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Snake Farm in Pattaya: Snake Show, Photos, Videos, Tips

Snake Farm in Pattaya: photos, reviews, tips


Pattaya snake farm is popular among tourists. Almost all tours organized by travel agencies include visits to this exotic place. There are legends about the wonders of Thai serpentine medicine and the usefulness of the blood of these creatures. And only by hitting the farm itself, you can find out what is true of these stories and what is fiction.

There you can see all the variety of the snake world of Thailand. Despite the fact that the institution is a farm, snakes are not bred there in unnatural conditions. Farm workers catch them in the wild in order to show tourists. Most of the specimens are caught in the jungle or in the Cobra Marsh, the territory on which Suvannapum (Suvarnabhumi) is built, one of the Thai airports.

✑ Often snakes are caught by villagers.

The snakes on the farm live, alas, not in the best conditions. Feeding pythons and other representatives of the world of snakes is carried out artificially, and sometimes even forcibly. And the massacre of cobras, from whose blood they prepare healing potions, cannot be called a pleasant sight. But from all these unpleasant moments of tourists enclosed guides and thick mesh. Guides, conducting tours, know a lot about the inhabitants of the farm, so they are always ready to tell visitors a lot of interesting information about these unusual pets.

✑ Habitat conditions of snakes on the farm

They inform guests of the information about the danger each creature carries and what healing properties their poison has. The gallery features more than 15 species of snakes, among which you can see the Indian Krayt, various sea snakes, vipers and even the royal cobra.

✑ Cobra cubs in serpentariums

At the end of the tour, you can walk through the serpentarium. During this walk, every tourist can take a photo with a real python in memory of unusual entertainment. The cost of such a photo is about 150 baht. In addition, you can take your own photos while walking through the territory of a serpentarium. This pleasure is completely free.

✑ Asp — snake or devil in serpentarium

After finishing with a photo, you can also visit the local souvenir shop, where you can find both usual souvenirs depicting snakes, as well as various leather products made from snake skin, as well as medicines made from snake venom and their bile. The drugs presented there are really high quality and do not cause side effects.

✑ Counter drugs made on the basis of snake venom.

In addition, they are accompanied by clear and precise instructions in Russian. But the cost of infusions in this shop is higher than in simple shops in Thailand.

Show snakes and his secrets

One of the most interesting entertainment during a visit to the snake farm in Pattaya is considered to be a snake show. This is a rather risky procedure for a tamer. Snakes are quite dangerous and the whole show is based on the trainer’s ability to avoid deadly bites. It consists of several stages. The trainer tames several dangerous snakes at once and forces the mongoose to fight the most dangerous cobra and defeat her.

✑ Snake Show in Thailand Pattaya. With the participation of Mongoose.

One of the most exciting moments is throwing a poisonous snake straight into the ranks of the audience. However, in order to avoid danger, trainers replace the animal with a simple rope or rubber scarecrow, which wriggles in their hands, like a real snake.

✑ The stealer prepares to throw the snake to viewers.

The central figure of the entire show is the exit of the Royal Cobra. She is the most dangerous representative of the world of venomous snakes. But if those present at the show have any doubts about the danger and poisonousness of the participating snakes, the moderator, the manager of the performance, shows the audience an unusual trick — releasing poison into snakes into a special vessel. To do this, the trainer presses on the heart of the snake, so that it can not move and obediently emits poison into the flask.

✑ Sting down poison.

Snake show has a few secrets.

  • First, the King Cobras are not trainable. They never step over their instincts and will not perform tricks obediently following the instructions of the tamer.
  • Secondly, the cobra is able to bite its victim only by direct attack.

This and trainers use during performances, not allowing their wards to get up in a fighting position. And finally, cobras have a very weak reaction. In nature, it is used by mongooses, attacking suddenly and killing snakes. And during the show, the tamer gets the advantage. The goal of the trainer is to tame a wild cobra with bare hands. The movements of the characters and the danger of everything that happens in the arena fascinates the audience and delights them.

✑ Kiss cobra, mesmerizing spectacle.

In addition to the Royal Cobra, other dangerous creatures participate in the show, among which there are coppers, vipers and pythons. The trainer is engaged in catching animals with his hands and even his mouth, and the young python may even be forced to twist around the legs of one of the spectators.

✑ You can see other snake representatives on the show.

Pythons are pretty dangerous. Their teeth grow inward, therefore, having dug into the victim’s hand, they actually do not harm her. But, if a person tries to break free, a python can break the ligaments and blood vessels in the arm. Young pythons who are under three years old are not so dangerous in this regard.

The show lasts about forty minutes. It ends with the exit of the trainer with all his wards to enthusiastic spectators. After the show, you can also try exotic delicacies made from snake meat or blood:

  • Snake soup;
  • Cocktail with snake venom;
  • Living snake heart, etc.

Snake soup will surprise all gourmets. Tourists who have tried it, claim that the taste of the dish resembles chicken broth. This soup is about 500 baht, hot — a little more expensive.

✑ Snake soup

Another interesting dish — a cocktail, which includes fresh snake venom. Naturally, its use is safe for humans.

✑ Cocktail Snake in the grass.

In addition, guests of the farm will be able to taste such an unusual delicacy as a snake heart. It is served fresh, still pulsating.

✑ Snake heart, an unusual delicacy.

Legends say that eating this delicacy adds male power to men. Women, on the contrary, are capable of losing theirs.

Healing Infusions — Myth or Reality

About the healing properties of snake blood tell a lot of stories. But let’s see that out of all this — the truth, and that only stories invented in order to sell more infusions to gullible tourists.

✑ In certain doses, snake blood tones the cardiovascular system.

Scientific journals, based on their research, report that snake blood is often used to treat the cardiovascular system. To do this, use the blood of well-fed snakes. After all, after feeding, the snake’s body produces substances that should help cope with the digestive process. Thus, their blood dilates blood vessels and enlarges the heart of the person into whose organism it has been injected. That is why scientists believe that serpentine blood can be beneficial. Only for real results it is necessary to use high-quality tinctures, and not cheap fakes.

How to get to the serpent farm

As a rule, a visit to the snake farm is included in the general tour of Pattaya. But if you want, you can go there yourself. Is a snake farm in Pattaya. It is located near the street «Sukhumvit road» in the direction of Jomtien. Landmark, which will help to quickly find a farm, is the famous floating market «Pattaya Floating market».

The easiest way to get to the farm is on a motorbike or a tuk-tuk. The drivers know the location of the farm, so you just need to tell them where you want to go, and in a few minutes you will be there.

Snake farm on Pattaya map

The cost of one such visit is 450-500 baht, but if you go yourself, then at times cheaper. For additional services you pay about a thousand baht. So, for example, a snake lunch will cost you 500 baht, and snake blood costs 1000 baht. The ticket price may also include a free transfer that will take you to the farm without any problems. Transfers go there from any hotel in the period from nine in the morning until lunchtime. You can come to the farm any day of the week. She works from eight in the morning until six in the evening.

Travel Tips

  • Visiting a snake farm can seem like a really dangerous adventure. But in fact, what is happening on the farm and in the arena during the show does not represent a danger to the audience.
  • If you want this excursion to be truly remembered by you, do not be afraid of anything and try to get as much information as possible from the lips of the guide. In addition, in order not to pay money for a photo, you can take your own camera with you so that the pets of the farm remain not only in your memory, but also in the photo.

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