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Sights of Seychelles

Sights of Seychelles

Seychelles or, more fully, the Republic of Seychelles — an island country in the Indian Ocean, located near the eastern coast of the Black Continent. Seychelles are more than a hundred granite and coral islands, of which only 33 are inhabited. What can be found on these islands? Answer: endless sandy beaches, picturesque nature, filled with unique representatives of the plant and animal world, many of which can be seen only in the Seychelles.

These islands are one of the world’s most famous resort areas, providing an opportunity for a secluded and leisurely holiday. Seychelles is a quiet haven of absolute peace and heavenly delight. Everyone who wants to rest from the obsessive bustle of civilization, come here. Seychelles are very popular among honeymooners, as well as all who are engaged in diving, yacht trips, surfing, sea fishing, etc.

The mild tropical climate of the archipelago allows you to go on an island holiday at any time of the year. Weather conditions in the Seychelles never give unpleasant surprises.

In addition, on the islands you can find many interesting sights that will help not just relax, but also spend time with interest. On each of the islands there are places that are breathtaking. In this article we will try to deal with the most interesting sights of the Seychelles.

The capital of the country is Victoria

The capital of the islands of Seychelles is the city of Victoria. It is the largest city in the country, located on the island of Mahe. The capital was founded a century and a half ago by the British colonial administration. The uniqueness of the city largely lies in the fact that it is the only major settlement on the islands. Interestingly, in the capital Seychelles is the only supermarket in the country. Inside the city there are only a few traffic lights. The city is very calm and leads a measured life.

In Victoria itself are several attractions that are of interest to many tourists:

  • the clock tower nicknamed Big Ben for its external resemblance to the famous London structure;
  • statue of «free man»;
  • the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, next to which there is a chic park where you can meet the statues of Christian saints;
  • Orchid Garden and Mont Fleury Botanical Garden;
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral, owned by Anglicans;
  • temple of hindu beliefs;
  • national historical museum, etc.

The most popular street in Victoria can be called the Long Pier. Almost as popular is the city market, attracting many guests with its color. In addition, the rest will also be interesting to visit the city center of applied arts and crafts. It is possible to learn how to make items of local clothing, as well as to make various souvenirs using bamboo and coconut palm leaves.

The city has a convenient airport that allows you to quickly move by plane to one of the neighboring islands. And if you decide to stay here, you can visit one of the local breathtaking beauty of the beaches.

Bird Island

The northernmost island of Seychelles, called Bird, is a place that willingly reveals to visitors its unique flora and fauna, many of which are endemics. You can get to the island either by plane with Mahe, or by waterway. If you are a lover of water travel, be sure to choose the second option.

On the island of Bird lives many rare birds. The most famous of them can be called black terns. The main celebrity of this place is a huge tortoise, which was even recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

Bird Island is in many ways the same lonely place as any of the islands of the country called Seychelles. But there are also all possibilities for fascinating entertainment, such as diving and sea fishing. In addition, lovers of fishing can try themselves in the role of deep-water predator. Such entertainment as deep sea fishing is not uncommon here.

Sometimes in the evenings on the island of Byrd all the lights and other lighting elements are extinguished so that holidaymakers can sit comfortably on the beach and enjoy the clear starry sky. In order for the unity of man and nature to be as efficient as possible, the island eliminated some technical conveniences, such as TV, for example. In addition, there are also no paved roads, and you can only walk on foot. This factor will help to really enjoy the picturesque landscapes, have a lot of orchids and various palm trees.

Denis Island

Denis Island is one of the coral islands. It is located in the northwest of the archipelago. Denis is located on the edge of the underwater plateau, which is its feature. Behind its borders begins the real ocean depth. Inside the island is a very interesting forest, the trees of which are true relics in this area.

In the forest you can find many exotic plants and unique animals. The island itself also presents opportunities for water entertainment. Especially Denis is famous for fishing. Here you can find everything you need to do this. The island also has architectural landmarks — the chapel of St. Denis, as well as several old buildings and a lighthouse. All this is located in a small island village.

Derosh Island

Derosh is the main island of the Amirantes archipelago, which is part of the Seychelles. The island is surrounded by snow-white beaches, turning into coral reefs under water. Here is a very famous Center for underwater sports. It is often called the best institution of its kind in the entire Indian Ocean.

Especially diving between the calm coastline and exotic corals will appeal to novice divers. Experienced divers will appreciate the coral tunnels and various underwater caves. Qualified instructors will help to make underwater travel unforgettable. The most favorable for diving is the period from September to May.

