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Sights of Vietnam on the map, routes, how to get, what to see

The most interesting sights of Vietnam

Vacation in Asia, especially in such an exotic country as Vietnam, should not be limited to just one beach holiday! There is something to see here, so when you are in this country, be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to see the main sights of Vietnam in person!


Of course, to visit them all, unless, of course, initially you did not set yourself such a goal, it is unlikely possible, but at least you can start with those that are located closest to your vacation destination. Indeed, it is one thing to see local beauty on magnets and postcards, and quite another to contemplate with their own eyes!

Peninsula Son Tra

Listing the sights of Vietnam, you should definitely mention the Son Tra peninsula. This place seemed to be off the booklet, which offers travelers to look at a travel agency.

This is a real paradise: there are beaches that are washed by clear water, which overlooks the magical sea world, and the mountains covered with forest — with stunning views. The beaches of Son Tra are considered the best in all of Vietnam, and the Buddha beach is the most popular.
Once on the peninsula, you can get acquainted with local fishermen, watch their traditions dating back to antiquity, taste delicious seafood, visit the authentic museum and pagoda Linh Ung and feel the atmosphere of a place of great importance to all Buddhists of the world, look at the giant banyan, admire the snow-white statues of Da Nang and climb the Monkey Mountain.

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And, of course, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy an amazing beach holiday and swimming in the azure sea!

Tombs of the Nguyen Dynasty

Even if you are looking for the sights of Vietnam on your own, without the help of professional guides, you will not be able to pass by the tombs of the Nguyen dynasty: almost all guidebooks recommend visiting here!

Tombs are located on the banks of the famous River of the Spirits. In order to take a look at this gloomy and mysterious place, tourists from all over the world come here. Seven tombs belonging to the last Vietnamese imperial dynasty are unique architectural structures: each of them is built according to a separate project and forms a perfectly symmetrical structure. All the tombs adjoins its garden and bridges, transitions. Some of them have been preserved excellently, some are currently being restored.

The complex impresses with its scale and many details — bas-reliefs, statues, stairs, arches, pavilions, and you can spend a whole day here.

Phu Quoc Island

This place is worth a visit for everyone who is not indifferent to the rest on the beach and the corners where the wild nature has been preserved. Fans of sunbathing and swimming here will find white sand and clear sea, and lovers of active pastime will be impressed by the impassable jungle, mountains, waterfalls and rare animals that live here.

A visit to Phu Quoc Island is an ideal opportunity to get to know the incredible Vietnamese nature and love it!

Mekong Delta

Looking for the sights of Vietnam on the map, which is offered to tourists in many hotels, you will certainly see on it the Mekong Delta — a place that also should not be overlooked by those who would like to touch nature and explore the life of the local population.

There is no better place to do this: the generous land in this area gives life to a huge number of plants, thanks to which there is a beautiful nature reserve here. And here you can watch the life of the inhabitants of small fishing villages, see how the rice grows in the fields and take a short trip along the river by boat.

Pass Tram Ton

The legendary Gate to Heaven, as Tram Thon is also called, greets travelers in a small mountain settlement called Sapa. This town is famous for its picturesque views that adorn many magnets and postcards: here you can see the classic mountain landscapes, valleys, lush greenery and bamboo thickets.

Surprisingly, tourists have not yet had time to flood this place, therefore, those who like to enjoy an impressive spectacle in solitude will like it here. By the way, Tram Ton is the highest pass in Vietnam, but he is famous not only for this reason.

[quote font = «arial» font_style = «italic»] The pass lies on the road that connects Sapa and Lai Chau, and there is one curious feature: Sapa is very cool and foggy, but as soon as the tourist is on the opposite side, the weather is immediately clear. [/ quote]

Amazing contrast, but the climate in Sapa is generally considered the most severe in the country, while Lai Chau is known for the most mild and comfortable climate in Vietnam.

Phong Nha Ke Bang Preserve

This place is included in the UNESCO heritage list and is protected by this organization. Nature has created here an amazing system of three hundred caves and grottoes, stretching for several tens of kilometers.

Here is Son Dung — the largest of all known caves in the world. Attraction attracts not only speleologists, but also ordinary tourists. Amazing stone walls, stalactites and stalagmites, including the unique 13-meter stalactite in Son Dung — all this makes a great impression, which is enhanced by the area where the reserve is located.

It is surrounded by mountains and ancient trees, so even if you are afraid to go inside the caves, there is still something to look at!

Halong Bay

Mysterious and attractive Halong Bay is a place where all adventure lovers should definitely come. This is one of the most atmospheric sights of Vietnam. The name can literally be translated as «where the dragon descended into the sea.»

There is a local legend, according to which, an island in the South China Sea, where the bay is located, owes its appearance to a huge winged lizard that lived in the mountains. When he decided to leave his lair and plunged into the sea, the ruts made by his tail filled with water and left only small islands of land.

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When mist comes down to the water in the bay, which, due to natural features, occurs quite often, and a light haze envelops the rocks, it’s time to get into a wooden canoe and go to meet the mysteries kept by the local caves. You are guaranteed an unforgettable sight and incredible sensations!

Pillar of One Pillar

This amazing landmark is located in the heart of the Vietnamese capital, Hanoi, so the flow of tourists in this place does not dry up: photos of the Buddhist shrine are an integral part of the trip to Hanoi. The Stolb Pagoda appeared in the middle of the XI century. Its name is very saying: the building is literally kept on one pillar!

The design of the pagoda was conceived so that the tower looked like a lotus flower, blooming from the reservoir. Unfortunately, the present structure has not survived, but the restorers have worked hard to recreate its copy. By the way, the tower can be seen not only in the photo or magnets, but also on a 5 thousand Vietnamese dollar coin.

Gene Da Dia

Maybe this attraction is not known to all travelers who are planning to visit Vietnam, but it’s definitely worth a visit. This is a grotto that looks so incredibly picturesque that it is not even believed that it was created by nature, and not by some kind of talented artist.

Gen Da Dia emerged among the basalt rocks that came out after a volcanic eruption that occurred in prehistoric times. Cold ocean water and hot lava gave rise to this amazing natural structure, visiting which you can not hold back your admiration.

Imperial City of Hue

Hue is a city that once was the capital of the Ngue dynasty, and now attracts a large number of tourists. There are many temples, reminiscent of earlier times, you can see a lot of gardens and sculptures that still surprise with its magnificence.

The city is beautiful, and its architecture is truly amazing! It is the best demonstration of the achievements of the Vietnamese masters, who created all this magnificence with their own hands!

Cu Chi Tunnels

During the Vietnam War, the southern part of the country became the center of the underground struggle with the Americans. And a lot of help in this struggle was provided by labyrinths-tunnels stretched under the ground. From these catacombs, it was possible to get from Saigon itself to the border with neighboring Cambodia.

The rebels skillfully used it, because here they were guided like at home, and the enemy could not use the secret paths. Therefore, if you are interested in the mysterious labyrinths, you should definitely visit here!

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