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Sights of the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona

Sights of the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona

The Gothic quarter of Barcelona can be called a real museum of architecture. Its main exhibits, judging by the name of the quarter, belong to the Gothic style. However, in its exposition there are buildings belonging to the Romanesque and other areas of architecture, including baroque.

Lovers of the Middle Ages should walk through all the streets of the Gothic Quarter.

This can only be done on foot, because according to all the rules of the Gothic, many streets will be able to drive except on a bicycle or skateboard — they are so narrow.

The most valuable representatives of the ancient architecture of the Gothic Quarter

Almost all buildings belonging to different eras, erected by various rulers and conquerors of Barcelona deserve attention.

However, the most interesting of these include the following:

  1. Royal Palace — Romanesque and Gothic styles are harmoniously combined in it.
  2. Barcelona Cathedral, in the interior of which various artistic techniques are used — painting, carving, fancy mosaic of stained glass.
  3. Remains of an ancient aqueduct that has not survived to our days.
  4. The ruins of the palace of the founder of the Roman Empire, Caesar’s great-nephew — Octavian Augustus.

Harmonious interlacing of elegant architecture and classical music

The Palace of Catalan Music is on a par with these famous masterpieces of building art, although it is located a little way away from the famous Gothic giants. By the standards of the first buildings of Barcelona, ​​it was erected quite recently — at the beginning of the XX century.

Its author was Louis Domenech-and-Montaner. He managed from a huge variety of the smallest structures, decorative elements, sculptures, stained glass, columns and mosaics to create a magnificent architectural symphony. The palace is crowned with a sculptural composition, which is called the «Catalan folk song», made by sculptor Miguel Blai.

While enjoying the magnificence and elegance of walls and ceilings, do not forget about the purpose of this temple. The Palace of Catalan music belongs to the list of the most famous concert halls in the world. In addition to Catalan songs, there are chamber music, symphonies, jazz, opera, there are musical performances. Music lovers and lovers of architectural art to visit it can simply buy a ticket to any play or concert.

But it is much more interesting to open the curtain of the Palace much wider. Every half hour the guides, speaking five languages, including Russian, invite those who wish to take a sightseeing tour — from the main staircase of the Palace to the concert hall, while glancing into the hall of the founder of the local Catalan choral society Luis Mille. Then you can visit the rehearsal room of the choir itself, and finally, listen to the virtuoso organ playing.

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