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Sights of Ufa: the cultural heritage of the capital Bashkiria

Ufa and its attractions

Ufa is the regional center and the largest city in the region, which is famous for its industry and business connections. Many come here on business trips for a couple of days, on business, they are passing through. However, in such a rhythm it is simply impossible to appreciate the beauty and sights of the city. But if you come here for the purpose of inspection, recreation, contemplation and walks, then you will open the heart of Bashkiria with its monuments, magnificent buildings, cultural objects. Here is where to go to get impressions for life!

This million-plus city on the Belaya River, at the confluence of Ufa and Dema, somewhat west of the South or Bashkir Urals, stands. One of the versions of the name is the origin of the Turkic word «ua», i.e. Hill. In 1574, the military governor Ivan Grigorievich Naked and his archers set up a small fortress at the confluence here. Later, this fortification became the Kremlin — the heart of the city.

Today’s Ufa is the only million-plus city where natural population growth is observed. This is due to the fact that many Bashkirs are Muslims who have traditionally large families with a patriarchal structure.

Monument to Salavat Yulaev

The list of «Sights of Ufa» opens a sculpture for the history and identity of the Bashkirs.

On the steep bank of the Belaya River stands a majestic monument to the national hero of Bashkiria and associate of Yemelyan Pugachev Salavat Yulaev. His image has always been associated in people’s memory with the desire for freedom and independence. The ten-meter equestrian statue is the most impressive not only in Russia, but also in Europe. Those who drive up to the city can see it from afar.

Established in 1967, the statue is very unusual for its dynamics. Prancing Salavat leaned back a little, the horse reared. All these features led to a shift in the center of gravity of the sculpture. To protect it from falling on the open windy slope, a special frame was passed through the horse’s legs, making the hollow statue heavier.

The monument is located on the eponymous square, there are the most important holidays and folk festivals of Ufa. And on weekdays, it is a favorite place to relax for the citizens.

National Museum of Bashkartostan

This is one of the oldest museums in Russia, it has been leading its history since the middle of the 19th century. Among all that to see in Ufa, he occupies one of the first places. A huge number of exhibits, 35 exhibition halls — here you will see and learn everything about the history of Bashkortostan. With children you can see exhibitions devoted to the animal and plant world of the republic, its history and culture. The department of archeology is also remarkable, the exhibits of which give an idea of ​​the life of the population of this region, starting from the Stone Age.


Located in the northern part of the city, its main Muslim shrine has two minarets, topped with buds of tulips, which seem to float above Ufa. You can see it from any part of the capital of the republic. Lyalya Tulip includes:

  • mosque (the place where Muslims pray);
  • madrasah (spiritual school);
  • hostel for students;
  • conference hall;
  • dining room.

The construction of the complex lasted almost ten years and ended in 1998. Here on the third floor there is a prayer hall, designed for half a thousand people and balconies for women, where 200 representatives of the fair sex are located.

Lala Tulip symbolizes one of the main symbols of Islam — the unopened bud of a delicate spring flower. This mosque is the most important on the territory of the Russian Federation, because it is from here that the supreme mufti of the country addresses the believers during the main religious holidays. His speech is broadcast on federal channels.

Nearby is a magnificent park where you can relax and stroll. Lyala-Tulip Mosque and Park are the pride of the city residents and very interesting places in Ufa.

House-Museum of Sergei Aksakov

The magnificent mansion, built in the XVIII century and located on the picturesque banks of the Belaya River, attracts a huge number of tourists every year. And the whole thing is that the prominent Russian writer and thinker Sergey Timofeevich Aksakov lived here for some time. He expressed his impressions of being in this region, from walks in the Ufa area in his autobiographical novel “The Childhood of Bagrov-Grandson”. The museum contains about one and a half thousand exhibits connected in some way with the writer, his life and his surroundings.

In 2008, the House of Crafts was opened here, which becomes the center of various holidays every year. If we talk about where it is interesting to go with the child, then this is an ideal place to get both new knowledge and bright impressions. Workshops on embroidery, sewing, woodcarving and even folk music are held within its walls.

