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Sights of Kiev: what and in what order to look

The most interesting sights of Kiev

Kiev is one of the largest cities not only in Ukraine, but throughout Europe, an important cultural, economic and scientific center of the Ukrainian state. This is a city with a long history and unique architecture that will amaze anyone. For many years, the city of Kiev was undeservedly ignored by tourists, but today the capital of Ukraine is developing at a tremendous pace, and the sights of Kiev attract more and more guests from all over the world. So, what to see in Kiev?

The main «business cards» of Kiev

Kiev is a real treasure trove of attractions, but it will take more than one day to explore the whole city. Therefore, those who came here for a while and wondered what to see in Kiev, can stop their attention on the most important and noticeable sights of the Ukrainian capital.

Those who arrived in the city first need to look at the Independence Square (translated into Russian — Independence Square). This is the central square of Kiev and its historical part, which is often referred to as the heart of the city. In due time, the most important historical events took place here, and today it is a favorite place for walking of citizens and tourists and a place for holding city holidays and political speeches. Here are the most remarkable monuments and buildings of Kiev:

  • Independence Monument;
  • October Palace built in 1842;
  • buildings of the Soviet period — the National Academy of Music of Ukraine and the Central Post Office;
  • Lyadskie Gates with the figure of the patron saint of the city of Archangel Michael.

In the underground part of the square there is a large shopping center “Globus”, which rises above the Maidan Nezalezhnosti with a glass hemisphere. On the roof of the shopping center is an observation deck.

Kiev-Pechersk Lavra is one of the symbols of Kiev, located in the city center. This building is one of the very first Orthodox monasteries in Ancient Russia — its foundation was in 1501. On the territory of the monastery is a huge number of churches, bell towers and other architectural monuments. The Kiev-Pechersk Lavra itself is included in the National Historical and Cultural Reserve, which consists of 129 cultural and historical monuments, some of which were built in the XII-XIII centuries. Currently, the monastery is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Khreshchatyk — the most famous Kiev street, the business center of the capital and one of its most important highways. Khreshchatyk has a great length, so it is here that you can see a variety of buildings — from buildings of the middle of the XIX century and ending with modern administrative, cultural, scientific and entertainment facilities. On public holidays, this street is closed to traffic: mass festivities take place on it.

Another famous street in Kiev — Andrew’s Descent. It begins in the upper part of the city and ends far below — near the so-called Podil, an ancient Kiev district. St. Andrew’s Descent is a real street-museum, monuments of architecture are located at every step. One of the most unique buildings on this street is St. Andrew’s Church, built in the middle of the 18th century and made in the best Baroque traditions. On Andriyivsky Descent, you can visit the Bulgakov Museum, look at the most interesting Castle of Richard the Lionheart and see numerous exhibitions where you will have the opportunity to purchase souvenirs and works of local craftsmen.

Interesting city monuments

Those who wish to explore the sights of Kiev must see the most significant and interesting monuments of the city. First of all it is worth visiting the following facilities:

  • Motherland Monument — a grand sculpture of 62 m in height, erected in 1981 in memory of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. Included in the museum complex of the history of Ukraine in the Second World War;
  • The Arch of Friendship of Peoples is an iconic Kiev monument, which can be seen from almost all parts of the city, especially in the evening when illumination is turned on. The sculpture is located in Khreshchaty Park — the green heart of Kiev. The opening of the arch was timed to the 60th anniversary of the USSR;
  • monument to Prince Vladimir, who is considered one of the symbols of Kiev and is associated with the event of the baptism of Kiev. Located on Vladimirskaya Gorka. The opening of the monument took place in 1853, and exactly 100 years later the sculpture was restored to the kind that it has today. By the way, the image of this particular monument in the 90s of the last century was applied to the monetary units of Ukraine;
  • a monument to the founders of Kiev, made in the form of a rook, in which the brothers Kyi, Schek, Khoryv and their sister Lybid sail. This monument is one of the most beloved and recognizable monuments of Kiev: for example, newlyweds must try to get here, according to tradition, to try to throw a bouquet into the boat and thereby receive a sign of good luck and well-being for future family life. The sculpture is located near the Paton Bridge;
  • The monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky, located on Sophia Square, was erected in honor of one of the most famous Ukrainian personalities — the commander and hetman of the Zaporozhsky Army, who raised the people to the liberation war. This is the majestic figure of Bogdan Khmelnitsky on a horse, mounted on a high stone pedestal. The monument can truly be considered a masterpiece of Russian sculptural art.

