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Sights of Minsk: amazing places of the Belarusian capital

Sights and memorable places of Minsk

Minsk is the capital of Belarus. This is a big beautiful modern city. In one day, see all the sights of Minsk is impossible. To see the main places of interest, you need to spend a few days here.

The city is beautiful in winter and summer, day and night. You can come here, rent an apartment or live in one of the many hotels. It is interesting to see the city and its surroundings on your own, but if you wish, you will be able to use the services of a travel company.

The sights of this locality can be divided into groups:

  • interesting modern objects;
  • memorable places dedicated to the war;
  • historical sites;
  • temples;
  • cultural objects.

Modern facilities

  • «Gates of the city»

These are two eleven-story buildings, twin towers, parts of residential buildings, located at the exit from the railway station. The buildings are decorated with stucco, huge clocks. Their diameter is 3.5 meters. This is the biggest watch in Belarus. The gate symbolizes the entrance to the city for tourists arriving by train, although this is practically the center of the city.

On the outskirts of Minsk there is a favorite place for adults and children — the water park “Lebyazhy”. It is open year round. Water park — a lot of slides, pools, spa, fitness center, hotel, laundry, shop, cafe. Here you can spend all day.

  • Prospectus and Independence Square

The length of 15 kilometers. The beginning is the center of the city, the end is the north-eastern outskirts. One of the longest avenues of the Belarusian capital. The main feature is the buildings of the 50s of the 20th century, balustrades, lighting masts.

On the sides of the avenue there are administrative buildings, educational and cultural institutions: the National Bank, the library, the Academy of Sciences, the Academic Theater, the State Circus, the Art Gallery, the GUM, the Palace of the Republic, the cinema.

The National Library is a unique architectural structure. It is a rhombocuboctahedron with a height of over 70 meters and a weight of over 100 thousand tons. A bronze monument to the pioneer of Belarus Francis Skaryna is installed in front of the building. Another interesting feature is the backlight. It is a huge color LED screen (almost 2 thousand square meters in area), the patterns and patterns on which change all the time. The spectacle begins with the onset of darkness and lasts until midnight.

On the avenue there are four main squares of Minsk:

The main square — Independence — the largest, occupies seven hectares. Every tourist must go there. Here is the building of the Government, the city hall, the Belarusian State University, the pedagogical university, the singing fountain, the Main Post Office, a monument to Lenin, the Minsk Hotel, a Catholic church.

On the square are military parades and other important events. A few years ago, an “underground city” was built here. So called the center «Capital», located under the square, combining catering (cafes, restaurants), trade, parking.

Next to Independence Avenue is the Botanical Garden — the largest in Belarus, the third largest in Europe. The collection of plants is over nine thousand items. The garden is a monument of nature and landscape architecture. Combines two functions — the sights of Minsk and the cultural, educational, educational, environmental education center.

Perpendicular to Independence Avenue from the historical center to the North-West there is another one — the Winners. Along it there are such sights of Minsk:

  • Palace of Sports. Stela «Olympic time»;
  • «Minsk Arena»;
  • Victory Park;
  • The complex «Minsk is a hero-city»;
  • Museum of the Great Patriotic War;
  • Palace of Independence.

Minsk-Arena is one of the largest similar complexes in Europe. Here in 2014 the world hockey championship was held. The complex includes an ice arena, a stadium for skaters, cyclists, stands, commentary cabins, lodges. In addition, the facility is equipped with sports, gymnasiums, changing rooms, cafes, restaurants, massage, beauty parlor, recreation area, children’s room. The complex conducts excursions, working kiosks with souvenirs.

Places dedicated to the war

Minsk is one of the thirteen cities-heroes of the Great Patriotic War. In the capital, many places of worship of the dead. The main sights of Minsk dedicated to the war:

  • Victory Monument is located on the same square. This is a forty-meter obelisk with bronze high reliefs. Crowning the monument of the Order of Victory. At the base of the eternal flame burns.
  • Victory Square — the center of the capital. From here you can go to Gorky Park — a favorite place for residents and visitors to the city. Here you can spend the whole day visiting numerous attractions, a shooting gallery, a pleasure boat, walking along the alleys, riding bicycles and rollerblades. This is a place where people often come with children.