Friendship Monument

Many attractions in Ufa, especially monuments, have a complex structure with a voluminous underground part. This was done because of the karst falls typical of the region. Thus built and the Monument of Friendship. Even if an earthquake happens, it will be unshakable, as is the relationship of two nations — Russian and Bashkir.

This monument is a stele, on two sides of which are female figures, symbolizing Mother Russia and Mother Bashkiria. They are dressed in national costumes, and between them is a dagger sheathed.

The monument of friendship can be clearly seen from the river. Travelers going to the city should know that even after 1 day, after taking a boat trip on Belaya or Agidel, they can see not only its beauty, but also nearby, ashore, the iconic objects of the city. The place where the Monument is located is famous for the fact that the first Ufa Kremlin once stood here.

Museum of Archeology and Ethnography

The institution will be interesting to those who want to learn more about the history of the region. The museum has the following exhibitions:

  • «Archeology of the Southern Urals». To go here is to admire the artifacts of the Paleolithic era — household items, clothing items, jewelry, weapons. In the middle of the hall is the skeleton of a real Khazar mammoth.
  • «The World of Bashkir Culture». Here you will see a yurt, learn how the nomads lived, what their rest and work represented — beekeeping, horse breeding, hunting and fishing. Bright national costumes, fancy musical instruments — all this is unlikely to leave tourists indifferent.
  • «Gold Sarmatians». The dishes and weapons that belonged to the ancient nomads, amazing golden figures of deer, undoubtedly, will impress visitors.

Gostiny Dvor

The sights of Ufa include the place where folk fairs and festivals were held for more than 150 years, where merchants brought their goods from other cities of Russia. To stay in the city even for one day and not to visit Gostiny Dvor would be very disappointing.

Today, the renovated indoor stalls provide an opportunity to wander around the shops, enjoy farm products, while the children are having fun at the rides. “Active Park” is a creative platform for young visitors, animation programs and a lot of interesting games.

While the kids will relax, adults can go to a restaurant or go shopping.

Republican Museum of Military Glory

Why is Ufa so interesting and what to see in order to learn about its great past? We will tell about it below. So, if you come to the city, do not forget about its Museum of Military Glory. It is located in Victory Park and was opened in 2000 to the 55th anniversary of the end of World War II.

On the steles around the main building are carved the names of the Bashkirs — Heroes of the Soviet Union and the Knights of the Orders of Glory. There is also a monument to Alexander Matrosov and Minigali Gubaidullin, there are several tanks.

Inside the museum there are weapons and uniforms, exhibits telling about the exploits at the front and about selfless labor in the rear. The aircraft engine assembled in Ufa and found near Leningrad is displayed here.

Of particular interest is a unique collection of front-line letters. They immerse the visitor in the atmosphere of the war years, help to better understand those who fought against the invaders and were in the rear.

Square named Mustay Karim

The list of Ufa sights is complemented by the square, located in its center and dedicated to the Bashkir poet Mustai Karim. This is a well-kept and nice place in front of the House of Trade Unions, where a flower garden is laid out, the paths are lined with granite, fountains are beating, and artificial reservoirs shine gently under the evening illumination.

The center of the square is a monument to the poet. Mustai Karim seemed to lean forward, but behind him, like wings, shot up, sheets of manuscripts are visible. The sculpture is located in the middle of the reservoir, the moisture in which moves on an inclined surface, denoting the continuity of life.

Here walks are especially good in the evening when the square shines with multicolored lights.

Ufa is a unique city, here you can see a huge number of monuments of architecture and nature. Bashkirs anxiously preserve folk traditions and their national culture. Numerous museums and temples, monuments and parks, magnificent river panoramas — all this is worth it to come here not for one day, but for several, maybe even a week. Cultural Ufa attractions shows different. Be sure to see the following:

  • Ufa-Arena;
  • Nur — Tatar State Theater;
  • Art Museum named after MV Nesterov;
  • Bashkir Opera and Ballet Theater;
  • Bashkir National Philharmonic.

Locals are hospitable, they will gladly and proudly show you their native land and tell about its sights and wonders. What could be better? It is incredibly exciting to walk around the city of Ufa — interesting places here are endless!

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