twin brother, an exact copy of the most beautiful complex of buildings was built a year earlier in the Crimea in Simferopol.

Sochi on the map of Russia

Sochi Central Bus Station is located near the train station. On the Black Sea coast there are buses from Astrakhan and Voronezh, Stavropol and Maykop, Nalchik, Sevastopol and Yalta, the current timetable of this type of transport is always available on the bus station website, routes serve a modern high-speed and comfortable car park.

And this is not the end of the transport possibilities of the many-sided resort. The seaport of Sochi — occupies the highest place on the pedestal of the passenger ports of the Black Sea.

The luxury complex manages to take part in several directions: sea passenger transportation, yacht and cruise tourism. The subtropical climate of the region contributes to year-round navigation, the port is ready to follow the principle — all flags of the world can visit us. The picturesque ensemble of buildings of the marine station adorns the central street of Sochi and is one of the local attractions.

Sochi guests love to go hiking in this area of ​​the city, here takes its origin the long, beautiful promenade of the resort — a favorite place for tourists. Elite boutiques, very expensive restaurants right on the Black Sea, kiosks with fast food, lavishing delicious smells, luxurious private beaches and water parks, sculptures of your favorite characters from the movie “The Diamond Hand,” the concert hall “Festival” — this is not a complete list of interesting places near the seaport of Sochi.

To discuss the cost of travel on a particular form of transport, we will not. The price of tickets for the plane and train, bus and sea vessel can lie in a wide range. If you take care of travel vouchers in advance, you can seriously save, in all types of transportation there are promotions, special offers, special fares and other options to buy tickets cheaper. A good vacation you need to plan and prepare in advance, then the rest will not disappoint with fabulous expenses.

World fame — the lot of persistent and hardworking

In 2007, after the choice of Sochi as the capital of the XXΙΙ Winter Olympic Games, the life of the city was once and for all divided into “before” and “after”. The construction of Olympic facilities, the creation of a unique sports infrastructure, the expansion of the network of hotels and catering establishments, the creation of modern road junctions cost 500 billion rubles. The shape of the once cozy and lovely southern village has acquired a completely different, more modern look.

A large-scale reconstruction of the old fund was carried out, for 7 years Sochi has become a “city of the future”, ready to take the leading place in the rank of world-class resorts. The current Sochi is the result of the colossal work of a thousand-strong army of specialists in their field and the conclusion suggests itself: this city should and should be proud of the whole country, which has invested both soul and heart and strength in preparation for the Olympics.

Whether this made Sochi more beautiful is a moot point. Innovations have not touched significant resort facilities, the city has fewer plantations and islands of subtropical greenery, but bizarre buildings and structures have appeared in abundance.

Now in Sochi, sporting events on a global scale are constantly taking place, a network of entertainment venues and centers has been added, the Olympics gave impetus to the birth of unique theme parks, which became Mecca for the mass tourist invasion. In Sochi, there used to be something to see, and what to marvel at, but now there is not enough of a whole vacation to at least catch a glimpse of every interesting corner of the region.

In the list of excursion packages of all travel agencies of the resort there is a tour called “Evening Sochi”. Voyage through the city at night deserves undoubted attention. When magic stars light up on the black velvet of the southern sky, Sochi becomes like a collection of scenery for an oriental tale. Why precisely to the east?

Yes, because it was in the East that the tendency was born towards the bright brilliant radiance of multi-colored gemstones. Buildings and exotic vegetation in the decoration of illumination are intertwined together and argue among themselves, who today is the nicest of all, all the more luxurious and richer. Only the sea does not participate in the dispute, persistently throwing waves and a host of salty and fresh splashes onto the shore. This is not a royal business to participate in silly competitions.

What is Sochi is the sea

Overlooking the beauty and achievements of Sochi over the past decade, no one thinks to forget about the main nail of the summer holiday program — the gentle and kind Black Sea. The ancient Greeks unfairly called the dark sea depths of our resort friend «inhospitable».

In those ancient times, the Black Sea ruffled a lot of nerves to the Hellenic navigators. We know the Black Sea coast from the other side. Cozy beaches with pebbles and shells of all colors, acquiring a bright color under water, islands and areas with soft silk sandy coating, comfortable sun beds and comfortable improvised loungers, umbrellas and awnings from persistent sun attacks, gifts of service in the form of numerous offers to have fun or taste something southern and interesting.

Alluring depths, and encouraging them to explore their secrets, fun, joy and laughter of little tourists, who master the delights of the sea for the first time. According to official data, the resort city of Sochi has a solid coastline that does not reach only 1 unit to 100 km.

Within the city limits, the coastal zone is shorter, forever, and all knowing statistics are taken to say that 130 beaches are ready to meet tourists by the 2018 season, 30 of which are classified as free.