  • The Museum of the Great Patriotic War is the first in the world, which is dedicated to the memory of that terrible time, the struggle of Soviet soldiers and people for their Motherland. Belarus has lost about three million people. The exposition of the museum has been collected all over the country since 1942. The new building has an area of ​​15.6 thousand square meters. Located next to the stele «Minsk is a hero-city.» In the museum you can see 4 main blocks, each of which tells about a particular year of war, the front, which participated in the liberation of the country.
  • The Yama complex is located on the territory of the former ghetto, created in memory of the Jews killed in the camps. Includes:
    • obelisk, opened almost immediately after the war in 1947;
    • a bronze monument “The Last Way”, which represents a group of doomed exhausted people, going to the bottom of the pit — the place of death;
    • Alley of the Righteous — list of names of people who saved suicide bombers from bullets, not being afraid to die.

Historical places

Trinity Suburb is considered the historical center of the capital of Belarus, where every tourist must go. Especially beautiful here in the summer. Located on the banks of the Svisloch.

This is a beautiful old quarter with cozy streets, small houses, topped with tiled roofs. This place is often depicted on souvenir plates, magnets. Quarter — a kind of open-air museum. Here you can go to a restaurant or a coffee shop, visit souvenir, antique shops, art galleries, museums. Here you can walk and relax all day.

In the vicinity of Victory Square on Svisloch there is an Island of Tears, connected to the city by a small bridge. This is a memorable place, created in honor of the Belarusians who died in Afghanistan. The center is a small chapel built on the basis of the 12th century image of the Euphrosyne church of Polotsk. On the island there is a stone with the icon of the Mother of God.

The Cathedral of the Holy Name of the Blessed Virgin Mary is the “Jesuit Church”. Built at the beginning of the 18th century, renovated at the end of the 20th. The temple is decorated with frescoes, twelve wooden figures of the apostles. Many famous people came here.

The Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul is the oldest parish in the city. Its construction began in 1610. It is considered a monument of Renaissance building art, in Minsk such a building is only one. There is a temple on the river Nemiga, near the Freedom Square.

The Cathedral of the Descent of the Holy Spirit was founded in the 17th century as a Catholic. Since 1860 is an Orthodox parish. Located also on Freedom Square. This is a temple where you can come to look at the most valuable and ancient relic of the cathedral — the miraculous image of the Mother of God (Minsk), acquired in 1500. The shrine of the church is the relics of Sofia Slutskaya (saint). They can be seen near the altar, on the left.

The Catholic Church of St. Simon and St. Helena is called Red. Created in neo-gothic style, today it is an architectural monument. Located on Independence Square, next to the Government House. Named in memory of the early dead children of a nobleman, Voinilovich, who led and financed the construction of the cathedral.

Cultural facilities

In the vicinity of the Trinity Suburb there is the National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theater. The majestic building is a monument of architecture. The theater has an opera, ballet troupe, choir, symphony orchestra, children’s studio. Performances are in many languages, the team goes on tour, visited 30 countries. You can watch the performance by buying a ticket at the box office of the theater or via the Internet.

Yanka Kupala Theater is the oldest in Belarus. Founded in the late 19th century. Located in the Alexander Square (named Alexander Nevsky). On the stage you can see performances of Belarusian and foreign classics, modern plays. Near the theater are the Palace of the Republic and the State Circus.

Minsk is a many-sided city. Fans of a relaxing holiday can stroll along the embankment near the Island of Tears, go into the old church. And active travelers will definitely appreciate the sports facilities of the city and its surroundings, the nightlife of the center, and long routes.

Minsk has many museums and galleries, cinemas, cafes, restaurants, parks, churches, recreation centers and entertainment. The city combines history and modernity. During the day you can make a fascinating journey, explore the main places. But feeling the atmosphere of the city, plunged into his life, want to stay here for a long time.

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