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Singapore: city sights with a mystery

Singapore and its attractions — fabulous modernity!

The incentive for travel lovers is that they strive for new experiences and sensations. They do not care, there are golden beaches or they are not. They feel real excitement, studying the sights of uncharted countries, their customs and traditions. Traveling around Singapore opens up for tourists the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful world with an unusual culture formed from the centuries-old traditions of Hindus, Chinese, Malaysians, and other nationalities.

Every day, mostly people who are not interested in a lazy vacation on the beaches go to the country-city of Singapore. Here you can see interesting places where the harmonious interweaving of amazing beauties created by man and nature leaves an unforgettable impression in the souls. Familiarity with a tiny country usually begin with a review of attractions on tourist buses. On comfortable comfortable buses, tourists can ride every day to see the most beautiful places:

  • elegant buildings;
  • cathedrals;
  • museums;
  • restaurants;
  • unique Chinatown and other facilities;

The peculiarity of such sightseeing trips is that guests of this amazing country can see how the local population lives, get acquainted with their traditional foundations, and if they wish, they can leave the route, stay at the place they like, and continue the journey on another bus or the next day.

Orchard Road Street

The famous district of Singapore, for the reconstruction of which $ 40 billion was allocated in 2009, impresses with the original architecture of famous hotels, restaurants and shopping centers. It is difficult to get acquainted with this part of the city in one day. The name Orchard Road, meaning “road to the garden,” did not come about by chance. In the XIX century, it led to plantations where fruit trees grew. Every day fresh goods were delivered to the markets and shop counters.

Today, this street is a modern area of ​​Singapore, a popular landmark, where offices, stylish restaurants and hotels are located in luxurious skyscrapers. Property prices are the highest compared to other Asian countries. The buildings are interconnected by bridges, underground passages.

  • Ion Orchard. This shopping center is a unique emblem of the current Singapore. The original design of numerous boutiques with goods of famous brands turned it into a pilgrim place where guests of the city strive to get to every day, locals watch exclusive models. Exquisitely decorated glass and metal place excites the imagination.
  • Wisma Atria Shopping Mall. Here are the best collections of women’s clothing. Biased connoisseurs of fashionable clothes and accessories will surely create for themselves a fashionable wardrobe from young, but talented fashion designers, clothing designers.

Suntec City. The huge area contains entertainment halls, shopping malls, offices, exhibition halls. To look at everything carefully and get around such a huge territory, it will take several days.

It is noteworthy that all the buildings resemble the shape of a human palm, and in the center attracts the attention of the famous fountain of Wealth.

Telok Ayer Market

No gourmet will miss the place where all the culinary masterpieces are intertwined. On the market you can enjoy real delicacies of different countries. This place is also a venue for competitions of the best chefs in the world, presentations. Every day delightful aromas echo here.

Park of flora and fauna

Nature has given this small but amazing country exotic vegetation, rare animals. Here you can always see the representatives of the flora and fauna, they are gathered together on a vast territory that has no borders for animals. Thanks to natural barriers: special plantations, logs, ditches filled with water, animals can move freely in a vast area all day. There are thousands of diverse species, among them there are rare individuals. In the world park, you can watch, watch the nightlife of tigers, elephants, lions and other species, including rare endangered species. For visitors organized sightseeing trams, developed special walking routes.

Jurong Bird Park

The feathered inhabitants of a unique nature reserve come together from many parts of the world. Located on a large area, it is a natural habitat for a large number of birds. Now there are about 400 varieties of them. Residents of Singapore are anxious to their feathered friends, creating natural comfort for them. The main thing for organizers is to preserve rare species, therefore everything is arranged here so as to bring their living conditions closer to the natural environment.

At the waterfall with exotic vegetation on any given day one can observe hundreds of species of small birds. Tourists have the opportunity to look at them during feeding. Beautiful Australian parrots with pleasure sit on the hands and shoulders. Guests have a unique opportunity to take pictures with the inhabitants of Jurong. Fabulous flamingos, voracious pelicans, intricate penguins: they are all dispersed in certain places. Special programs for children and adults are organized here. For example, a dinner in the company of penguins or a buffet with parrots. Tourists move around the territory in two ways: on their own or on the tram.

Ferris wheel

The famous landmark «Soaring Singapore» is considered the highest on the planet. Designed by Japanese specialists, the wheel is the safest attraction in the world. Tourists are fascinated by the view from a height of 163 meters. Everyone can see from a height on the beauty of Singapore, certain areas of Malaysia, Indonesia.

Merlion Park

Do not disregard the tourists and the walking recreation area at the mouth of the Singapore River. Here, the most remarkable object is the statue of the mythological creature Merlion with a fish body and a lion’s head, exuding jets of water from the mouth of a predator. The bronze monument rises on the crest of a wave and is a symbol of the tourist emblem, the hallmark of Singapore.

The kingdom of butterflies on Sentosa

This is a magical place where everyone likes to go, including the locals. Every day there are a lot of people. A visit to the butterfly park for children will be unforgettable, impressions will last a lifetime. Among the lush shrubs, flowers, trees, insect troops flit freely, among which you can move freely, touch them with your hands. There is a glazed greenhouse with larvae in the park, watching them; visitors see how the life of a winged insect begins.

Rope road

For lovers of extreme recreation in Singapore there is an amusement park where you can choose a rope track of varying complexity. The breathtaking cable descents originate from a height of 75 meters. Among the entertainment especially attracts courageous people free-fall simulator. From the top there is a view of the picturesque palms, sandy beaches, the ocean, although not everyone can see all the magnificence, experiencing tremendous excitement before the jump.

Casino Sentozy

A large resort complex occupies a huge territory, and the casino located here is considered to be a reputable Asian institution. It opened relatively recently (2010). For visitors equipped with a luxurious place to rest with board, electronic games and slots. Equipped with modern technology, the building amazes visitors with an abundance of unusual sculptures, lamps, fantastic lighting, a starry sky overhead and other dizzying notions. It is not surprising that not a single day goes without a huge number of visitors.

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