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Sights of Pattaya: map, what to see

Sights of Pattaya — photos, description, map

Pattaya is a favorite city in Thailand for fans of exotic countries. This city is located 150 kilometers from Bangkok in the southeast.


This resort has a huge number of entertainment places for every taste. You can visit them yourself or find a suitable excursion. It all depends on the wishes and finances.

So what to see in Pattaya? Nong Nooch Tropical Garden, Elephant Village and Elephant Show, Wat Yang Temple Park, Crocodile Farm, Buddha Hill, Tiffany Show … And this is not all that can be found in Thailand’s most youthful town, Pattaya.

Tropical Garden «Nong Nooch»

Nong Nooch is one of Thailand’s finest gardens. He is simply obliged to visit anyone who truly worships the beauty of nature. It contains the largest collection of various orchid varieties. Therefore, it is sometimes called an orchid park. And if you want to buy one of these stunning colors, you can freely do this in any souvenir shop for only 300 baht.

In addition, this park can not only walk on the ground, but also to consider it from the height of the trees due to the hanging bridges. Or ride a bike or even elephants.

This park regularly hosts a variety of shows and performances. The most popular of them are shows with elephants who can play with a ball, ride bikes and draw unusual pictures.

This unusual park can go around the clock and find all new and exciting places. Therefore, it is worth to stock up on food and water. Although in this park you can easily find a place to eat.

And most importantly — after visiting the tropical garden “Nong Nooch”, not only great impressions will remain, but also bright and original photos, reminiscent of a small and unusual journey. The tour here will cost 600-700 baht. When you visit the cost of the entrance ticket, along with the national show and elephant show 400 baht.

And they work from 8 to 18 every day. And restaurants and cafes in this garden are open until 22:00.

Due to the fact that the park is located 20 km from Pattaya, it is possible to get there by taxi or with a guided tour. Taxi will cost approximately 200 to 600 baht. And the tour costs from 550 baht and more. But this excursion includes a transfer from the hotel to the garden, an entrance ticket, an elephant show and an interesting guided tour.

Elephant Village

Thailand is famous for a huge number of trained elephants. And in Pattaya there is even a whole village. It is there that elephants live and train. In one place you can learn how to play elephants in a ball, draw and drive around on various devices. And you can also see the hunt for wild elephants or arrange a 3-hour tour of the jungle, of course, elephants.

The cost of such a presentation is 650 baht. Elephant rides can cost from 1000 baht — the walk time is about an hour. Therefore, it is necessary to decide in advance whether it is necessary to go to the village of elephants in addition or be content with the performance in the tropical garden “Nong Nooch”.

Elephant Village is located 7 km from the center of Pattaya on Phattanakarn road. You can get there by taxi or buy a tour.

Crocodile farm

Crocodile farm — one of the most interesting places in Thailand. It is located in the arch of million-year stones. In it you can see not only the crocodiles themselves, but also petrified trees that are millions of years old, an exotic garden of rare plants and exotic animals and much more. But the main attraction is the crocodile show. After all, anyone will be in awe of the trained predatory reptiles. The ticket price is only 500 baht for an adult and 300 baht for a child. The park is open from 8:00 to 18:30 every day. A show of crocodiles arrange every hour from 9 to 17 hours.

Crocodile farm in Pattaya is located in the north, 10-15 minutes by taxi from the city center, and it costs about 200 to 400 baht. By public transport will be harder to get. Therefore, it is better to book a taxi or get on a motorcycle taxi, paying about 100 baht. Prices for excursions vary from 450 to 600 baht with transfer from the hotel.

Buddha Hill and Khao Phra Tam Nak

These hills are the popular sights of Pattaya, which are between Jomtien and Pattaya. From there you can enjoy the unforgettable views of Pattaya. They offer views of the city itself, the bays. On these hills you can make the most amazing photos and videos of Thailand. On the very hill of the Buddha, if not strange, stands the largest monument to the Buddha in Pattaya.

And on the hill of Khao Phra Tam Nak stands the stunning temple of Wat Khao Phra Bat. The hills themselves are a huge park with a large number of gazebos, secluded places and jogging tracks. But, despite all the ostentatious deserted park, it is worth remembering that it is invariably monitored using video surveillance. And the biggest plus of this attraction is absolutely free admission.

And you can walk there on foot from the very center of Pattaya. To do this, you should move along the road or use pedestrian stairs. They are located at the foot of the hills near the letters or on the coast near the lighthouse.

Tiffany show

One of the first and most famous transvestite show in Thailand. The hall is designed for 100 spectators, and about 100 actors participate in the show itself. Transvestite shows have always been distinguished by their brightness, brilliance and originality. Although this is a transvestite show, it is not vulgar.

The show involved honored professionals. And last about 1.5 hours. Taking photos of the show itself is strictly prohibited, but at the end of the performance, you can take a memorable photo with the artists for a fee.

Performances are held every day from 18 to 21 hours. A ticket for the show costs about 600 baht. Tiffany show is located in the center of Pattaya and you can get there by taxi or walk.

Read more about Tiffany show in Pattaya

Wat Yang Temple

This is one of the most picturesque and unusual temples of Pattaya. It differs in an original design. It was built relatively recently by the standards of Thai temples, in 1976. But the most interesting thing is that according to legend, the remains of the Buddha are kept in the temple, and even there is an exhibit in the form of a footprint of the Buddha.

This original temple can be visited daily from 8 to 16 hours absolutely free. But, since it is located 15 km from Pattaya, you can only get there by taxi or rental car.

Features visit the temple of Wat Yang in Pattaya

Floating market

In Pattaya, in fact, a floating market is not a market as such. Rather, it is an imitation for tourists who could not visit the legendary floating market in Bangkok. Nevertheless, here you can find souvenirs for every taste.

True, in this place they are significantly more expensive than in other tourist areas. You can visit this market every day from 10 am to 11 pm Entry is from 200, the price depends on the day of visit. The market is located on the Sukhumvit highway, 10 km from the center of Pattaya. Therefore, you can get there both by taxi for about 100-200 baht and by bus for 20 baht.

Also, here you can visit the Temple of Truth, the serpent farm, the famous Volkin Street, various shows such as Thai folk dances or Thai boxing competitions.

And this is not all the sights of Pattaya …

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