The minimum set of services can be found at any of the proposed facilities, we will talk about the most interesting corners of this list:

  • central beach «Lighthouse», divided into 2 comfortable areas for swimming: paid and free. It is reliably protected from the riot of waves by a breakwater, adjacent to the Sochi Sea Port, the infrastructure meets the highest service wishes. A conspicuous landmark is the concert complex «Festival», located opposite the beach.
  • Maurice Thorez beach bordered by the free zone of the Mayak beach, famous for the abundance of nearby catering establishments for every taste and budget, the level of service is average, the object belongs to the same wellness complex, the main priority is the location in the heart of resort events;
  • completely free beach «Seaside», it is easy to find on the terrain by the colorful tents of the Mayak water park, equipped with a full set of beach utensils, on summer days it is very crowded;
  • beach «Mandarin» located next to the shopping center of the same name, the tricky behavior of the mountain river Mzymta, which flows into the sea next to the beach and loves to bring garbage, can become a lack of a bathing area;
  • fashionable beach «Arctic», open to all. It is owned by the sanatorium of the same name, offers a line of services of the highest level and an extensive pleiad of water entertainment. Landmarks for a quick search for the beach are served immediately by the 2nd Sochi sights: the popular amusement park “Riviera” and the golden domes of the Church of the Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Grand Duke Vladimir shimmering in the sun;
  • beaches of the Imeretinsky Hotel, Grand Hotel «Pearl» and the beach «Riviera» are created for those who want to show their swimsuits from the latest fashion collections to others, get to the bohemian gatherings of the «creamy» society, participate in foam and costumed themed beach parties. Belonging to the elite beach fraternity is not cheap, but for fans of bright adventures it will certainly suit;
  • beach «Sputnik», Located in the nearest village of Khosta, choose a family with children for bathing. The institution provides the services free of charge; it pleases the gentle entrance to the sea and the good work of the gallant rescue team. The infrastructure is wonderful, because of the remoteness of the beach from the city, there is never a lot of visitors.

Each year, at the beginning of the beach season, regional sanitation services monitor the quality and safety of seawater in the coastal area. Their task is to detect the presence or absence of bacteria of the group of Escherichia coli in the areas of mass bathing.

Mandatory indicators are also the total number of microbes, microbiological seeding for the presence of thermotolerant (resistant to high temperature indicators) and coliform bacteria. Sampling of seawater is carried out with assiduous constancy; specialized services are on the alert throughout the high vacation season.

The capricious sea sometimes interferes with the overall process, after a storm the beaches look unpresentable for some time, vegetable and household garbage that the sea brought to the shore is to blame, but the city services cope with this problem quickly. A separate emphasis should be made on the fact that the sea never “blooms” in Sochi under any circumstances. Phytoplankton does not get along with the local climate and chemical composition of sea water and bypasses Sochi beaches a mile away.

Evenings on the beach are filled with special charm, at the moment when travelers come to spend the sun in the night’s peace. The bulk of the tourists in these hours goes in search of a place for dinner, the company lovers of beautiful sunsets are ready to make only the gulls and cormorants, it is important walking along the shore. The air becomes fresh and cool, the daily scenario of dating the sun and the sea brings peace and tranquility.

What is Sochi are parks

The subtropical climate of the resort is fertile ground for exotic flora. The absence of winter in the usual sense leads to the fact that Sochi looks like a green oasis all year round, the leaves of the trees do not always shed their yellow and purple dresses in the fall, and in the collection of southern plants the representatives of evergreen conifers and tropical bushes, which do not get tired to bloom, dominate any time of year.

Without any exaggeration, Sochi can be called one big park, because the buildings of fashionable hotels, sturdy health resorts and entertainment complexes are literally buried in the lush green of subtropical cultures.

What is worth at least Plane Alley, giving shade even in the hottest days of July and August. For the convenience of citizens and numerous guests of the resort, the streets and alleys of the city are lined with smooth rows of paving slabs or covered with high-quality asphalt. Walking around the city in the midst of greenery and the fragrance of flowers is a pleasure at any time of the day, the city has many fancy fountains, pretty sculptures and fakes of local craftsmen, giving the appearance of Sochi the same exciting charm and warm charm.

In the general unconditional reign of plants, several particularly intricate and already legendary parks stand out:

  • Park «Southern Cultures» in Adler — a part of the Sochi National Park. Open to tourists in 2012, has an interesting, more than 100-year history. Himalayan cedars, tall and respectable plane trees, tulip trees and eucalyptus trees that are shy in nature live on the territory amicably. Reservoirs inhabited the family of white and inky black swans. An important prima of the park is an old grandfather-oak, whose age is 3 hundreds of years;

  • The unique and unsurpassed leader among the parks in the region is the Sochi Arboretum, the brainchild of the Russian aristocrat and philanthropist S.N. Khudyakova, created by him on the slope of Lysa Hora. The collection of plant rarities of the arboretum began with peach and plum trees and grew into the richest collection of flora on the coast. In addition to the picturesque landscapes woven from their compositions of bronze sculptures and exotic plants, the park has a glade of dwarfs, a bamboo grove, a Japanese garden, a mini-zoo with peacocks and ostriches. In the lower part of the arboretum there is a large pond with feathered inhabitants and beautiful fish;

  • the legacy of the 2014 Olympics — the Olympic Park, which gathered modern stadiums, a torch stele, a rewarding champion site, a magnificent fountain, a museum of racing and classic cars and of course plantations of southern trees and bushes and colorful flower beds with flowers;

