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Sights of the Belgorod region — historical and modern

We travel around the Belgorod region: interesting sights

In the south-west of our country is the Belgorod region. It is interesting to travelers with its many monuments — architectural and historical, natural and cultural.

Sights of the Military Museum Reserve

The most prominent and famous landmark in the Belgorod region is Prokhorovskoye field. It reminds of wartime. The tank battle at Prokhorovka on July 12, 1943 was the largest not only in the Battle of Kursk, but also in the whole history. Neither the Soviet army commanded by PA. Rotmistrov, nor the German one, led by P. Hausser, did not achieve the planned targets in the battle, but from that moment the strategic initiative in the war passed to the Soviet troops. Today, the military sights of the Belgorod region are represented in the museum-reserve “Prohorov field”.

Here you can visit the following places of interest:

  • Peter and Paul Church, consecrated in 1995 as a sign of gratitude to the defenders of the Motherland. 7000 names of fallen warriors are carved on its plates. A clergy house, the abbot’s house, the veteran’s house of the Second World War were built at the temple.
  • Library N.I. Ryzhkov at the temple, the basis of which became the personal book fund of Nikolai Ivanovich and the gifts of guests.
  • The belfry is 59 m high, with a dome alarm bell. The figure of the protector of Russia — the Virgin Mary (its height is 7 m) is installed on the dome.
  • Observation point from which the general of the Rotmistra commanded the battle.
  • The sculpture «Tankist and infantry»; composition of five tanks (two Soviet and three German); a monument to the sculptor V. Klykov, who created the belfry; sculptural group «Three Great Commanders» (Donskoy, Kutuzov, Zhukov).
  • Museum «Third Battlefield of Russia».
  • The exhibition of armored vehicles, which presents tank and artillery weapons and tankodrom for demonstration of equipment, opened in 2015.
  • Military burial in the village of Watchdog.

Historical sights of the region

Documents on the history, samples of flora and fauna of the region are stored in the Museum of Local Lore. Here on the layouts you can see the places of battles, to touch the secret of origin of the city and region. For schoolchildren and travelers, the museum conducts general and thematic excursions.

In the village Rakitnoye leads one of the most popular tourist routes. Here is the estate of the princes Yusupov, who owned these lands since 1728. In 1846, B.N. Yusupov built a house — a two-story palace designed by Italian architect Florenty. The estate complex also includes outbuildings with a large cellar. Today the museum, the house of children’s creativity, the center of tourism are open in the palace building. Cultural and educational events and sightseeing tours are held on the premises of the estate.

Monuments of nature

The sights of the region can not be described without mentioning its natural monuments. The main one is the Belogorie Nature Reserve, one of the oldest in Russia. It is located on the territory of three districts, covers an area of ​​2131 hectares. It was created in 1999 on the basis of the “Forest on Vorskla” reserve, which existed from 1924 to 1951.

The forest, which was the progenitor of the present, was planted as early as the 17th century as a defensive defensive to protect against the attacks of the Tatars and the Nagaian. Walking through the reserve, you can look at typical steppes of the Central Russian Upland, rugged ravines, picturesque places near Vorskla, the Bald Mountains and the chalk walls of Izgorye.

In the very center of Belgorod, a city zoo, a real kingdom of animals, awaits children and adults. On the area of ​​25 hectares 43 expositions are placed. Swans and ducks swim in artificial ponds, cages contain predators, monkeys, and birds. Brown bears have settled in the aviary with a swimming pool. There are also sections of ungulates, rodents, reptiles, marsupials. Kids waiting to meet with tamed animals in the contact zoo.

Look at the oldest tree in the Belgorod region offers Shebekinsky district. Here on the outskirts of the village Yablochkovo there grows pedunculate oak, which is now about 550 years old. In the 19th century, the landowner Gangardt laid out an orchard around it. Since 2013, the tree has been included in the list of natural monuments of Russia. Oak trunk girth — 5.5 m, crown span — 25 m, and its height — 35 m. Locals call the tree “Pansky oak”, sometimes “Dmitrievsky oak”, because Dmitrievka village is located near Yablochkovy.

In the Prokhorovsky district, on the site of the estate of landowner K.A. Pitry, there is a park «Keys» (refers to the village of Kostroma). It includes springs, a font with a chapel, a beach, an ethnographic village, a zoo and a cafe with wooden arbors. The name of the area went from the people — there are a lot of spring-keys. In 2011, when creating the park, an old pond was reconstructed, a stream was laid out with a stone, a chapel with a closed font was built, a cafe was built, a village was built. At the pond you can not only swim, but also go boating.

The park is a fairly visited place, graduates come to the Wisdom Creek, newlyweds go to the Bridge of Love, schoolchildren go to thematic excursions and master classes. In the ethnographic village, guests are invited to see the peasant life, traditions and crafts of the land of the past centuries.

Architectural landmarks

  • Round building. The village of Golovchino was founded by Count Golovkin in “Petrovsky” times, but because of the disgraces at the village, the owner changed — he was transferred to Major General Croat. In 1812 an unusual cylinder-shaped building appeared in the village (d = 30 m), inside of which there were two more smaller cylinders. The purpose of the construction is not precisely established, in Soviet times it was used as a warehouse of toxic chemicals. Reconstruction of the building in Grayvoronsky district began in 2003, now it houses a museum of antiquity, and in the basement there is a cafe where numerous visitors stop to eat.
  • City sculptures. Among them are quite original: a monument to the incorruptible traffic cop, a monument to the Dream or a Girl with soap bubbles, a sculpture “Remembrance” in the Theater Square, “Volleyball players” near the Sports Palace “Cosmos”, “The Janitor” with a bronze cat, “Regional historian” with a doggie and others .
  • Cathedral Square — the main city square, arranged on the site of a convent blasted by the Communists. Nearby is the memorial «Eternal Flame», drama theater, regional administration, city events are held here.

Archaeological sites

One of the monuments of archeology is the «cave» of Joasaph, Bishop of Belgorod, found in 2011 during the demolition of a two-story building. This house, in turn, was built on the site of the male monastery demolished by the Bolsheviks, in which was located the crypt of the saint, built in 1754. A glass dome rises above the pentagonal tomb or “cave”, and a chapel is built nearby.

Evidence of human life in the Belgorod region in ancient and middle ages are found by archaeologists Krapivenskoe, Yutanovskoe, Hotmyzhskoe and Dmitriyevskoe settlement, the remains of the fortress city Nezhegolsk, as well as an underground monastery, which come to see the village of Kholki. It was first mentioned in 1620. Later the monastery was abolished, the ministry resumed in 1995.

Each of the above attractions worthy of paying close attention to it. You can visit many memorable places on your own; for some, it is better to come with a guide to look at them from all sides and learn many interesting facts.

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