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Sights of Vladimir: historical and cultural heritage of the city

Vladimir city: attractions and entertainment

Every year 200 thousand tourists come to Vladimir. The city on the left bank of the Klyazma is part of the Golden Ring of Russia. He is known primarily for the white-stone monuments of the 12th century. Assumption and Dmitrievsky cathedrals survived the Mongol invasion, survived in Stalin’s time, when religious buildings were massively destroyed. Modern Vladimir — the regional center, a major transportation hub.

So, what to see in the city, if you come here for one day or several, where to go with the children?

City architecture, parks and squares

When Vladimir was founded, it is authentically unknown. Some scientists believe that the city was erected by order of Vladimir Monomakh in the early 12th century. According to others, the settlement on Klyazma was founded by Vladimir the Baptist in 990. Whatever it was, but from the middle of the 12th century the city was the capital of North-Eastern Russia. After the rise of Moscow, he lost this status, becoming the usual provincial settlement.

One of the oldest examples of ancient Russian architecture in Vladimir is the Golden Gate. A high white-stone tower with an arched doorway was erected under Prince Andrei Bogolyubsky. Initially, the building was part of the fortifications of the city, one of the five outer gates of the fortress. The building was made conscientiously, so during the storming of Vladimir, the Mongol-Tatars had to make a hole in the wooden walls of the shaft. In its original form, the Golden Gate stood for more than 6 centuries. By the end of the 18th century, the tower was so dilapidated that it was decided to rebuild it. When re-erecting the gate church used brick. The building made a closed gallery. On the sides of the tower instead of the shafts installed extensions.

Other architectural sights of Vladimir:

  • the old water tower on the gantry;
  • the building of the first state pharmacy of the end of the 18th century;
  • real school in the modern style;
  • bank building in a pseudo-classical style;
  • Vladimir shopping malls;
  • the building of the City Duma;
  • The first provincial hospital;
  • Noble Assembly building in the style of Russian Empire;
  • Chambers of public places on the project of the Blanca.

Almost all the ancient sights of Vladimir are concentrated in the October district. Here is the cultural center of the city — Cathedral Square. Across the road from it is located another popular place among the Vladimir residents and visitors — Pushkin Park. Part of this recreation area, the so-called «Limes», was founded in 1901. Another attraction of Pushkin Park is the observation deck, which offers a wonderful view of the Zaklyazma spaces.

Perhaps, one of the most beautiful natural places of Vladimir where to go is the Patriarch’s Gardens. The park of 3 hectares was founded in the 16th century. Initially, he served as a resting place for the Moscow clergy. Since the territory allotted for the garden is located on a hill, at one time it was decided to organize landscaping in the French style — terraces. Now there are growing fruit and berry trees and shrubs, flowers, medicinal herbs, there is a fountain.

Churches and cathedrals

There are so many places of worship in Vladimir that in one day they simply cannot be passed around. In the city you can see at once two samples of the Russian Orthodox architecture of the pre-Mongol period — the Assumption and Dmitrievsky Cathedrals. The first one is famous for its frescoes by an outstanding icon painter of the Moscow school Andrei Rublev. At the beginning of the 19th century, a bell tower was erected near the Assumption Cathedral, whose style can be described as a mixture of neo-Gothic and classicism. The temple in honor of the martyr Dmitry Solunsky was built under Prince Vsevolod the Big Nest. In the cathedral you can look at the carved reliefs depicting real and mythical animals. Some of them have reached our days in their original form. Damaged reliefs were replaced by replicas during the restoration of the 19th century.

Among the iconic places of the city, where you can go in one day:

  • Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin;
  • Church of St. George;
  • Church of the Holy Rosary;
  • Nikitskaya church;
  • Church of St. Nicholas Wet;
  • Nikolo-Kremlin Church;
  • Virgin-Christmas monastery;
  • Holy Bogolyubsky monastery;
  • Holy Dormition Kniahinin Convent;
  • Transfiguration Church;
  • Trinity or Red Church;
  • the temple of the Archangel Michael;
  • Church of the Intercession on the Neroli.

Museum complexes

The city has a historical and natural history museum. All the architectural sights of Vladimir and its environs are located in the territory of the Vladimir-Suzdal Reserve. Every year, the objects of this museum complex are visited by millions of tourists from different parts of the world. Where to go wanting to know more about the past of the city?

You can see six expositions at once in one day in the Chamber of Places. In a strict classical building, which once housed the organs of the provincial government, now exhibited paintings, icons, toys and costumes. Plunge into the atmosphere of Vladimir of the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries can be found in the building of a water tower. In the house-museum of the Stoletovs, personal items of outstanding countrymen are presented, items of merchant life. In the Golden Gate building there is an exposition of uniforms and weapons from different periods.

Caught for one day in Vladimir, it is worth visiting the Trinity Church, which houses the Museum of Crystal and Lacquer Miniatures. Here in one place are collected the best works of our time and rare works of art that have come down to our days. Most of the exposition is represented by products from glass and crystal. The picturesque miniatures collected in the museum are bright landscape masterpieces made by Mestrian masters. In the department of embroidery, you can see the work performed by Vladimir’s seam.

One of the attractions of the city is the Vladimirsky Central prison. The correctional facility was founded under Catherine the Great. In Soviet times, a government house became a special purpose prison, which, as a rule, contained political prisoners. Now on the territory of «Vladimirsky Central» the museum of the same name works. The exhibits presented here — documents, photos, letters, crafts — tell about the famous prisoners of this dark place, illustrate the features of prison life.

Where should I go with the child?

The ancient city will definitely be interesting for children. In the Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-Reserve, children are presented with a game form of national history. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of stars, see the Foucault pendulum, models of the first spacecraft and the large globe of the Moon in the local planetarium.

Young researchers will undoubtedly be interested in the Eureka Research Center. There is a 3D cinema, a house “upside down”, a music studio, rooms for soap bubbles, gravity and Ames. In the center you can participate in scientific experiments and archaeological excavations, to engage in the construction and various types of creativity. In «Eureka» spend interesting excursions to the Museum of Man and Science, organize fun parties and birthdays.

What to see in Vladimir kids? With small children you can go to the museum «Babus-Yagusya.» This place is imbued with the spirit of Russian fairy tales. Right from the doorstep, the guys are met by Kikimora, in one of the halls “withering over gold” Koschey. The main attraction of the museum is a huge collection of dolls depicting Baba Yaga. Here kids are treated to cakes and gingerbread, interesting master-classes are held.

In the historical center of Vladimir there is a unique museum of printed gingerbread. From the time of Emperor Alexander II in these places they make souvenir pastries according to a special recipe. At first, visitors are told about the traditions, specifics and stages of the development of the gingerbread business. The kids are offered to personally make a souvenir — a seaside goat from rye dough or painted printed gingerbread. At the end of the guests waiting for tea with delicious pastries.

An active child should be taken to “Samokhval”, so that he could have plenty of time to jump on a trampoline, wander in a maze, “float” in a dry pool. In the children’s center there are game simulators, carousels, a town, a race track and a bowling alley. You can join the world of water entertainment in Madagascar. For adults there is a sauna, for children — a swimming pool with slides. A huge number of attractions in the open air is located on the territory of Central Park. A whole town of entertainment, including winter, operates in the Penguin complex.

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