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Sights of Malta: what to see on the island yourself

What are the attractions on the island of Malta

Malta is an amazing combination of history, picturesque landscapes, clear sea water and landscapes. Each component plays a big role, and therefore thousands of tourists visit this island every year. It should be noted that this part of the land looks like a real open-air museum; this is what most people do.

It’s hard to find a place where the sights would so seamlessly complement each other. The northeastern part is densely populated, but the southwestern is almost deserted. What should a tourist pay attention to first?

Palaces and Cathedrals

Holidays in Malta remain in the memory for many years, because it is difficult to find a place in which there would be so many preserved monuments of architecture. Valletta is one of the most beautiful walled cities in the Mediterranean.

This city has a long history. Construction began in 1566. According to the rulers, he was to become the cultural and economic center of the Order of St. John Jean Parisot de La Valletta. It is worth noting that in Valetta attractions create a rather dense network.

In the heart of the city is the Palace of the Grand Master of the Order of Malta, which today is used by the government as a residence. It also hosts regular meetings of the Parliament.

Despite the fact that the island has a small area, different cities were able to get upset. The vallet is so small that every tourist can get around it several times a day. In Malta, professionals were not involved in the construction of cities. As a rule, the construction of buildings engaged Maltese knights, representing a religious order.

For this reason, the island is famous for a large number of different churches, where each has its own unique style. The capital itself is surrounded by a thick fortress wall, and this adds extra charm.

The Anglican Cathedral Cathedral stands out from other buildings. A distinctive feature of this attraction is an organic combination of neoclassical and gothic styles. Funds for the construction of the English church were received from the English Queen Adelaide in the 19th century, who decided to improve their health in Malta.

Richard Lankershire worked on the project, who did his job in a relatively short time. 4 years after the start of construction, the cathedral was ready to welcome its first visitors. The main building material was limestone, which is quite a lot in Malta. The top of the building is decorated with a spire, towering at a height of 60 meters. We should not forget about the organ that was brought to the island from England.

Famous Museums

The Archaeological Museum of the Capital is very popular among tourists. A few minutes after the entrance to the Main Gate, you can see the building of the Proge de Provence, which played the role of a residence. French Knights Hospitallers stayed there and resided regularly on the island.

Girolamo Kassar is a local architect who was engaged in the construction for four years (1571-1575). Unfortunately, the building could not reach us in its original form, in the 17th century there was a complete rebuilding of the facade. Nowadays, Ionian and Doric columns can be seen near the sights, but the interior has remained almost unchanged. Everyone can see the museum and enjoy the beauty of an old era.

In the palace for many years (1820-1954) the Club of English officers functioned, which also regularly visited the island. The government of the country decided that the mansion should be given for the needs of the museum. In addition to this attraction was an art gallery, which was recently moved.

The National Archaeological Museum, located in Malta, is not considered the largest, but the number of unique exhibits can hit the world-famous exhibition houses. Here you can find artifacts of prehistoric eras, which were found during the excavations of temples. The island is especially famous for its several figures:

  • Sleeping lady;
  • Venus Maltese.
  • The fat lady.

The statue of the Fat Lady was only partially preserved; today you can only see the legs covered with bloomers and a full skirt. A copy of this creation will be able to see everyone in the megalithic temple Tarshin.

In the museum you can find the following exhibits:

  • dishes;
  • oil lamps;
  • remnants of columns, etc.

On one marble pillar, which miraculously survived, a prayer written in Phoenician was found. This find allowed deciphering the Phoenician language. It is quite remarkable that the island is also famous for the fact that the number of Catholic cathedrals is 365. This number was not chosen by chance, it is compared with the number of days in a year.

The Cathedral of St. John serves as an art museum in which you can find representatives of different areas of painting. The most famous is the painting «The Beheading of John the Baptist.»

In Malta, there is the Basilica of St. Dominic, which is considered one of the three main parish churches of the capital. The Dominican Order continues to dispose of it. Girolamo Kassaru is considered one of the most famous architects of this small country. He developed a large number of projects, many of them were brought to life.

The laying of the first stone occurred on April 19, 1571, but the dilapidation and insecurity of the structure concerned local residents and visitors. Seismic activity and persistent storms led to the closure for subsequent repair, the invited experts flatly refused to work. The result was the dismantling of buildings and the construction of a new church. According to official data, local residents were able to independently build a new building 25 years after the closure of the old one.

The Basilica of St. Dominic is also known because recently there was a robbery. The island was carefully examined, but, unfortunately, traces of criminals were not found. Antique candle holders were offered for sale at a local auction.

Travel Destinations

Malta is famous not only for churches and cathedrals, but also for its suburbs, where everyone has a certain value in the historical development of the country. They, like the capital, have a large number of ancient monuments.

Once the island had another capital — the city of Mdina. He was able to keep all the flavor, including the old quarters and small houses. Every tourist will remember interesting places for a long time. In Mdina there is a place for people who love to “tickle” their nerves; you can visit the Museum of Torture. Malta is known worldwide for its historical artifacts, since their age can exceed 6-7 thousand years. We can say that this is an island Stonehenge.

Gozo is a small island where most of the territory is occupied by agricultural land. Victoria is the capital of the island, it houses the Citadel with a large number of places of worship. In Gozo, as in Malta, there are a large number of churches and cathedrals, known throughout the world.

In the archaeological museum you can find ancient exhibits representing various cultures. Among them, the most valuable possess:

  • Greek pottery.
  • Items from sunken ships.
  • Roman amphoras, etc.

In the archipelago remains a little-known and inconspicuous island — Comino. The water is so clear that every tourist will remain spellbound.

The southern coast is a place of concentration of fishing settlements. In the bay you can see typical Maltese boats, which immediately catch the eye with its bright colors. On Sundays, it is difficult to recognize these quiet settlements, since sea gifts are beginning to be sold on the embankment. Within a few hours, people buy fresh produce, and everything “falls asleep” again for a week.

Very popular is the Blue Grotto, which is not so easy to reach. This will require special boats that regularly ply between the caves. Anyone who has ever been here is sure to come back again. Local beauty and unique architecture amaze the imagination of any tourist.

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