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Sights of the city of Kasimov: what to see in the Ryazan region

What to see in Kasimov?

Kasimov is a small but very cozy city, located in the Ryazan region, dating back to the 12th century. There is a special atmosphere that is difficult to convey in words. The architecture and all the sights of Kasimov possess some kind of primeval charm, captivating at first sight, so it is not surprising that in former times the city was one of the strongholds of the merchants.

Museum «Russian Samovar»

A unique collection of more than five hundred original samovars from different eras is kept here. For example, there is a samovar made especially for Nicholas II, the last tsar of Russia, decorated with pointe but not presented as the monarch’s novel with a ballerina became known to society. You can walk around the rooms of this establishment for hours. To carefully examine each instance, not enough weeks.

Kasimov is a very hospitable city, so museum visitors can relax in the tea room, try a hot drink from a real samovar and with delicious sweets. In addition, it is possible to order a hearty lunch for a group of tourists at a loyal price.

Bell Museum

The exposition belongs to the collector Silkov Mikhail Petrovich and includes more than a thousand different bells, large and small, made of copper, brass and other materials. It is noteworthy that there are exhibits from around the world, so visitors can see the bells of ancient China, Italy and other states. You can walk here any day of the week except Monday.

Ascension Cathedral

This landmark of the city can be seen from afar due to the high forty-meter bell tower, on which the tower clock is installed. The cathedral was erected in the second half of the 19th century, there are many beautiful ancient icons in it. There is also a wooden sculpture of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, about which a very interesting legend goes around the city. It is believed that at the time of the revolution, they tried to cut it with an ax, but blood came from the statue, so the atheists were very scared and decided not to touch the monument.

There is another interesting fact. During the period of the USSR, the temple was closed, and on its basis a children’s sports school was functioning. Only in 2002, the church was reconstructed, and the Patriarch of All Russia Alexy II consecrated it.

Local Lore Museum

It is located in a part of the building that was once a private residence of a famous merchant in the city. In the other half of the house and now people live. The building was erected at the very beginning of the 19th century and was of great economic and historical significance. On its first floors there were various shops and shops that the owner rented, a little higher there were halls, in which city events were held regularly, and the owners of the mansion lived on the third floor.

A fascinating excursion is held in the museum, during which tourists are told about the life and culture of Kasimov’s inhabitants, their rituals and other interesting things for an hour. Stuffed animals are exhibited on the first floor, especially visitors are attracted by bears, wolves and squirrels, and a cognitive fun quiz is held right away to guess which animal is in the box for a fragment of the body. And on the second floor you can look at the picture “Kasimov Bride”, where a resident of the city of Efimia Vsevolozhskaya is captured. She was supposed to be the wife of Tsar Alexei, but she fainted at the marriage ceremony. As a result, she was considered sick and punished for concealing her illness, exiled with all her relatives to Siberia. Not far from the picture there are two carved chairs with hoofs, as well as a wooden sculpture of a monk, the likes of which were previously placed in gardens for decoration.

Kasimov shopping arcades

They were opened in the second half of the 18th century, they functioned successfully for more than 150 years, and at the moment there are various shops and shopping centers on their territory. This complex is a monument of federal significance.

It is worth visiting the homes of Nastavin, Barkov, Dyakonov, Kachkov, Yakunshchikov. This is the stunning beauty of the mansions of the most influential people not only in the history of the city, but throughout the Ryazan region. All estates are under state protection, their beautiful architecture delights. Often, on the background of these buildings, memorable photographs are made, which are surprisingly unusual and unique, because a centuries-old history is imprinted on them.

Mosque with minaret

It is an architectural monument of the Tatars, built in the 15-16th centuries, another name is the Kasim Khan mosque. Only a minaret made of stone has survived from the present ancient structure. The history of the destruction of the mosque is also very interesting. It is said that Peter the Great floated around the Oka and saw a mosque from the water, but took it for the church, according to custom, he crossed on it. When the emperor realized his mistake, he immediately ordered to destroy the brick building.

