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Sights of St. Petersburg: the most interesting places

The most interesting sights of St. Petersburg

The city of St. Petersburg is the cultural capital of Russia, and this is no accident. Arriving here once — you can not help falling in love with this city. Each street of St. Petersburg is literally saturated with history, and when you enter it, you feel you are involved in its cultural life. In order to fully experience the atmosphere of this amazing city, we have gathered for you the most famous sights of St. Petersburg.

Sights that everyone should see

  • Hermitage. The Hermitage is the largest cultural and historical museum in the world and certainly the most important and iconic landmark of St. Petersburg. The Catherine II Art Museum, which emerged in 1764, was opened to the general public in 1852 and is still active today. The museum has collected a large number of monuments, paintings and sculptures from primitive times to the Middle Ages, including the art of Western and Eastern Europe, Asia and Russia.
  • Cruiser Aurora». The main cultural heritage of Russia and one of the main symbols of St. Petersburg is the Cruiser Aurora. The present historical monument originates in 1897 and is a legend with a military historical heritage.
  • Mariinsky Theatre. The Mariinsky Theater has a great history and has come a long way. The world’s leading companies, dancers and musicians proudly come to one of the world’s best theaters.
  • Museum Reserve «Peterhof». Peterhof is a historical complex located on the coast of the Gulf of Finland. Peter I conceived this building as the summer residence of the kings. During the reign of Peter this was the most luxurious building.
  • Palace Bridge. The Palace Bridge is the most romantic and most popular place for all lovers in modern Petersburg. The Palace Bridge is the connection of the center of St. Petersburg with Vasilyevsky Island. And he received this name due to the fact that it is located near the Winter Palace.

Modern St. Petersburg is such a unique historical city that, of course, it is simply impossible to visit all the main sights of St. Petersburg.

However, every person who comes here will be able to find a place of interest for himself that will coincide with his interests.

The most popular Orthodox sights of St. Petersburg

Petersburg is the largest Orthodox center in Russia, which has gathered in itself the best sights of St. Petersburg — beautiful Orthodox buildings. Large and beautiful monasteries, churches, shrines, and most believers come here to worship and pray. That is why we would like to talk about the most famous shrines of St. Petersburg.

  • Kazan Cathedral. Kazan Cathedral is the largest Cathedral, which is visited by thousands of parishioners. The main shrine here is the icon of the Mother of God. From historical reports it is known that Mikhail Kutuzov, who led the army in the fight against Napoleon, prayed in front of this icon, believing that it would be able to defeat the French with its help. And it was after Napoleon’s army was defeated that Kutuzov presented the Kazan Cathedral with all the French silver taken away.
  • Chapel of Xenia of Petersburg in the Smolensk cemetery. The most revered place in all of St. Petersburg is the Chapel of Xenia of Petersburg in the Smolensk cemetery. Parishioners from all over immense Russia try to come here at least once in their lives to pray. People believe that prayers to Xenia are able to fulfill desires. The chapel of Ksenia of Petersburg is not just a holy place, it is the place where holy Xenia was buried.
  • Transfiguration Cathedral. In the place of the present Transfiguration Cathedral in 1829, there was an old temple. Currently, it is a revered by parishioners from all over Russia Cathedral. In 1938, from the Trinity Church, the image of the Divine Savior was transferred. It was the favorite image of Peter I, the former owner of which was Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich. It was precisely with the image of the Savior that was not made by hands that Peter I almost never parted, and even Peter I was buried with this icon.
  • St. John Monastery. In place of the modern monastery in 1899, the women’s community was created by John of Kronstadt. As a community, it went a long way and changes, and later, after consecration, a convent was created. However, this is not just a nunnery; inside the church there is a shrine for John of Kronstadt. Many parishioners believe that if you spend not a sore amount of time near the tomb, then you can be healed forever.
  • Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. The temple received great popularity among parishioners thanks to the icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. However, in the temple is stored not only the icon, but also the fabric, which was covered with the relics of St. Nicholas.

Attractions for the little ones

Sights of St. Petersburg are not only significant historical orthodox sites, but also sites where you can have fun with children.

St. Petersburgers pay special attention to children’s development, so every year many interesting and informative places open up in the city.

A large number of children’s entertainment gives a huge selection. There are many interesting places in St. Petersburg for children, because we present to your attention a small list of attractions, visiting which you will have a good time.

  • Grand Layout of Russia. Grand Layout of Russia is a place where it will be interesting to visit not only children, but also adults. And all because of the eight hundred square meters located all the most interesting sights of our vast country. However, the Grand Layout of Russia is impressive not only in scale and volume, but also in its realism. On the layout, the whole world seems to come alive, cars are driving, people are walking, life goes on as usual, and after a short period of time the day is replaced by night.
  • Chinese village. Even under Catherine II in 1780, in the modern Tsarskoye Selo, a village in the Chinese style was built. The village conveys the colorfulness of all Chinese culture through painted houses decorated with figures of dragons. During the long years of its existence, the village experienced many changes and destructions, for example, during the Great Patriotic War, the village was almost completely destroyed. However, it was later restored, and now everyone who wants to feel the spirit and flavor of Chinese culture. This village will please both adults and very young children.

  • Toy Museum. Each of us had a toy in our childhood, with which we did not leave for a minute, and if you want to feel that time again, then the Toys museum is for you. It presents more than thirteen thousand of the most diverse toys, ranging from rare to modern. In this museum, adults will again plunge into childhood, and children will feel an indescribable delight.
  • Museum of microminiature «Russian Lefty.» The Russian Lefty Museum embodies Lefty’s story of the same name. Both adults and children will feel as if in a fairy tale, looking at a very tiny world. Adults will find a lot of fascinating things, and children will simply feel like big giants.
  • Museum «Horsepower». St. Petersburg Museum «Horsepower» — is a museum of retro cars. What boy would not want to ride, or at least see old cars? Now for them there will be such an opportunity, as well as for their parents, who, perhaps, remember some models of cars from their childhood.

Not for nothing is Petersburg considered to be the cultural capital, and the truth is there is something to see.

At the end of the article I would like to present to your attention a small rating of the sights of St. Petersburg.

  1. In the first place are the roofs of St. Petersburg. More than 23.5% of tourists go to explore Petersburg from the roofs. And this is no accident: from the roofs of high-rise buildings offers an incredible view of the city, the traveler can see the city completely, in full view.
  2. The second place is occupied by the Palace Bridge, it is visited by about 12.5% ​​of tourists, and all because this is the most romantic place, perhaps, in all of Russia. And lovers from all over the country come here to find themselves near during a beautiful bridge divorce.
  3. The third place is deservedly occupied by Peterhof, which is visited by about 12% of tourists.
  4. On the fourth line is Nevsky Prospect, visited by 11% of tourists.
  5. The fifth place is deservedly occupied, perhaps, by the most famous Hermitage Museum. It is visited by 10% of tourists.
  6. On the sixth line is the parade of graduates «Scarlet Sails». Still would! Every schoolboy wants to come to this parade in St. Petersburg, feel himself in this fabulous atmosphere and feel the spirit of the city. About 9% of tourists gather at the school parade.
  7. The seventh line is occupied by the famous Petersburg Canals, which more than 7% of tourists want to see.
  8. At the eighth place are the art factories of the city. How can you feel the spirit and history of the city and not see street art? About 6% of tourists think the same.

We hope that after reading the description of the places that, of course, are the main attractions of St. Petersburg, each of you will want to visit the incredible Northern Capital! And after a fascinating journey — to review photos and plan the next trip to the city on the Neva.

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