  • stormy enthusiasm among young tourists will be a visit to the “Sochi Park” establishment, 20 hectares of continuous adventures and pleasures adorn the fabulous “Alley of Lights” street, travelers are pleased to learn about the characters of fairy tales, the “Edge of the Bogatyrs” and “Eco-Village” expositions; the creators of this wonderful park;
  • The Riviera Amusement Park is a place where children and adults can enjoy healthy adrenaline, entertaining corners for all ages, extreme and family complexes, a chain of catering points with delicious ice cream and Kuban juices from southern fruits, shady corners for relaxation and bright positive emotions for each family member;
  • Park Football World Cup 2018, a photo with a wolf Zabivaka, sports fields and football rides, a large-scale platform for fans of the summer ball game opened in Sochi recently and has already won the hearts of all its visitors.

What is Sochi are secrets

No vacation in new or already well-known places is complete without informative excursions, replenishing the treasury of knowledge about the region and giving the opportunity to comprehend uncharted secrets.

Those tourists who have not yet had time to become closely acquainted with the peculiarities of the Caucasus should definitely visit the complex on Mount Akhun.

It is better to choose a day for a trip when there is neither a cloud nor a cloud in the sky. Having gathered at the very height of the famous tower, tourists get into the world of amazing surrounding landscapes. Not only does the whole of Sochi open to your eyes, as in the palm of your hand, the resort Krasnaya Polyana and Abkhazia are also ready to lift the curtains over their beauties.

Below, curious travelers are greeted by the smell of kebab, tasting of Kuban grape elixirs with a small degree, souvenir kiosks with fakes of folk craftsmen and Sochi souvenirs. You can get to Mount Akhun, as part of an official guided tour, or independently by taxi or private car. The complex is equipped with seating, toilets and tables for organizing a halt. A visit to one of the restaurants of the complex is considered to be a special chic; tourists need to be prepared for the fact that prices in local establishments fairly “bite”, but the quality of the dishes is compensated for by the high price for the service.

Do not forget the resort city of Sochi and the needs of faithful travelers. The city has many picturesque temples, where you can put candles for the health of loved ones and lead the necessary dialogue with the patron saints. Many religious sites were erected on the eve of the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014, so that guests from all over the world could become better acquainted with Russian culture, including Russia’s attitude to Orthodoxy.

You can talk about the wonders of Sochi endlessly, and even in this case there will be a place that was not given special attention. Choosing Sochi for the long-awaited vacation, it will be useful to get acquainted in advance with those sights that should be given precious vacation time. For our part, we also want to recommend to users a few amazing corners of the Sochi region, which are not so popular with brisk tourist advertising:

  • cascade of miraculous bodies of water, located in the village of Dagomys and bearing the name «Dagomys Troughs». Water in the fonts is attributed to the properties of love magic, the “lake” of love ”of the whole gamut of turquoise hues bordering tea plantations, the air around is filled with scents of herbs, the way to a natural miracle is better to ask the locals;
  • the water fingers of the mountain river “Savage”, nicknamed by the local population as “Zmeikovskiye Falls”, is the real name of the river — Snake, but the nickname “Savage” forever stuck to its “wild” disposition; 5 differently sized waterfalls look in comfortable clothes and shoes a cascade of running jets will have to get from the track on foot;
  • active and inquisitive tourists come for the whole day to the “Berendeyev Kingdom” reserve, located in the Mammadov Gorge near the village of Lazarevskoye. It is ruled by mother nature, who chose pink and burgundy rhododendrons for her outfit. Around the 7 scenic waterfalls, the Kolkhida iglitsa, the Iberian oak, and the clematis grew freely. The trunks of trees in a businesslike manner wraps imperiously ornate ivy-parasite. Thickets of trees and shrubs here seem a little mysterious and magical, take a step to the side and perish in a magical green hole, but sudden illusions dissipate as soon as your foot steps on an open meadow or hillock. Some plants in this corner of the Sochi National Park can be found only in the Berendey Kingdom, therefore, biologists from all over the country come here. For those who are not afraid of long ascents to the mountain, the ancient petroglyphs carved on the menhirs hiding on the summit of the Nameless Mountain will reveal their secrets. The little ones will enjoy the lake “Happiness”, the throne of the forest lord — Berendey, the music stream Lelia and the altar of the divine Lada. The reward for the love of brave travel will be a lunch in a cafe located on the territory of the reserve, which is an expert in the culinary art of the Caucasus.

At the end of the story about Sochi, we don’t want to talk about trivial things, but the facts are stubborn things. Vacation in Sochi is an enviable choice.

Luxury hotels and cozy small mini-hotels, the eternal brilliance and resort tinsel of a permanent holiday, endless festivals, contests and concerts, world-class landmark sports competitions, bright outfits, aromas of expensive perfume and freshly brewed coffee, vanity and bustle of fashionable marketplaces, romantic meetings, luxury of the generous sea and the sun — all this is it, the resort city of Sochi, waiting for you to visit and ready to give the sea unforgettable emotions and vivid impressions.

The city-winner in resort competitions of all stripes, and the winners, as is known, are not judged.

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