During the reign of Catherine the Second, the mosque was rebuilt on the remaining foundation, gradually all new turrets and floors were attached to it. If you climb to the top of the minaret, a fascinating view of the surroundings of the city opens up.

Mausoleum of Shah-Ali-Khan

The monument of federal importance is a teky (tomb), the building was built during the Middle Ages. This is a minimalist building of rectangular shape, without any frills and with a low vault. Inside it is divided into two parts — in one the ashes of the Khan and his entire family, including his wife, rest, in the second there was a prayer room for reading suras from the Koran. Legend has it that Syuymbike is also buried here — the famous queen from Kazan, who was married to Khan by force.

Shrine of the Sultan

Here are the remains of the last ruler of the Kasimov khanate — Afgan-Mohammed and his wife. This monument was built in the middle of the 17th century and combines techniques typical of Tatar architecture with elements of Russian brickwork.

New mosque

It was built in the first decade of the 20th century at the expense of the merchant Duymakaev. As usual, the authorities of the USSR decided to arrange a film distribution center here, several workshops of the combine and even a city club. Moslems returned the mosque only in 1996. Now it is a whole complex, including:

  • separate prayer halls for women and men;
  • classroom for classes;
  • a special room for washing and making the toilet;
  • dining room with kitchen;
  • administrative part.

New Tatar cemetery

It is remarkable by the fact that on its territory there are family mausoleums (they are differently called tekies) of noble Tatars from the Ishimbaev, Shakulov, Yanbaev families, first inhabiting the Kasimov. They can be viewed in order to appreciate the greatness of Tatar architecture, to note its features in the funeral theme.

Epiphany Church

Its other name is St. George, the church was built in 1700. It is included in the register of monuments of federal significance. This is the oldest temple of the city, about which there are many legends, beautiful and creepy. A characteristic feature of the church is a massive wooden iconostasis with a large number of ancient valuable images of saints.

Nikolskaya church

Erected at the very beginning of the 18th century near the Cathedral Square. Many icons prized by Christians are kept here, especially much attention is paid to the image of Our Lady of Kazan. The iconostasis is covered with gold here, and beautiful paintings with biblical scenes are preserved on the walls.

House covered with legends

This mansion majestically and proudly towers on the Cathedral Square, its history goes back to the distant 19th century, when, after the abolition of serfdom, nobles held balls here. Local historians and historians often call the building «Skornyakov’s house.»

Museum of brothers Utkin

This place is interesting from a historical point of view, because here you can see unique and rare photographs, as well as secret documentation — everything related to the name of the Utkin brothers, brilliant and brilliant developers, designers and engineers. The brothers dedicated their lives to the creation of a variety of ballistic missiles, launch vehicles, aircraft, spacecraft and other related technology. The main pride of the museum is the project of the world-famous strategic missile R-36M, which has no analogues all over the world to this day.


Passing along the Ryazan Descent, you can reach the beautiful embankment of the Oka River and admire the views. Especially good here in summer when the stairs are not covered with a layer of ice. Nearby are some mansions, other attractions, for example, Peter’s Gate. And the city has its own river port with a variety of ships, boats, small craft and large instances of river transport.


If you have time, visit the local historical and cultural museum-reserve, which houses more than 42 thousand interesting exhibits telling about the history of this settlement. Despite the fact that Kasimov is a small city, it can be studied for a very long time, and in one day you will only be able to look at its main attractions. In addition to all of the above, there are many shops, small cafes and other secular places. Among other monuments of architecture, local residents recommend looking at the house of the doctor Kaifman, the uncle of the famous writer Pasternak, taking a picture of Peter’s Gate, visiting the private museum of butterflies and dragonflies with the largest collection in the world. By the way, the famous translator of the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen, Anna Ganzen, lived in this city, to whose memory a memorial museum is dedicated.

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