In addition to the most famous monuments, the city is decorated with less monumental, but no less interesting sculptures, most of which were made by modern artists. Noteworthy are the Kiev monuments that immortalize movie characters, cartoons and books: a monument to Sharapov and Zheglov, Yozhik in the Fog, the Little Prince, the Bulgakov Cat Behemoth, the sculpture “For Two Hares” and many others. Be sure to pay attention to such original monuments as “Lanterns in Love” and “Tree of 12 Chairs”, which rightfully deserve the universal love of citizens and guests of the capital.

Kyiv Entertainment

For those who love outdoor activities or come to the city with a child, it will be interesting to find out what entertainment the Ukrainian capital offers.

One of the most memorable types of recreation for children and their parents can be a visit to the Kiev Water Park “Dream Island”, which is among the largest indoor water parks in all of Europe. This is a great entertainment center with terrariums, aquariums, swimming areas, water games and aqua parties.

Children can also be reduced to the Puppet Theater, which, by the way, is the oldest puppet theater in Ukraine, which does not interfere with holding regular performances in it. In appearance, it resembles a real fairytale castle, and it will be nice to plunge into the atmosphere of a miracle not only to kids and schoolchildren, but also their parents.

Those who prefer walks in the fresh air, should visit the city parks, for example, Kreschaty Park, which was already mentioned above, or the beautiful natural park of national importance Goloseevsky. For children, the Victory recreation park will be more suitable: you can find a large number of attractions and other entertainment in it. In addition, it is here that is the Mound of Immortality, erected in honor of those killed in World War II.

The youngest park of the city “Kiev in miniature” also managed to win the love of the guests of the capital and the citizens themselves. Here, under the open sky, right on the picturesque lawns of the garden, many of Kiev’s sights are presented, or rather their copies in a thousand times smaller view. The exhibition, of course, is not so monumental, but no less interesting, so it is definitely worth seeing. “Kiev in miniature” is a part of Hydropark, so after an exciting excursion you can go on a boat trip, play sports or just relax on the beach.

Kiev museums

If you think about what to see in Kiev, pay attention to the famous Kiev museums, especially since the city is considered to be the cultural center of Ukraine: there are more than 30 museum complexes on its territory. Of course, it will not be possible to visit them all in one day, but to get to the most popular museums of Kiev during this time is quite real.

The original museum «Chernobyl», which has no analogues in any city of the world, is a collection of unique exhibits collected directly in the exclusion zone. Here you can see the history and consequences of the Chernobyl accident and feel the power of the tragedy.

Visiting the city, you can not ignore one of its most ambitious cultural complexes — the Arsenal of Arts, which was based on the architectural monument Old Arsenal. This place became a museum relatively recently — only at the very beginning of the XXI century, but the building is constantly being renovated and preparing to become a major cultural center of the city, where it is planned to open an electronic library, art exhibitions and place collections of other museums of the city.

Those who come to the city often visit the Pirogovo Open-Air Museum of Folk Architecture, which is about an hour from Kiev. Here you can find exhibits brought from all over Ukraine, which were collected for several years. Thanks to the tour you can get acquainted with the ancient way of life and the history of the Ukrainian people.

These are only the most notable and popular museums of Kiev, but in the city there are still a huge number of such places that are worth seeing to the tourist. And if you happen to visit the Ukrainian capital more than once, be sure to select at least a day to visit them.

However, sometimes it seems that you can wander around Kiev endlessly — so beautiful and amazing city. At any time of the year in every corner of the Ukrainian capital you can find something beautiful and unusual. No wonder that every year more people strive to get here. Try to visit this wonderful city and see the best sights with your own eyes.

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