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Snakes of Thailand: habitat, species, photos

How to avoid becoming a victim of snakebite

As in the whole territory of Southeast Asia, Thailand has a great multitude of snakes so unloved by the absolute majority of humanity. So the line from the song of V.Vysotsky asks to mind: “Snakes, snakes are all around, be empty for them …” And they really are all around: there are about two hundred species in the country. This figure alone can inspire fear. Especially if you consider that the bites of some of them are deadly.


However, do not be so scared — the snakes of Thailand rarely bite, and less than half of the species are poisonous — only about 70, while 30 of them are inhabitants of the deep sea. Generally, to be honest to the end, you have very little chance of meeting a snake in Thailand, especially if you are going to spend your entire holiday in a hotel and on the beach.

If you prefer walks through the wild jungle, then your chances increase several times. It should be borne in mind that reptiles are most active at night and, especially, during the rainy season in Thailand — during this period they should be especially wary.

Sea snakes

Sea snakes in Thailand, three dozen species. And although this figure is impressive, but the fact that you can swim right in the water is terrifying, there is absolutely nothing to fear. Thailand’s sea snakes are conditionally poisonous — although they are dangerous, but not for humans, because the poisonous teeth are located deep in their mouths. As sea snakes look, you can see on a photo.

▣ Yellow-lipped flattail. ▣ Two-color pelamid.

Poisonous and the most dangerous snake

Snakes of Thailand live in forests and fields, occasionally crawling into settlements in the hope of hunting rodents. Be careful near the palm trees, as well as the straw parts of various buildings — reptiles may be there.

The most dangerous snakes that you run the risk of meeting in Thailand are the asps: cobras and krats. If, after being bitten by such a snake, no medical assistance was provided in time, then in half of the cases the victim could die. Poison causes swelling and choking. Look at the photo and memorize these snakes.

▣ Asp — snake or devil. ▣ Krayt ranks second in the top twenty of the most venomous snakes on the planet.

You also need to be wary of the Malay shchitomordnik and chain viper. You can see these reptiles in the photo. Their venom causes swelling and necrosis, most cases are also fatal. The victim forms blood clots, any organ may suffer from blockage.

▣ Malay shchitomordnik — a little killer. ▣ Chain Viper.

There are two more kinds of snakes, less poisonous than the previous ones, however, the dead are also counted on them: they are decorated asps and keffiyehs. It is necessary to fear the famous Royal Cobra, presented in the photo. Her poison spreads very quickly, and help will be effective only for 10-15 minutes.

▣ King cobra killer snake.

The snakes you may encounter in Thailand, and the danger of which you may underestimate, are pythons. We have long been accustomed to be photographed with these powerful snakes and sometimes we consider them harmless. However, it is not. Very often, near the water or in the plains of Thailand, you may well find a reticulated python. He is not poisonous, but aggressive. The reptile can reach a length of four meters, and its powerful muscles can do you harm.

▣ Net Python.

The tiger python (also known as the Burmese) is even longer, up to seven meters. It lives in grassy meadows, and is itself peaceful and pastoral. In principle, the snake is not aggressive, you can be afraid only because of the size.

▣ Tiger python.

How to avoid a bite

How to protect yourself from snakes? For a start it is worth understanding that they are protected from us. The snakes of Thailand rarely attack first, and certainly not likely to attack without a reason. Why do you need them? You are not a mouse, you will not swallow. But if you are not lucky enough to frighten a snake or step on it — a bite may well await you.

Wear tight clothes and good shoes while walking — they will help you in the event of a snake attack to avoid the bite itself. When meeting with a snake, do not make any sudden movements, let alone try to kill it, if you are not sure that you will succeed.

In the hotel or in the bungalow, call the staff of the institution — they probably know how to neutralize the animal. Pulling back, do not take your eyes off the reptile. Never turn your back or try to run.

If you go at night — light your way with a flashlight, we have already said that snakes are active at night. You should not sit down on stumps and fallen tree trunks — this is the favorite habitat of reptiles. If you are bitten by a snake, remember its appearance and rather go to the nearest medical facility where you can get an antidote.

In order not to become a victim of a snakebite, is:

  1. Right to choose clothes for a walk;
  2. Trust a good hotel and the beach;
  3. Do not panic when meeting with a reptile;
  4. If you are bitten, seek medical attention immediately.

In conclusion, we can tell you the following. If you are not afraid of snakes and have even the slightest interest in them, you will surely enjoy the show on snake farms. Well, or snake skin handbags, there’s someone who understands love. And the one and the other, you can easily find in Thailand.

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