In addition, Derosh allows tourists to ride a canoe, as well as to meet shoals of flying fish. You can also visit the local village. If you wish, you can take a boat ride to the neighboring islands of the Amiranta archipelago, where there are also opportunities for outdoor activities.

Mahe Island

Mahe is the largest island of the Seychelles archipelago. As already mentioned, on the island of Mahe is the capital of the country, as well as an international airport. The island is decorated with many beautiful beaches. Here you can find both crowded places and very secluded. We list the most famous beaches of the island:

  • Ans Intendance. Its peculiarity is lying palm trees along the coast;
  • Beau-Vallon is one of the most crowded places where active life is in full swing around the clock;
  • Grand Anse — a very popular beach among surfers from October to May;
  • Anse-Royal and Anse-Forbans — the best places for diving.

To enjoy the peace and solitude, you should head to one of the coves surrounded by coconut trees. And you can go on excursions in the capital — the city of Victoria. The airport, as well as a variety of water transport will allow you to quickly move to one of the picturesque places in the neighborhood.

Praslin Island

One of the most picturesque islands in the Seychelles is Praslin, located near Mahe. Its feature is the ratio of small sizes with a very variegated filling. Picturesque walks through Praslin can take several days, although the island itself can be crossed in just one hour.

The local landmark is a type of palm tree called Coco de Mer, which in French means “sea coconut”. The fruits of such palm trees reach enormous sizes. In addition, on the island you can find black parrots, as well as the equatorial rain forest, which has been preserved since very ancient times.

Praslin is also famous for the May Valley National Park where you can admire various representatives of the local fauna.

On Praslin, as well as on other islands there are many beaches, providing an opportunity to relax. This is the bay of Lazio, Cote d’Or beach, and a secluded wilderness place called Georgette. On the island there are several centers for diving and fishing, including underwater.

Santa Ana Island

In the central part of the archipelago there is a small island of St. Anna, famous for its beautiful scenery, unique flora and fauna, as well as clean beaches. Here is located the National Marine Park of the Republic. The island will provide the opportunity for an exciting walk on a yacht that has a transparent hold.

Thus, before the eyes of a traveler, the beauty of a coral reef opens up, where colorful fish, fast turtles, octopuses and other inhabitants of the sea scurry around. On the island is a hotel and several dozen prestigious villas. Guests of Santa Anna will be able to enjoy the most on this island, both active and secluded relaxing holiday. For those who appreciate their health, here is a local spa.

La Digue Island

The famous island of La Digue is a place with beautiful views of the beaches, where motley granite rocks crash into, finding a romantic pink hue in the mornings and evenings. The main sights of this area include Mount Ni-d’Egle, Union-Park State Park, on the territory of which there is the Emmanuel House, where certain scenes from the erotic film of the same name were filmed, the wooden Creole villages, the graves of the first colonists, many picturesque bays and beaches, and the “Paradise Flycatchers” reserve, where the unique paradise flycatcher inhabits.

On this island, most often travel on foot or by bicycle. In addition, the island offers the services of cab drivers who operate a cart with drawn oxen. Ride on this opportunity does not often occur, so tourists willingly use these exotic services.

Cousin Island

A small island of the archipelago called Kuzin is a place not far from Praslin. Its territory is officially protected as a national park. This is one of the most interesting places for tourists. The island is always not crowded, so there you can really enjoy the silence.

On the cousin you can see many rare animals: birds, turtles, lizards, etc. Cozy beaches will allow you to relax, as well as diving, fishing or snorkelling. Tourists can stay in small villas or in a small but comfortable hotel. Visitors stay on this island all year round. When traveling to Kuzin, one should take into account that the number of places to rest here is strictly limited.

Silhouette Island

The third largest Seychelles island can be called Silhouette. This is a granite island whose landscape is very different from other objects of the archipelago. Here are located the picturesque mountains with jungles. The territory of the island is declared as a protected national park. On the island of Silhouette you can see a lot of endemic plants and rare animals.

Papal bowls, various orchids, coconut palms, bread and sandalwood, patching and other representatives of the flora grow here. The animal world on the island is represented by rare birds, bats, giant turtles, etc. In the waters near the island one can observe many motley fish of their own species. In addition to water entertainment, there are several beautiful architectural monuments, leading the history since the eighteenth century.

As you can see, the sights of the Seychelles will not leave anyone indifferent.

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