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Sights of Novosibirsk: what to see in the capital of Siberia

Sights of the city of Novosibirsk: cultural program for travelers

The history of the city of Novosibirsk dates back to the 1890s. Today this item is the third most populous in Russia. Places in Novosibirsk are rich in cultural attractions. Unique monuments, interesting buildings, romantic places for photo shoots every year attract a huge number of tourists.

The regional center of Siberia actively preserves and spreads the cultural heritage of our country. If you have free time to relax, be sure to check out Novosibirsk. This city will amaze even the most avid travelers. So, what to see in Novosibirsk? Where to go? What sights of Novosibirsk can not be overlooked?

What to look for?

Undoubtedly, any tourist center has several “business cards” — unique places most visited by people. The sights of Novosibirsk are famous for their delightful architecture, wonderful cultural programs (this is where the largest opera and ballet theater in Russia exists and develops) and modern business centers with a developed infrastructure.

  • Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theater

Arriving in Novosibirsk, be sure to pay attention to one of its main attractions. The huge dome, “covering” the institution, is amazing the imagination of anyone who saw it. Today, the Opera and Ballet Theater is the largest in Russia. Tourists who want to enjoy a professional cultural program come here from all over the country.

The Siberian Colosseum, as the locals call it, accommodates over one and a half thousand people. It was reconstructed in 2005, after which it received the status of the most modern and developed theater building. It is worth seeing this place: lovers of musicals and ballet will definitely appreciate the place to be worth, and the ordinary audience will be happy to discover the magic of dance and the enchanting magic of music.

Some of the attractions in Novosibirsk are unique in their structure. The object created by architects in the form of a sailing vessel, is famous not only for its appearance, but also for the professional program of various genres. Psychological dramas, comedies, plays of the theater of shadows are especially popular in the Globus.

The institution has many awards of Russian and international level; among them are the national award “Step into Art”, “Musical Heart of the Theater”, “Golden Mask”, etc. Included in the cultural heritage of Russia. He pays great attention to work with young people and children — there are theater studios at the institution. The Globus also collaborates with the Novosibirsk Theater Institute, actively seeking talents for their new productions.

  • Railway station «Novosibirsk-Glavny»

Novosibirsk is also famous for its railway station, founded in 1892. This is a unique building, which is one of the largest in our country. If you get to the Novosibirsk-Glavny railway station at night, you will see how bright lights are lit, and the street plunges into pleasant gloom. The atmosphere of mystery can be enjoyed at the station square. In the lighting of lanterns, it seems truly magical and mystical. The stunning view of the night city will not leave you indifferent.

The main parks of the city of Novosibirsk: where to go to the tourist?

  • Novosibirsk Park «City Beginning»

Pondering over the question why it is necessary to explore the whole of Novosibirsk and what to see, be sure to take a look at the park with the sonorous name «Urban beginning». This place combines a magnificent view of the Ob River, amazing landscapes, warmth and comfort.

A clean, fresh and green park with many trees all year round is ready to welcome guests. The employees of the zone actively monitor its cleanliness, therefore it is always very comfortable here. Many small benches, gorgeous views, a monument to Alexander III — the park combines a piece of history. Nice to be here both in winter and summer. On holidays, professional teams with their program are often invited here. In winter, animators work here, so you can come here with your child. There are also slides, on the New Year a small Christmas tree is put. During the winter months, festivities are held, including sleigh rides, fun contests and traditional tea drinking.

The park has its own “business card” — a singing fountain, which is usually included in the evenings. You can dream alone, take a break from the bustle of the city or make an appointment with a new friend in this very place.

  • City Central Park

The city central is considered the oldest park of the city, rightfully included in the list of the most interesting places in Novosibirsk. It is very developed in its structure: there is a small theater, an amusement park, a planetarium. Residents of the city love this place and call it the «heart» of Novosibirsk.

The park is surrounded by a huge amount of greenery, nice looking. A huge number of attractions for people of all ages will be a pleasant surprise for every traveler. If you still think where to go in Novosibirsk, be sure to visit this place. For lovers of science, a mini-planetarium is open here, which hosts interesting lectures.

The central city park of culture and recreation will be an excellent and quite budgetary option for families with children. Here you will find many leisure facilities, closed cafes, places for photo shoots. While your child rides the rides, you can have a snack in the small cafeteria. The site also has many sculptures, several monuments. For one day spent in Novosibirsk, you need to visit this unique park.

The square with the vigorous name “Pervomaysky” is also incredibly popular with both tourists and residents of the city. A huge number of rowan trees planted throughout the territory is a “trick” of Novosibirsk. In the square there are fountains — large and small, for children.

Every winter, an ice sculpture festival is held here, where both professional craftsmen and novice amateurs can try their hand. Also, the square has traditionally become a place of lovers of a healthy lifestyle — very often here you can meet people involved in gymnastic exercises in the fresh air.

Flower beds, flower beds, a unique monument «Khachkar» — not all that you can remember this place.

Temples and cathedrals of Novosibirsk

  • Ascension Cathedral

Churches and cathedrals in their beauty in no way inferior to other cultural sites of the city. Ascension Cathedral is a gorgeous red brick structure, stylized as a tree. The architecture of this place is unique, the territory is wide enough — it is adjacent to the chapel, the building with the famous Novosibirsk iconostasis.

Here you can admire frescoes, painted icons, put candles for the health of your loved ones, buy protective amulets and church souvenirs. Recently, the cathedral was restored — completely laid out with stone, decorated with impressive mosaics. This is another reason to admire the beautiful reconstruction.

  • Church of the Holy Virgin

Built by the architect Kryachkov in the early 1900s, the mahogany church was recently reconstructed. In the process of restoration, the bell tower and the heads of the cathedral were restored. Later this place was consecrated. Today it is a unique wooden structure with a red brick roof. There is a Sunday school for children, services and prayers are often held, and a mini-hospital for assistance is opened. The unique history, coupled with luxurious architecture, will definitely interest any tourist.

  • Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Dedicated to an outstanding historical figure, the red brick church is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city of Novosibirsk. The architecture of the Nevsky Cathedral is beautiful — the whimsical towers with golden gabled domes are amazing.

Inside the temple is decorated with luxurious frescoes, fancy mosaics, icons. The historic landmark was almost destroyed during the Soviet years, but later it was completely restored. Today it is a unique object, loved by believers. Here you can admire the decoration of the inner hall, listen to prayers and the sound of bells, and light candles.

To visit the city is to learn a little more about the cold, harsh Siberia and to discover its soft and warm “soul”. Interesting places of Novosibirsk will definitely remain in your memory for a long time!

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